11 Best Places to Buy Japanese Snacks and Candy Online

April 9


Japanese snacks and candy are popular all over the world with their unique flavors.

And these delicious snacks can be purchased on some websites and delivered to your door.

Specifically, where is the best place to buy Japanese snacks online?

1. Tokyo Treat

best place to buy japanese snacks online Tokyo Treat

At TokyoTreat, you will receive a subscription box of authentic Japanese snacks and candy from Tokyo every month.

Tokyo Treat Review: 

First: The subscription box contains Japanese snacks, KitKat, Chocolate, Cookies, Pocky, Candy, Crunchy Chips, Japanese drinks and more.

Then there is the price: depending on the number of months you have subscribed, the price will be different:

  • 1-Month $35/mo
  • 3-Months $33.5/mo
  • 6-Months $32/mo
  • 12-Months $31.5/mo

Finally, shipping: it uses DHL Express. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the shipping price for Group 1 is $10.50/box and for Group 2 is $12.50/box.

2. Amazon

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Yes, you can buy Japanese snacks on Amazon. Whether it's Japanese snack boxes, chocolates, candy, senbei, biscuits or Japanese drinks.

The important point is that buying Japanese snacks on Amazon can save a little money in shipping costs compared to other places.

best place to buy japanese snacks online Bokksu

At Bokksu, you will also receive a box containing carefully selected Japanese snacks every month.

Bokksu Review: 

First of all, there are 20-24 kinds of snack foods in the box: White Strawberry, Mocchan Dango Mochi, Yuzu Sake Candy, Senbei, Crackers, etc.

As for the price, similar to Tokyo Treat, the longer the subscription period, the lower the monthly price:

  • 1-Month $49.95/mo
  • 3-Months $44.95/mo
  • 6-Months $42.95/mo
  • 12-Months $39.95/mo

Then comes shipping: Bokksu uses DHL Express. Except for 11 countries such as Australia, Cambodia and Canada, all other parts of the world are free shipping.

4. Japan Candy Store

Japan Candy Store

On the Japan Candy Store website, you can buy popular Japanese snacks and candy online, as well as a small amount of Japanese groceries.

In addition, there will be free shipping if you spend more than $40.

5. Japan Crate

Japan Crate

The Japan Crate site not only provides Japanese snack boxes, but also 4 other Japanese grocery boxes.

For the snack box, it contains 10-18 items of Japanese snack food, as well as drinks. More importantly, free shipping worldwide.

Doki Doki Crate: 5-6 Japanese goods such as household goods and clothing.

GaChaGaCha: There are 6 gashapon figures inside.

Umai Crate: Delicious Japanese instant noodles and noodles, plus recipes in it.

Inku Crate: 8-10 Japanese stationery items.

6. Blippo

japanese snacks wholesale Blippo

Blippo is a place where you can wholesale Japanese snacks.

In addition to buying popular Japanese snacks and sweets online, you can also buy Japanese stationery, plush toys, bags, accessories, and other Japanese groceries.

7. JapanHaul


JapanHaul is a website where you can get Japanese food, makeup, toys and other goods related to Japanese culture.

If you have ever been to Japan, then you will love them.

8. Sakuraco

buy japanese snacks online Sakuraco

Sakuraco is also the best place to buy Japanese snacks online, you will find authentic Japanese flavors. The box you receive every month includes 20 kinds of food such as Japanese snacks, tea, and sweets.

For the price, this Japanese snack box is based on the number of months of your subscription, and the price is as follows:

  • 1-Month $37.5/mo
  • 3-Months $35.5/mo
  • 6-Months $33.5/mo
  • 12-Months $32.5/mo

9. Napa Japan

buy japanese snacks online Napa Japan

Napa Japan is a trusted place to buy Japanese snacks.

Whether it is candy, chocolate, biscuits, rice crackers, various flavors of snacks, you can buy them.

10. Asian Food Grocer

buy japanese snacks online Asian Food Grocer

Asian Food Grocer is a comprehensive Asian food grocery website.

There are not only various Japanese sweets and snacks, but also Chinese snacks and Korean snacks.

buy japanese snacks online Japan Centre

Japan Centre was established in 1976, mainly to provide high-quality Japanese food and beverages.

More importantly, the website also has Japanese snack recipes, and you can also wholesale Japanese snacks here.

BONUS: Japan Candy Box

buy japanese snacks online Japan Candy Box

On the Japan Candy Box website, the price of the Japanese snack boxes it provides is relatively cheap.

Prices are as follows:

  • 1-Month $29.9/mo
  • 6-Months $27.9/mo
  • 12-Months $24.90/mo

You can buy Japanese snacks online at these places (websites) mentioned above, and the quality and price of the snacks are quite good.

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