15 Best Chinese Tea: Good for Health and Unique Taste

September 9


Drinking tea has many health benefits, such as relieving anxiety and losing weight.

Moreover, Chinese tea has a long history, with various types, and enjoys a high reputation in the world.

Specifically, what are the best Chinese teas?

1. Biluochun

best Chinese tea Biluochun

Biluochun (Green Snail Spring, 碧螺春) is a traditional Chinese tea, one of the top 10 famous teas in China. It belongs to green tea and has a history of more than 1,000 years.

The brewing method of Biluochun is very important. Only by mastering the correct brewing method can you taste the true taste and fun of Biluochun. Good tea + good water + correct method = Biluochun tea.

How to Brew Biluochun? (Basic)

Step 1

Prepare 310-330ml transparent glass cup, kettle, 3-5 grams of Biluochun tea.

Step 2

Pour boiling water (preferably pure water) into this transparent glass, and let it cool to about 80~85°C. (Put the water first and then add the tea)

Step 3

Pour an appropriate amount of Biluochun tea into the cup, 3 grams or 5 grams according to your taste.

Step 4

After steeping for about 2-3 minutes, the Biluochun tea leaves are fully stretched and ready to drink. Generally speaking, the tea tastes lighter after three times.

Cha Wu-[B] BiLuoChun Green Tea,3.5oz(100g),Loose Leaf Tea,DongTing Mountain,Chinese Famous Green Tea
  • Fresh and a little like flower aroma, taste sweet and thick,slight astringent;
  • Origin from ShuZhou,China,Famous Green Tea;
  • Suggest 3g of tea with 250-300ml, Use 90℃/194℉ water to brew,can brew 3 times;
  • Made you refresh and cool when you feeling tired and hot;
  • Green tea drink every days is good for health.

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Chinese tea Biluochun

The Efficacy of Biluochun

1. Refreshing

2. Lose weight [1]

3. Anti-caries [2]

4. Reduce dryness in the body

5. Anti-cancer [3] [4] [5] [6]

6. Relieve vision degradation

7. Prevent cardiovascular disease [7] [8] [9] [10]

8. Improve immunity

9. Prevent diabetes [11] [12] [13]

Picking Biluochun

Precautions for Drinking Biluochun

1. Biluochun is a kind of green tea, which is irritating to the stomach and intestines. People with weak gastrointestinal function should drink less.

2. Biluochun can quickly lower human blood sugar, so patients with hypoglycemia should be cautious in drinking.

3. It is best for women not to drink too much Biluochun during menstrual period, otherwise it will aggravate menstrual discomfort.

4. In addition, fever, renal insufficiency, cardiovascular disease, habitual constipation, digestive ulcer, neurasthenia, insomnia, pregnant women, lactating women, and children are not suitable for drinking Biluochun.

5. Biluochun tea should not be brewed for a long time.

It is not allowed to drink Biluochun tea overnight.

Please do not take the medicine with tea.

Do not drink tea 1 hour before and after taking the medicine. It is not advisable to drink tea immediately after meals.

2. Longjing Tea

best Chinese tea Longjing tea

Longjing tea (Dragon Well tea, 龙井茶)  is one of the best teas in China, and a type of green tea. It is also a rare top-grade green tea. Its main producing area is located in West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Many people in life like to drink Longjing tea, not only because of its good taste, but also its health benefits.

Its "four uniques" of "green color, fragrance, sweet taste, and beautiful shape" are well-known all over the world, and it is known as the "Queen of Green Tea".

Chinese tea Longjing tea

Do not use 100 ℃ boiling water to brew Longjing tea, because Longjing tea is not fermented tea, so the tea itself is very tender. 

If you use too hot water to brew the tea, it will scald the tea, and the bitter taste of Longjing will be brewed together, which will affect the taste of the tea.

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The Efficacy of Longjing Tea

West Lake Longjing tea is rich in active ingredients such as tea polyphenols, catechins, theanine, etc.

It has many functions such as anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, and anti-inflammatory.

Longjing tea

Suitable for People Who Drink Longjing Tea

1. Suitable for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, people who eat too much greasy food, and those who are drunk.

2. People who smoke and drink too much for a long time, have headaches, dizziness, difficulty in urination, and eat too much milk food.

3. Huangshan Maofeng

best Chinese tea Huangshan Maofeng

Huangshan Maofeng (Yellow Mountain Fur Peak, 黄山毛峰) is one of the top 10 famous teas in China and belongs to green tea. Produced in Huangshan (Huizhou) area of Anhui Province.

When picking Huangshan Maofeng, it needs to be carried out in April every year, and you can pick the buds with one bud and one leaf.

Huangshan Maofeng is divided into six grades according to quality: Supreme I, Supreme II, Supreme III and Grade I, Grade II, Grade III.

Porcelain Tea Cup

Porcelain Tea Cup

LeCharmGreen Tea Loose Leaf Huangshan Maofeng Preium Quality Hot Tea 65g/2.3 oz
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  • As the fresh tea leaves being plucked, for keeping the 100% naturally and organic taste inside of the tea leaves.
  • The fragrance start to spread as the tin is opened. As the tea infusing with hot water, the natural fragrance will become much stronger. Different from usual green tea, the Huang Shan Mao Feng has no bitterness when you take the first sip, but the lightly sweetness in mouth will last longer time.
  • 65g/ 2.3 oz

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For Huangshan Maofeng's drink, the water temperature during brewing is also about 80℃. Glass or white porcelain tea cup can be used. Generally, it can be brewed with boiling water (the cup cannot be full) for 3-4 times.

Roughly speaking, for general green tea, the weight ratio of tea to water is 1:80. The commonly used white porcelain cup can hold 3 grams of tea leaves. In general glass cups, 2 grams can be placed in each cup.

Picking Huangshan Maofeng

The efficacy and precautions of Huangshan Maofeng are basically the same as Biluochun and Longjing

4. Junshan Yinzhen

best Chinese tea Junshan Yinzhen

Junshan Yinzhen (Master Mountain Silver Needle, 君山银针) is one of the famous Chinese teas. Junshan, produced in the Dongting Lake of Yueyang, Hunan, is as thin as a needle, hence the name Junshan Silver Needle.

Belongs to yellow tea.

Junshan tea has a long history and was produced and famous in the Tang Dynasty.

Junshan Yinzhen is a relatively special tea. As a tea, it has a delicate fragrance and a mellow taste, and it has all the characteristics of tea.

Chinese tea Junshan Yinzhen

How to Brew Junshan Yinzhen?

Step 1: Scald the cup

Take the kettle, pour about 1/3 of the volume of the cup with hot water into the transparent glass to scald the cup. The role of the scalding cup is to warm the cup and further clean it.

Step 2: Place tea

Take a little Junshan Silver Needle Tea with a teaspoon, and then put about 3 grams of Junshan Silver Needle Tea into each cup.

Step 3: Wash tea

Add 1 / 3 warm water to the glass, shake the bottom of the cup a few times with your hand, and then pour out the tea water. The tea should be washed quickly.

Wash tea

Step 4: High brewing tea

Use a kettle to pour boiling water at around 70°C into the teacup using the impulse of the water, quickly and then slowly, to 1/2 point, so that the tea buds will be soaked. After a while, pour boiling water to the 7/10 position of the cup.

In order to make the tea buds evenly absorb water and accelerate the sinking, a glass sheet can be used to cover the teacup at this time. After 5 minutes, the glass sheet should be removed.

Chinese Kung Fu Tea Pot

You can also use such a tea set

Under the action of water and heat, the shape of tea, the ups and downs of tea buds, and the occurrence of bubbles are all rare when other teas are brewed.

This is the unique atmosphere of Junshan Yinzhen tea.

Step 5: Tea tasting

About a few minutes after brewing, you can enjoy, smell and drink when most of the tea buds stand at the bottom of the cup.

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5. Xinyang Maojian Tea

best Chinese tea Xinyang Maojian Tea

Xinyang Maojian (Tippy Green,信阳毛尖), also known as Yu Maofeng, belongs to the category of green tea and is one of the top 10 famous teas in China. Its main origin is in Xinyang City, Henan Province.

Xinyang Maojian has a unique style of "thin, round, smooth, straight, multi-pekoe, high aroma, strong taste and green soup".

It has many functions such as promoting body fluid and quenching thirst, improving eyesight, refreshing the brain, removing greasy and digesting food.

Xinyang Maojian is known as the "King of Green Tea".

Chinese tea Xinyang Maojian Tea

According to the growing season and picking period of Xinyang Maojian, it is divided into spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea.

Main Varieties of Xinyang Maojian

Spring tea: generally refers to the tea that was harvested before the end of May of that year.

Mingqian tea: tea leaves picked before Qingming Festival (around April 5th). It is the highest grade tea in Xinyang Maojian.

Yu Qian tea: tea harvested before April 20th. (Mainly suitable for people with slightly higher consumption).

Spring tail tea: tea harvested before the end of spring (end of May). (The price is relatively cheap).

Summer tea: refers to the tea leaves harvested at the end of June to July.

Autumn tea: tea leaves of the year that are harvested after August.

Picking Xinyang Maojian

Xinyang Maojian tea quality is divided into 6 grades: Treasures, Supreme and Grade I, Grade II, Grade III, Grade IV.

The Efficacy and Life Skills of Xinyang Maojian

1. Keep fit

2. Promote the conversion and absorption of lipids

3. Making tea pillows

4. Repel mosquitoes

5. Help the development and reproduction of flowers and plants

6. Sterilization and treatment of athlete's foot

7. Xinyang Maojian tea can remove dirt and greasy

8. Wash silk clothes

6. Tieguanyin

best Chinese tea Tieguanyin

Tieguanyin tea (Iron Goddess, 铁观音), a traditional Chinese tea, belongs to oolong tea and is one of the top 10 famous teas in China.

Produced in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, it was discovered in 1723-1735.

Tieguanyin tea is between green tea and black tea. It belongs to the semi-fermented tea category.

Tieguanyin has a unique "guanyin rhyme" with a delicate fragrance and elegant rhyme. After brewing, it has a natural orchid fragrance, a pure taste and a long-lasting aroma.

Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea - Iron Goddess of Mercy - Net Wt. 5.3oz.
  • A tightly wound, uniform tea that is very dense, sage green in color and with what appears to be a light glazing of frost
  • Fujian Province, China
  • Full bodied flavor with a fragrant aroma
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Chinese tea Tieguanyin

It contains high levels of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, tea polyphenols and alkaloids, has a variety of nutrients and medicinal ingredients, and has health care functions.

You can use Gaiwan or Zisha teapot to brew Tieguanyin. If you want to drink Tieguanyin with a fresh fragrance, then use Gaiwan brewing.

Use mineral water or pure water for brewing, and mountain spring water has the best effect.

The Efficacy  of  Tieguanyin

Lose weight



Prevent cardiovascular disease

To prevent dental caries

Prevent diabetes

Refreshing, beauty

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 Precautions for Drinking Guanyin Tea

Do not drink Tieguanyin on an empty stomach, otherwise you may feel dizzy and nauseous.

If Tieguanyin tea is brewed too thickly or if you drink too much, it will stimulate the increase of gastric acid and gastrointestinal juices and cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Especially women who are breastfeeding should not drink Tieguanyin tea that is brewed too thickly.

Chinese tea Guanyin Tea

Tips for Using Tieguanyin in life:

1. For scalds or burns, use proper amount of Tieguanyin tea leaves to decoct the thick juice. After cooling quickly, immerse the affected area in tea water, or apply tea water to the burned area, 4-5 times a day.

2. Motion sickness, seasickness and drunkenness: Use a small cup of warm tea in advance and add 2-3 ml of soy sauce to drink. This method can also be used to relieve drunkenness.

For scalds or burns Tieguanyin

3. Bleeding gums when brushing teeth, you can drink tea frequently, because tea is rich in vitamin C, iron and hemostatic components, it can make gums tough, capillary elasticity increases, and prevent bleeding.

4. Pain and nausea caused by bad breath or excessive smoking can be relieved by gargle with Tieguanyin and drinking a moderate amount of strong tea.

5. Prevention and treatment of dental caries in children: Fluoride in tea can prevent teeth from dephosphorization and decalcification in the acidic environment of the oral cavity, so gargle with tea can prevent dental caries.

Bleeding gums Tieguanyin

6. Inflammation and swelling at the skin folds of infants and young children: You can boil water with Tieguanyin tea leaves, put them at a suitable temperature, and wash the infant with tea water.

7. Overwork: Drinking a cup of Tieguanyin tea can quickly eliminate fatigue and restore energy.

8. People who are obese: You can often drink tea, especially oolong tea, which has a good weight loss effect.

Tieguanyin lose weight

9. For those with high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, drinking a cup of tea a day can lower cholesterol and protect the cardiovascular system.

10. People with poor appetite and yellow urine can drink more light tea.

11. Those who overeat greasy and uncomfortable can drink thicker hot tea, which has a better effect on relieving greasiness.

7. Keemun

best Chinese tea Keemun

Keemun Tea (Qimen Black Tea, 祁门红茶) is a traditional Chinese tea, a famous black tea boutique, mainly produced in Qimen, Anhui Province.

Qimen black tea is the best of black tea and enjoys a high reputation. It is the favorite drink of the Queen and the royal family of England. It is called the "Queen of Black Tea".

Keemun Tea is divided into 10 grades according to its appearance and inner quality: Ritual tea, Special tea, Supreme, Grade I, Grade II, Grade III, Grade IV, Grade V, Grade VI, and Grade VII.

Chinese tea Keemun

How to Brew Qimen Black Tea:

Boil the water to 90-95°C. The tea set is most suitable for Jing Porcelain

Fill with about 5% of the teapot's capacity, and pour it into the hot water. After brewing, the aroma will be sharp and lasting.

Pour it into a small cup every 45 seconds. Smell the fragrance first, then taste, the mouth is full of fragrance, and the aftertaste is sweet.

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  • Varietal: Our tea uses the local varietal Chu Ye Zhong, which is indigenous to Qimen county since Qing dynasty. Keemun gongfu black tea is the tea that is still used today in the blending of English Breakfast black tea.
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Precautions for Drinking Qimen Black Tea:

It is best to drink Qimen black tea in winter.

People will feel stomach discomfort when drinking green tea when they are not eating.

This is because tea polyphenols, an important substance contained in tea, have astringent properties and have a certain stimulating effect on the stomach. They are more irritating under fasting conditions. 

Chinese tea Qimen Black Tea

Black tea is made by fermentation and baking. Black tea not only does not hurt the stomach, but also has a certain therapeutic effect on ulcers.

However, black tea should not be kept cold for drinking, it will affect the stomach warming effect, and may also reduce the nutrient content due to too long storage time.

The Nutritional Value of Qimen Black Tea

Qimen black tea can provide rich riboflavin, folic acid, carotene, tocopherol and phylloquinone, and is an important source of fluoride in food.

Calories: The calories per 100 grams of black tea is less than 1244 kJ.

Protein: The content of theanine and the total amount of amino acids in black tea rank second among all teas, but black tea also contains a small amount of free amino acids.

Carbohydrates and fats: The carbohydrates in tea are mostly polysaccharides, and the polysaccharides that can be dissolved in boiling water only account for 4% to 5% of the tea solubles.

It is a low-sugar beverage, and the fat content of black tea generally does not exceed 3%.

Vitamins: Black tea contains a lot of vitamin C, which is second only to green tea.

Minerals and trace elements: Black tea is rich in minerals and trace elements such as calcium, copper, sodium, phosphorus and zinc.

Picking Qimen Black Tea

The Efficacy  of Qimen Black Tea

Refresh and eliminate fatigue

Produce saliva and quench thirst


Anti inflammation and sterilization


Nourish the stomach

In addition, black tea also has the effects of preventing caries, delaying aging, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, anti-cancer, anti-radiation, weight loss, etc.

8. Da Hong Pao

best Chinese tea Da Hong Pao

Da Hong Pao (Large Red Robe, 大红袍), produced in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, belongs to Oolong tea with excellent quality. Chinese special famous tea.

The shape is tightly knotted, the color is green and brown, and the tea is bright orange and yellow after brewing.

The most prominent feature of the quality is the rich aroma with orchid fragrance, high and long-lasting fragrance, and obvious "rock rhyme".

Purple Clay Pot

In addition to the health care functions of general tea such as refreshing, eliminating fatigue, promoting body fluid and diuresis, anti-heat and heat prevention, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, detoxification and disease prevention, digestion and greasiness, weight loss and bodybuilding, it also has anti-cancer, lowering blood fat, anti-aging, and other special functions. 

GOARTEA 100g / 3.5oz Premium Fujian Wuyi Da Hong Pao Dahongpao Big Red Robe Rock Loose Leaf Chinese Oolong Tea
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  • TASTE: Dahongpao Rock Oolong tea tastes smooth and soft with an elegant aftertaste. The aroma lingers long even after several brewing. Light to medium bodied, but with distinctive warm and roasted cocoa notes, pit-fruit flavor, and a long smooth aftertaste.
  • BENEFITS: Oolong tea contains health giving antioxidants, caffeine level is lower than coffee, that makes it a good choice for those who find themselves jittery after just one cup of coffee. Drinking a cup of Oolong tea can help you increase your energy and focus. Da Hong Pao helps people who are tired from office work to refresh themselves.
  • VINTAGE: Roasty chinese oolong Tea, harvested the teas during their natural growing seasons of this year. Meets the highest verified standards of Environmental Performance, Transparency & Accountability.
  • BREWING: Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea Loose Leaf can be brewed as hot tea or iced tea, we suggest you drink the original flavor of this tea, sugar, milk, honey, lemon or chrysanthemum can be added to make various flavored teas.

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Da Hong Pao is very resistant to brewing, and still has a fragrance after seven or eight times of brewing.

Picking Da hong pao

Large Red Robe is divided into 3 grade standards: Supreme, Grade I, Grade II.

For most oolong teas, they are basically suitable for brewing in Gaiwan and Purple Clay Pot.

Da Hong Pao needs to be brewed in boiling water. Only high temperature can soak the contents of the tea. If the water temperature is not enough, the brewing time can be longer.

When brewing Dahongpao, a high flushing method is generally used, which is to directly pour hot water on the tea leaves and let the tea leaves roll, so that the taste of the tea leaves will be released more thoroughly.

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How to Brew Da Hong Pao? (Basic)

Step 1

The amount of tea thrown is about one-half of the tea utensils.

Step 2

After the teapot and teacup are rinsed with 100℃ boiling water, put the tea leaves in the pot, and then rinse the tea leaves with 100℃ boiling water.

Step 3

Use 100℃ boiling water to pour it into the pot, soak for 5 seconds, then pour it into a teacup and enjoy.

Step 4

Soak the second cup with 100℃ boiling water, soak for 8 seconds and enjoy.

Step 4

Use boiling water at 100°C for the third cup, soak for 15 seconds and enjoy.

9. Duyun Maojian

best Chinese tea Duyun Maojian

Duyun Maojian (都匀毛尖), one of the top 10 famous teas in China, belongs to green tea. Produced in Duyun City, Guizhou Province.

In 1956, it was named by Mao Zedong, also known as "Bai Maojian", "Xin Maojian", "Yugou Tea", and "Birk Tongue Tea". It is one of the three famous teas in Guizhou.

The appearance is slender, curly and green. The fragrance is high, the taste is fresh and strong, and the bottom of the leaf is bright and green.

Chinese tea Duyun Maojian

It tastes good and has multiple effects such as producing body fluid and quenching thirst, calming the mind and improving eyesight, refreshing the brain, eliminating greasiness and digestion, inhibiting atherosclerosis, reducing fat and losing weight, preventing cancer, preventing scurvy, and protecting against radioactive elements.

Each type of tea, due to the different shape, tightness, and age of fresh leaves, the water temperature, time and method of brewing are different.

It is necessary to control the water quality, water temperature, tea quantity and tea set after many times of practice in order to make a good cup of tea.

Chinese tea Duyun Maojian Gaiwan

How to Brew a Good Duyun Maojian Green Tea?


Water quality has a great influence on the taste of tea.

Generally speaking, mineral water or spring water in the mountains is better, and the water filtered by a water filter is barely usable in general households. 

(The hardness of water that is repeatedly boiled increases, so it is not suitable to make tea).

Water temperature: 

Duyun Maojian tea is suitable for brewing with a water temperature of about 80 ℃. The water needs to be boiled sharply. It is better to just boil and foam, and then cool to the desired temperature.

Quantity of tea: 

There is no uniform standard for the quantity of tea. It depends on the size of the tea set, the type of tea, and the preferences of each person. For example, 150ml of water generally brews 3g of tea leaves.

Tea set: 

For the brewing of Duyun Maojian tea, a glass cup or a white porcelain gaiwan is generally used.

In the glass, you can observe the tea slowly relaxing, swimming, and changing in the water.

After brewing, the tip of the bud rushes to the surface of the water, hangs upright, and then slowly sinks, like a spring bamboo shoot unearthed like golden guns, it is very beautiful.

Gaiwan has better heat preservation. Good white porcelain can fully bring out the green and bright tea, and the bowl is more elegant, and the hand touch is incomparable to a glass cup.

Jingdezhen Lotus Design Chinese Gaiwan Traditional Chinese Teaware China Traditional Blue and White Porcelain Large Gaiwan Kungfu Teacup by DELIFUR (350 ml)
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10. Lu'an Melon Seed Tea

best Chinese tea Lu'an Melon Seed Tea

Lu'an Melon Seed Tea(Lu'an Leaf, 六安瓜片) is a traditional Chinese historical famous tea and one of the top 10 famous teas in China. It is produced in the area of Dabie Mountain in Lu'an City, Anhui Province.

It is a special type of green tea with a long history and rich cultural connotation.

Chinese tea Lu'an Melon Seed Tea

Among all the teas in the world, Lu'an Guapian is the only tea without buds and stems, made from a single leaf.

Bud removal not only keeps a single shape, but also has no grass smell. The stem has been lignified in the production process. After being removed, it can ensure that the tea tastes strong but not bitter, fragrant but not astringent.

Picking Chinese tea Lu'an Melon Seed Tea

Green tea is good for preventing and inhibiting cancer, health care treatment of cardiovascular diseases, weight loss and clearing of intestinal fat, and beauty.

11. Wuyi Tea

Wuyi Tea

Wuyi Rock Teas (Bohea, 武夷茶) are traditional Chinese teas. They are oolong teas with the quality characteristics of Yanyun (rock bone flower fragrance).

Wuyi rock teas are semi-fermented teas, and their production methods are between green tea and black tea. The most famous Wuyi rock tea is Dahongpao tea.

They have the fragrance of green tea and the sweetness of black tea. They are the best in Chinese oolong tea. The type is different due to the specificity of the tea species and the flavor.

Chinese tea Wuyi Tea

Produced in the Wuyi Mountain area of Fujian, tea trees grow in the crevices. There are many cliffs in Wuyi Mountain.

Tea farmers use rock depressions, rock crevices, and stone cracks to grow tea along the stone banks, which is known as the "potted" tea garden.

The morphological characteristics of Wuyi tea: the tip of the leaf is twisted, resembling a dragonfly head, the color is iron-green with brown.

The inner is lively, sweet, clear and fragrant. There is a clear scent of rock bone.

best Chinese tea Wuyi Tea

Wuyi rock tea can be said to be the general term for oolong tea produced in Wuyi Mountain. How many sub-categories does Wuyi rock tea have?

The types of oolong tea produced in Wuyi Mountain are: Wuyi Narcissus tea, Wuyi Qizhong tea, Dahongpao, Bai Jiguan tea, Tie Luohan tea, Shui Jin Gui tea, Gua Zi Jin tea, Golden Key tea, HBan Tian Yao tea, etc.

12. Pu'er Tea

best Chinese tea Pu'er tea

Pu'er tea (普洱茶) is one of the top 10 famous teas in China. Produced in Xishuangbanna, Lincang and Pu'er in Yunnan Province.

Pu'er tea grows in mountainous areas with an altitude of 1000 to 2100 meters and a slope of ≤25°.

The appearance of the tea is maroon in color.

After brewing, the color of the tea water is red and bright, the aroma is unique, and the taste is mellow and sweet.

Chinese tea Pu'er tea

According to the production process of Pu'er tea, it can be divided into the "raw" Pu'er Sheng Cha and "ripe" Pu'er Shu Cha.

Pu'er raw tea is placed in a natural way, without artificial "fermentation", but after manual sorting and shape modification.

Pu'er ripe tea, a tea processed through fermentation and other processes.

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Pu'er tea is special and can be pressed into various shapes.

Pu'er Tea Shapes

Bing Tea:

Bing Tea Pu'er tea

Flat disc shape tea. The most common are 357 grams, 400 grams and 500 grams.

Tuo Tea:

Tuo Tea Pu'er tea

The shape is the same as the bowl, each with a net weight of 100 grams, 250 grams, and a mini Tuo tea with a net weight of 2 grams-5 grams.

Brick Tea:

Brick Tea Pu'er tea

Rectangle or square, 250g-1000g mostly, made into this shape is mainly for easy transportation.

Gold Melon Tribute Tea:

Gold Melon Tribute Tea Pu'er tea

Shaped like a golden melon, it is a famous tribute tea. From 100 grams to hundreds of kilograms.

Mushroom Tight Tea:

Mushroom Tight Tea Pu'er tea

Pressed into a mushroom-shaped Pu'er tea, weighs about 250 grams.

Pillar Tea:

Pillar Tea Pu'er tea

The Pu-erh tea is pressed into a long column shape, and then wrapped with bamboo slices. The weight is as small as 100 grams and as large as more than kilograms.

Pu'er tea needs to be brewed slowly with high-temperature water, so a purple clay pot with a convergent temperature and a retention temperature is the most suitable for making Pu'er.

The purple clay pot has good air permeability and can improve the tea aroma of Pu'er.

Of course, you can also make Pu'er tea in a Gaiwan.

Black clay teapot Chinese tea Pu'er tea

Black clay teapot

In addition to the functions of ordinary tea, Pu'er tea is particularly effective in warming the stomach, losing weight, lowering lipids, preventing arteriosclerosis, preventing coronary heart disease, lowering blood pressure, anti-aging, anti-cancer, and lowering blood sugar.

Long-term drinking of Pu'er tea can reduce cholesterol and glycerides, so long-term drinking of Pu'er tea has the function of curing obesity.

13. Baihao Yinzhen

best Chinese tea Baihao Yinzhen

Baihao Yinzhen (Baihao Silver Needle, 白毫银针) , created in 1796, belongs to white tea, one of the 6 major teas in China.

Originally produced in Fujian Province, it has the title of China's Top Ten Famous Teas, and is known as the "Beauty of Tea" and the "Tea King".

Its appearance is straight like needles, and the buds are plump and covered with pekoe, like silver and snow. The needle-shaped finished tea is about three centimeters long.

Chinese tea Baihao Yinzhen

Baihao Yinzhen tea is the best among the only white tea varieties. It is as famous as the Junshan Silver Needle, and has been a royal tribute for generations.

The tea water is clear and bright, with a pale apricot yellow color, and the taste is very fragrant, and it is mellow and fresh.

LWXLJMJZC-Silver Needle White Tea | Chinese Silver Tips Tea | Bai Hao Yin Zhen - Caffeine Level Low-2.8oz/80g
  • 🍃【YUNNA SINLVER NEEDLE】Silver needle white tea is a slightly fermented tea, which is named after its shape, whose color is silver because of its conspicuously tea shape likes a needle. Grown in the Yunnan, China.
  • 🍃【 AROMA & TASTE】This white tea loose leaf has a Unique Floral Taste with an Exquisite Aroma & Mellow aftertaste. Smooth , clean,fresh flower fragrance and sweet mellow lightly shiny yellow soup.
  • 🍃【TEA BENIFIT】Silver needle is renowned for its wide range of health benefits and weight-loss. Low-Caffeine & Anti-Oxidants Helps your Body to Get Rid of Toxins, Thereby Increasing your Immunity .
  • 🍃【BREWING WAY】1).Put 1 teaspoon (2-3gram) Silver Needle loose leaf tea into a cup or tea pot. 2). Fill the cup or tea pot with 250ml/8.8oz, boil the water then let cool to 85-90℃(185-195 F). 3).Wait until you see tea buds dancing balle tand jumping down in the teapot. (3-5 mins) 4).When the water becomes light yellow, enjoy your tea.
  • 🍃【EASY SAVE 】-- Storage in Low temperature, away from light, moisture place

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Nutritional Analysis of Baihao Yinzhen

The "active enzyme" of Baihao Yinzhen is generally twice that of other teas.

There are also polyphenols, vitamin B1.B2, niacin, folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin C, catechins, 25 kinds of amino acids, theanine and a variety of minerals, all of which are richer in content than other teas.

Picking Baihao Yinzhen

The Efficacy of  Baihao Yinzhen

Reduce inflammation, relieve heat, reduce fever, remove dampness, promote body fluids and quench thirst.

Drinking more Baihao Yinzhen tea is beneficial and harmless, especially for children and young people, it is recommended to drink more Baihao Yinzhen tea, which is good for protecting eyes and healthy body.

Baihao Yinzhen tea extract may inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause staphylococcal infection, streptococcal infection, pneumonia and dental caries.

It is an eye-protecting tea that can prevent night blindness and dry eye disease.

Baihao Yinzhen is a slimming tea.

brewing Baihao Yinzhen

The tea set for brewing Baihao Yinzhen is usually a colorless, straight cylindrical transparent glass, and drinkers can appreciate the shapes and colors of the tea in the cup from all angles.

When brewing, the water temperature of Baihao Yinzhen should be 95℃.

14. Nanjing Yuhua Tea

best Chinese tea Nanjing Yuhua Tea

Nanjing Yuhua Tea (南京雨花茶) is one of the top 10 famous teas in China, belonging to the category of green tea. Its planting history can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty.

Yuhua tea has a round green shape, like pine needles, with pekoe, and straight. It is a high-quality, tender needle-shaped spring tea.

When the tea buds sprout to one bud and three leaves, pick it about ten days before the Ching Ming Festival. Pick only one bud and one leaf. Pick out the tea buds with a length of 2 to 3 centimeters.

The tea buds are cut, twisted, shaped and dried. Each pot can only be fried 250 grams of tea.

Chinese tea Nanjing Yuhua Tea

It has the effects of anti-aging, weight loss, beauty, thirst quenching, refreshing, diminishing food, treating asthma, and removing greasiness.

You can use transparent glass or blue and white porcelain Gaiwan for brewing Nanjing Yuhua tea.

15. Jasmine Tea

best Chinese tea Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea (茉莉花茶), belonging to the scented tea category, is a reprocessed tea unique to China.

Jasmine tea is essentially a tea made by blending and scenting tea (mainly green tea) and jasmine flowers, so that the tea can absorb the fragrance of flowers.

The birthplace of jasmine tea in the world is Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It was listed as a tribute in the Qing Dynasty and has a history of more than 150 years.

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jasmine flower

Its fragrance is fresh and lasting, the taste is mellow and refreshing, the tea water is bright yellow and green, and the bottom of the leaf is tender and soft.

The jasmine tea made through a series of technological processes has the effects of soothing the nerves, relieving depression, strengthening the spleen, anti-aging, and improving the body's immunity.

It is a healthy drink and a tea that women like very much.

Chinese tea Jasmine tea

According to the raw material tenderness of jasmine tea, it can be divided into 6 grades: Supreme and Grade I, Grade II, Grade III, Grade IV, Grade V.

The Efficacy of  Jasmine Tea

Drinking jasmine tea often has a huge effect on women, not only can beautify the skin, whiten the skin, but also resist aging.

It can also dredge the human intestines and stomach, defecate, clear the brain, lower blood pressure and blood lipids, and can resist bacteria and viruses to treat cancer.

brewing scented tea

When brewing scented tea, the water temperature is 80-90 ℃, usually the ratio of tea to water is 1:50, and the brewing time is 3-5 minutes per brew.

What do you think is the top Chinese tea?

As a non-alcoholic beverage, tea is being liked by more and more people.

Different teas have different shapes, effects, brewing methods and precautions. Pay more attention when buying tea and drinking tea.


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