21 Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone: Listen to Your Favorite Audiobooks

January 20


You can listen to your favorite audiobooks at home, in the car, or outdoors.

Whether you listen to horror, suspense, history or romance genre audiobooks, choosing an audiobook app is a prerequisite for you to enjoy the process.

Specifically, what are the best audiobook apps for iPhone?

1. Libby

Audiobook Apps for iPhone Libby

All you need is a library card to get tons of free audiobooks from Libby. Whether it's a classic book or a New York Times bestseller, you'll find it here.

You can listen online or download offline. Linking your favorite audiobooks via CarPlay will help you have a great time listening to them on the way to work.

Plus, not just audiobooks, if you want to read e-books, you can also borrow them for free through Libby.

Libby Review


  • Completely free without any subscriptions.
  • Audiobook playback can be accelerated and slowed down.
  • Has a sleep timer function.
  • You can add bookmarks, notes.
  • Plenty of free audiobooks and ebooks.
  • It's very simple to use on the iPhone, with a simple swipe to go forward and back.


  • Some small libraries are not in the Libby system, and you cannot borrow audio books from such libraries.


If you don't want to pay to listen to tons of audio books, Libby is a great option. From this point of view, it is the best free audiobook app for iPhone.

best Audiobook App for iPhone Audible

Audible offers the best audiobook service in the world and is an Amazon company. Its audiobook service is available in several countries: including the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, India, and more.

It has over 200,000 audiobooks, and many more are exclusive. Because more and more narrators choose to narrate audio books only on Audible.

In addition to audiobooks, there are plenty of podcasts and Audible originals worth listening to.

You can sign up for Audible for free and then get a 30-day free trial. During the period of use, according to different plans, you can listen to a large number of audio books for free.

There are mainly two plans to try out, including Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus. When the period of use ends, there will be an email to remind you in advance, which makes it easier for you to choose to renew or cancel.

It's worth noting that if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can permanently get two free audiobooks during your Audible Premium Plus trial.

Audible Review


  • Audiobooks are of high quality and are available in relatively large quantities.
  • You can also listen to podcasts.
  • 30-day free trial.
  • There are also genre-bending audible originals.
  • Listen across multiple devices.
  • The experience of using the Audible iPhone app is perfect.


  • Audible Plus can't keep audiobooks, only listen.


If you want to listen to quality narrator audio books, then use Audible, the best audiobook app for iPhone.

best Audiobook Apps for iPhone Apple Books

Apple is committed to providing iPhone users with a better podcast and audiobook experience.

In the Apple Books app, you'll find Audiobooks navigation on the left. You can search by book name, or search for audio books you want to listen to by category.

Some of these audiobooks are narrated by top authors or stars, and you can use CarPlay to connect to these audiobooks while you're driving.

Some audiobooks are free, and some you can purchase outright.

Apple Books Review


  • Tons of professional audio book narrators.
  • Easily slide chapters.
  • The speed of the audiobook can be changed.
  • You can set a sleep timer.


  • Some audio books are only available in certain countries or regions.


The app makes it easy to discover or buy audiobooks outright. And whether you use iPhone 5, 6, 7 or iPhone 13, you can listen smoothly. It is the best app for listening to audiobooks on iPhone.

4. Google Play Books

best Audiobook Apps for iPhone Google Play Books

Google started introducing audio books in Google Play Books in 2018. While it has fewer audio books than Audible, it has more than its rival Apple Books.

In Google Play Books, you can read e-books, comics, manga or listen to audio books. And none of this requires any subscription to do it.

In addition, its device synchronization function is also very good. When you're listening to an audio book at home, then pause it. Then go out and connect CarPlay to your car, and you'll find it works seamlessly.

Google Play Books Review


  • No subscription required.
  • All devices sync.
  • It is easy to control the speed of the player.
  • Timer function.


  • Fewer discounts.


If you recently bought a new iPhone, love Google services and want to listen to audio books. Then Google Play Books as one of the audiobook apps for iPhone is a good choice.

Audiobook Apps for iPhone Hoopla

Hoopla is a popular digital content provider. Here you can listen to audio books, read e-books, enjoy comics, movies, TV series, magazines, music.

To listen to audio books in the Hoopla app, you need a library card, which is similar to Libby. With the library card, you can listen to a large number of audio books inside for free, which is very convenient.

Of course, Hoopla mainly cooperates with libraries in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries. If you want to listen to audio books from other national libraries, you need to try other methods.

Hoopla Review


  • Listen to the audio book for free.
  • Bookmark function.
  • Comments can be added while listening.
  • You can adjust the playback speed: 0.5x to 4x.
  • A sleep timer can be set.


  • In some libraries, there is a limit to the number of audiobooks you can listen to for free each month.


As one of the free audiobook apps for iPhone, it only needs a library card, which is very convenient for audio book lovers.

best Audiobook Apps for iPhone LibriVox

LibriVox has more than 50,000 free audiobooks, including fiction, history, biographies, short stories, poetry, and other fiction and non-fiction content.

Volunteers from all over the world publish different versions of audiobooks in different languages on LibriVox.

You can search for your favorite audiobooks by title, keyword, or by category. What's more, it's also free to download.

LibriVox Review


  • The number of audiobooks is relatively large.
  • Listening and downloading are completely free.
  • Audiobooks in different languages can be selected.
  • Its iPhone app has a sleep timer function.
  • Can add a lot of bookmarks.


  • You can only listen to public domain books.
  • Not all narrators are professional.


If you want to listen to audiobooks on your iPhone for free, then just download LibriVox.

best Audiobook Apps for iPhone Librofm

There are more than 250,000 audiobooks on Libro.fm, and its biggest feature is that you can buy your favorite audiobooks to support your local bookstore.

In other words, your audiobook membership directly supports those local bookstores that you choose. Compared to other audiobook apps, this is a very genius approach.

Libro.fm Review


  • You can easily search audiobooks by author, title, narrator.
  • Your membership will boost local employment.
  • Automatically sync across devices.
  • Easily add bookmarks.
  • Change audiobook playback speed.
  • Timer function.


  • Monthly memberships are currently only available in the US and Canada, and users in other countries may need to try another app.


In terms of supporting local bookstores, Libro.fm is the best audiobook app in my opinion.

8. Audiobooks.com

best Audiobook Apps for iPhone Audiobooks.com

There are 300,000 books on Audiobooks.com, including more than 10,000 free audiobooks and some VIP audiobooks.

The app offers an audiobook subscription service, and there's a 30-day free trial when you sign up. Similar to Audible, you get 3 free audiobooks during your trial (one more than Audible).

There are many types of audiobooks, including fiction, crime, mystery, thriller, politics, history, health, and more.

Plus, if you like podcasts, there are over 100 million free podcasts waiting for you to listen to.

Audiobooks.com Review


  • You can try it for one month for free, and you can cancel at any time if you are not satisfied.
  • Audiobooks can be downloaded offline.
  • In addition to audio books, you can also listen to podcasts in your car.
  • Also see what audiobooks other people are listening to.
  • Sleep timer function.
  • Multiple devices sync seamlessly.


  • You won't necessarily find your favorite in its VIP book.


Judging from the number of audiobooks and the experience of listening to audiobooks, it can be regarded as one of the best audiobook apps.

best Audiobook App Scribd

Scribd is a digital subscription service provider of audiobooks and ebooks. It compare itself with Kindle Unlimited and Audible to declare that Scribd has more than 1 million ebooks and 200,000+ audiobooks. 

So some people think it is a combination of Kindle Unlimited and Audible.

It is undeniable that you can listen to different types of audio books in Scribd through free trials of a month. Including: real crimes, novels, personal growth, science fiction, biography, etc.

Its monthly subscription price is $ 11.99, which is higher than the Audible Plus plan, but lower than the Audible Prime Plus plan.

Scribd Review


  • Not only can you listen to audi books, podcasts, but also read e-books and magazines.
  • Free trial and cancel at any time.
  • You can choose the speed of the audiobook.
  • Sleep timer function.
  • You can download audiobooks offline.


  • You cannot keep your audiobook during the trial.


If you are looking for Audible alternatives, then Scribd will be the best way to listen to audiobooks on iPhone.

Audiobook App Chirp Audiobooks

Most of the audiobooks on Chirp are promoted audiobooks, which have very amazing discounts. Chirp claims that you can save 95%of money.

Some audiobooks are as low as $ 0.99, which is too suitable for audiobook enthusiasts with insufficient budget.

And you do not need any additional monthly subscription costs to use Chirp app.

In addition, there are many types of books. Such as fiction, non-fiction, mystery, killer, fantasy, romance and other types.

Chirp Audiobooks Review


  • The cost of audiobooks is extremely low!
  • No additional costs.
  • You can download audio books offline.
  • Timer function.
  • You can adjust the speed of the player.


  • It can only be used in the United States and Canada.


From the point of view of low budget, Chirp is also one of the best audiobook apps for iPhone.

11. Kobo Audiobooks

best Audiobook App Kobo Books

The Kobo app is an e-reader that is also an audiobook player.

At Kobo you can listen to popular audiobooks of the moment. You can try their 30-day free trial, during which you can earn a credit to purchase an audiobook from their catalog in perpetuity.

Subscription price of $9.99 per month, of course you can cancel at any time.

Plus, some are Kobo Originals audiobooks, which are exclusive.

Kobo Audiobooks Review


  • 30-day free trial.
  • Subscriptions are inexpensive.
  • Exclusive content.
  • The player is beautifully designed.
  • Adjust the listening speed.
  • Set sleep timer.


  • Does not support Alexa.


On the whole, Kobo basically has all the features of the best audiobook app for iPhone.

12. Nook Audiobooks

best Audiobook App Nook Audiobooks

Nook Audiobooks already belongs to Barnes & Noble. So not only can you buy ebooks directly, there are 300,000 audiobooks to listen to here.

You can buy it separately or subscribe to its audiobook service. At $14.99, this one is slightly more expensive than the Audible Premium Plus plan.

Barnes & Noble is the best way to buy audiobooks for iPhone.

13. Spotify

best Audiobook App Spotify

You probably mostly use Spotify to listen to your favorite music. But did you know that you can also listen to audiobooks on Spotify.

Spotify has announced audiobooks as its third pillar of business.

You can search for the audiobook you need in Spotify by title and artist. It plays your favorite audiobook just like listening to a song.

Spotify's clean and beautiful design is not only loved by iPhone users, but also by Android users. It can also be called the best audiobook app for Android.

14. YouTube

best Audiobook App YouTube

When you're looking for the best audiobook app for iPhone free, one of the apps you can't miss is Youtube.

There are tons of users uploading audiobooks on Youtube, from all over the world in various languages.

And these audiobooks are basically free, you can listen to them without any additional cost.

And its player has the functions of a general audio book player. Youtube is arguably the best free audio books app.

15. Storytel

Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone Storytel

Storytel is also an app that connects ebooks and audiobooks. It claims to have 350,000 books. You can subscribe to its service for $12.98 per month. Of course, you can cancel at any time.

And it is also good as an MP3 audiobook player, with functions such as timed sleep, changing speed, etc.

However, it should be noted that its subscription is a combination of e-book and audiobook services, and cannot be subscribed separately.

Plus, it serves 25 countries around the world, but not the US.

16. BookPlayer

best Audiobook App BookPlayer

If you are just looking for an audiobook player for your iPhone, BookPlayer is your first choice without a doubt.

It supports M4B, M4A, MP3 audiobook files. As long as it conforms to these formats, you can import it.

As the best audiobook player for IOS, its functions are very user-friendly. For example, you can jump to the beginning of an audiobook. Speed up or slow down the playback speed of the audiobook. Sleep timer function.

17. Audiobooks HQ

best Audiobook App Audiobooks HQ

There are 250,000 premium audiobooks at Audiobooks HQ. What's more, there are 110,000 for free.

You don't need a monthly subscription to listen directly. This is also the best way to get audiobooks on iPhone.

Compared with other audiobook apps for iPhone, it lacks in that sometimes some books cannot be found by searching.

18. Bound

best Audiobook player Bound

There are some differences between Bound and BookPlayer. That is Bound is a DRM free audiobook player IOS.

It supports importing audiobook files from various clouds. Such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

And it supports a lot of audiobook files, such as mp3, m4a, m4b, aac.

In addition, the functions of adjusting the playback speed and sleep timer are all available. It can be called the best IOS app for audiobooks.

19. Bookmate Audiobooks

Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone Bookmate Audiobooks

Bookmate is also a place to read ebooks and listen to audiobooks.

There are books in more than 12 languages, which is a great advantage of it.

Its subscription price is $8.33 per month. There is no separate audiobook subscription.

For readers who want to read and listen to books at the same time, Bookmate, as one of the best audiobook apps for iPhone, is worth a try.

20. Storynory

best Audiobook Apps for iPhone Storynory

Storynory is one of the free audiobook apps for iPhone, which is mainly for kids.

Children prefer fairy tales, poetry, etc. There are many such wonderful audio stories in it.

21. Himalaya

Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone Himalaya

If you have listened to Chinese audiobooks, then you probably know something about Ximalaya, the top Chinese audiobook app.

And Himalaya is another brand of it. Plus, it's one of the special audiobook apps for iPhone. Because the audio in it is mainly some inspiring audio stories and some audio courses. Such as Buffett's speech.

We've hand-picked the best audiobook apps for iPhone, some free, and some with audiobook subscriptions.

No matter what, you can always find your perfect fit with these best audiobook apps.

Finally, if you have other audiobook app recommendations, feel free to leave a comment below.

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