All of Us Are Dead Webtoon vs Netflix: 20 Big Differences

September 9


Netflix's latest popular Korean drama "All Of Us Are Dead", which has attracted a lot of attention around the world. It is adapted from the webtoon "Now at Our School" by Joo Dong-geun.

The plot is in an ordinary high school. Due to the outbreak of the zombie virus, a group of students are forced to be isolated and trapped. They fight hard to escape, otherwise they will become violent infected people.

Here are the 20 major differences between "All Of Us Are Dead" webtoon and drama:

1. Story Time Adjustments

All Of Us Are Dead webtoon drama

The "All Of Us Are Dead" webtoon is set in 2011.

In the drama, Lee Cheong-san mentioned: "Train to Busan", and according to the time of the chorus competition and the recording time of Mr. Lee Byeong-chan, it can be determined that the year of the zombie virus outbreak is 2021.

2. Explanation of the Source of the Virus

All Of Us Are Dead Lee Byeong-chan

The virus is not explicitly explained in the "All Of Us Are Dead" webtoon.

But in the drama "All Of Us Are Dead", Lee Byeong-chan created an aggressive virus because he saw his son suffer from school violence for a long time, and recorded the results of the virus research in each episode.

3. Changes in the Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig

In the "All Of Us Are Dead" comic, there are three experimental mice with zombie viruses, and when Kim Hyun Joo was bitten, it was just a normal mouse.

But in the "All Of Us Are Dead" TV series, there is only one mouse, and there is a violent tendency to desire blood after the disease!

4. Changes in Infection Order

All Of Us Are Dead TV series

The order of infected people in the comics is "Kim Hyun Joo → Yoon I-sak → Class 2-5 → the whole school".

However, in the TV series, the infected person changed slightly "Kim Hyun-joo → Yoon I-sak / school nurse → corridor → the whole school", especially the onset time of Yoon I-sak was delayed!

5. Dynamic Infection Location Changes

All Of Us Are Dead TV series vs manga

Dynamic infection location in the "All Of Us Are Dead" manga: "Science teacher's equipment room → Class 2-5 → Corridor → Entire School".

In the TV series, the dynamic infection location has been slightly changed: "Science teacher's equipment room → health room → corridor → canteen → whole school", and the school doctor in the health room has become a breakthrough point for infection!

6. Changes in the Virus Outbreak Point

All Of Us Are Dead manga

In the manga, the first infected Kim Hyun-joo was transported by an ambulance and bit an ambulance on the way, putting Hyosan City in crisis.

However, in the TV series, Kim Hyun-joo only became ill during the MRI scan after being sent to the hospital!

7. The Expansion of the Virus

All Of Us Are Dead k-drama

In the "All Of Us Are Dead" manga, the zombie infection is only at Hyosan High School.

In the play, not only did the third-level disaster response alert block Hyosan City, but the commander also mentioned that "it will spread to Seongnam, Hanam, Gwacheon, Anyang, and Gwangmyeong in a week," and Seoul will fall the next day." .

8. Solution to Virus

All Of Us Are Dead Song Jae-ik

In the "All Of Us Are Dead" manhwa, only Lee Byeong-chan is in the interrogation room, and no one else is by his side.

But In the drama, Lee Byung-chan explained to Song Jae-ik the manufacturing process of the virus and the ins and outs of the incident, and also informed him that a solution was hidden in the school's computer!

9. Asymptomatic Infection

half-human and half-corpse

In the comics, the "asymptomatic infected person" who is half-human and half-corpse will still be eager to bite when he sees blood, and will also be attacked by other zombies.

The immune people in the play are not only not targeted by infected people, but also have hearing that is different from ordinary people, and their vitality is enhanced. Even if they fall from a height, they will only faint temporarily!

10. Appearance of Different Police

All Of Us Are Dead comic drama

In the TV series "All Of Us Are Dead", the setting of the police has been modified in many places. Some of the police officers in the comics did not appear, only "Song Jae-ik" and "Jeon Ho-chul" appeared.

11. The Relationship Between Nam Onjo and Lee Su-hyeok

All Of Us Are Dead Nam Onjo

In the manga, when Kim Hyun Joo, the first infected person, arrives at the class, only three people, Park Sun-hwa, Nam On-jo, and Yoon I-sak, take her to the health room.

However, in the TV series, more help from Lee Su-hyeok is added, which not only highlights Su-hyeok's courage, but also brings out Nam On-jo's secret love for Lee Su-hyeok!

12. Changes in Role Relationships

All Of Us Are Dead drama tv series

In the "All Of Us Are Dead" webtoon , Jung Min-jae and Jang Ha-ri are siblings, but in the drama they are the seniors of the archery team, and Woo-jin is Jang Ha-ri's younger brother.

All Of Us Are Dead drama Lee Na-yeon

In the "All Of Us Are Dead" manga, Nayeon Lee is more of a villain.

However, in the TV series, she was changed to be used to being alone, and she packaged the character with "there is no one person to rely on".

After seeing Teacher Park Sun-hwa sacrifice for herself, she wanted to bring food to save her classmates at the last minute, but it was too late. And finally died in the hands of Yoon Gwi-nam!

14. Lee Cheong-san and Yoon Gwi-nam's Antagonism

All Of Us Are Dead drama vs webtoon

In the manga, Lee Cheong-san and Lee Su-hyeok basically didn't meet Yoon Gwi-nam. Only in the second half of the manga did they have a little contact.

On the contrary, Lee Su-hyeok and Yoon Gwi-nam used to be a punk in the play, and Lee Cheong-san was hunted down for taking pictures of Yoon Gwi-nam killing the principal!

The ending of Yoon Gwi-nam

In the "All Of Us Are Dead" webtoon, Yoon Gwi-nam tried unsuccessfully to take revenge.

However, in the play, he is still the big villain. He succeeded in taking revenge and poked Lee Cheong-san's eyes. In the end, Cheong-san died with him in the fire!

16. The ending of Lee Byeong-chan

The ending of Lee Byeong-chan

In the webtoon, Lee Byeong-chan feels guilty about what he did and left a suicide video on the school computer.

However, in the drama, he was bitten by an infected policewoman and chose another form of suicide. He felt powerless against the violent system, and the twisted fatherly love made him go to a dead end!

17. How Kim Ji-min Died

How Kim Ji-min Died

It's the same that Kim Ji-min's parents were infected in the van.

In the comics, she ended by suicide, but in the play, her friends dispelled her thoughts of suicide, and she was infected by a zombie virus in the process of escaping to the back mountain and died!

18. New Scene: School Canteen

All Of Us Are Dead School Canteen

There is no "school cafeteria" scene in the comics. Originally, the zombie virus started from the second infected person, Yoon I-sak, and broke out in the classroom. 

In the drama, it was changed to the school cafeteria. Half of the students were bitten here, adding to the impact of the plot.

19. New Scene: Library


There is no "library" scene in the manga.

But here is the crucial scene in the TV series: Lee Cheong-san witnesses Yoon Gwi-nam killing the principal, and the two scuffle in a library full of zombies.

Cheong-san made YGwi-nam's eyes blind, and the two turned against each other, which led to the subsequent development of the plot!

20. Increase the Emotional Line

All Of Us Are Dead webtoon vs tv drama

In the "All Of Us Are Dead" webtoon, the students of Hyosan High School who are in danger are desperately trying to survive.

Four emotional lines have been added to the drama, "Nam On-jo & Lee Cheong-san", "Nam On-jo & Lee Su-hyeok", "Lee Su-hyeok & Choi Nam-ra", and "Lee Cheong-san & Lee Su-hyeok (Friendship Line)" .

There are even two wet kissing scenes, but in the end, a lover still can't become a family member!

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