23 Best Chinese BL Novels to Taste the Romantic Love Between Boys

September 14


Love can surpass all obstacles, and the love between boys is more and more accepted by people. The Chinese BL novels have brought this concept into full play.

Have you read BL(Danmei) novels or drama?

There are ancient, modern, historical, sci-fi, romantic, wuxia, military, and comedy genres.

Let's check these best Chinese BL novels:

1. Are You Addicted?

Chinese BL NOVELS Are You Addicted

"Are You Addicted/你丫上瘾了" is one of the most popular and famous Chinese bl novels written by Chai Jidan.

  • 314 chapters
  • Translation Completed 
  • Adapted into drama
Top Gu Hai

Born into a military family, he is fit, loyal and strong.

Bottom Bai Luoyin

  A high-cold scholar who writes good handwriting.

But in fact, his emotional investment in Gu Hai is much more than on the surface.

Are You Addicted gu hai and bai luo yin

Are You Addicted Drama


Since childhood, Bai Luoyin has lived with his bewildered father Bai Hanqi and grandparents.

At the age of 16, his mother Jiang Yuan was going to remarry and marry Gu Weiting, a senior military officer.


At the same time, Gu Weiting’s son Gu Hai has always held a grudge against his father due to his mother’s death.

The two conflicting brothers were in the same class by chance, and over time, they gradually developed different emotional stories.

"Take medicine if you are sick!" "You are the medicine."

Don't take my patience as your shameless capital

2. Military Compound

bl novel Military Compound

"Military Compound/军区大院" is a very hot military Chinese bl novel written by Paopao Xueer.

Top  Zhou Haifeng( Soldier)

Usually silent and super-physical.

Bottom  Shan Jun

 Arrogant and domineering, sincere.

Chinese bl novel Military Compound


The arrogant grandson of the commander of the military region, Shan Jun.

He used the military district as his own back garden to be arrogant, until a small military district guard let him kick the iron plate severely.

bl chinese novels Military Compound

A contest,

A confrontation, he enters the play, but others are not in the play.

The strict military compound, the passionate roof and loft,

Shan Jun couldn’t help struggling, but he couldn’t help being attracted by the opponent.

The dangerous emotional game is gradually out of control...

Love him and help him win a medal.

3. The Founder of Diabolism/Mo Dao Zu Shi

Chinese bl novels The Founder of Diabolism

"The Founder of Diabolism/魔道祖师" is a very good Chinese BL novel of ancient Danmei Xianxia.

  • 113 chapters and 13 extras
  • Translation Completed
  • Adapted into drama, anime, manhua and movie.
 Wei Ying

Good-looking, unruly personality, distinct love and hatred, emphasizing love and justice.

Lan Zhan

He is cold and unsmiling, doesn't like talking to people, seems more cute when drunk.

The Founder of Diabolism drama

Xiao Zhan & Wang Yibo : THE UNTAMED

Chinese BL NOVELS Silent Reading

"Silent Reading/默读" is a Danmei web novel written by priest.

  • 180 chapters and 5 extras
  • Translation Completed
  • Adapted into anime and drama
Luo Wenzhou(Top)

Unruly and gentle

Fei Du(Bottom)

Extraordinarily ascetic indifferent temperament, rich second generation.

Chinese bl Silent Reading


Simply put: suspenseful cases that happened one after another, making Luo Wenzhou horrified to discover that there are ghosts in the police station, and all kinds of strange people and things are connected in series.


Using the protagonist’s love story as the lead, step by step exposes the darkness of society. 

 I especially like you without permission, sorry.

 Fei Du // Bottom

Chinese Bl novels The Emperor's Strategy

"The Emperor's Strategy/帝王攻略" is an ancient Chinese BL novel.

  • 193 chapters and 8 extras
  • Translation Completed 
  • Adapted into anime, manhua and drama
Chinese bl The Emperor's Strategy


The novel is about the love and hatred between the young emperor Chu Yuan and the southwest King Duan Baiyue.

In the troubled times, the two supported each other, led thousands of soldiers on the bloody battlefield, in exchange for the integrity of the country and the health of the people.

Country is my responsibility, you are my concern.

Chu Yuan // Emperor 

If you like Chinese animation(donghua), then you can watch it on these animation websites.

Chinese bl novels Forced to Marry the Enemy Prince

"Forced to Marry the Enemy Prince/被迫和敌国太子联姻的日子" is a Chinese bl historical novel, with 108 chapters(Translation Completed).


To sum up: in order to survive as a child, Xian Sheng disguised as a princess, but fell in love at first sight by the prince of the enemy country during the war.

Chinese bl novels Did The Affectionate Love Interest Collapse Today

This is a comedy bl Chinese novel, with 120 chapters and 1 extra.


Almost every bl novel has such an affectionate male supporting role:

Specifically, he is sincerely infatuated with the protagonist Bottom, provides him with warmth when he is hurt by Top, and love when he is abandoned by Top.

As a love catalyst between the protagonist Top and Bottom, as a spare tire, he dedicated his light and heat without complaint.

Transmigrated into a Heartthrob Novel and Went OOC

This is one of the best wuxia type Chinese bl novels, with 138 chapters and 5 extras(Translation Completed).


The protagonist Fang Chaozhou travels to a Danmei(BL) novel.

However, in the original book, Fang Chaozhou loves the protagonist, the younger brother (Bottom), who is crazy in love, blocking the sword for him and killing monsters for him, but now he just wants to wash and sleep...

Chinese bl novels Counter Attack

"Counter Attack/逆袭之爱上情敌" is a comedy bl Chinese novel.

  • 283 chapters and 5 special story
  • Translation Completed
  • Adapted into drama.
Top Chi Cheng

At first hard-hearted, cold-blooded and ruthless, later, he was trained to become a little loyal dog with a righteous and obsessive love.

Bottom Wu Suowei

He was originally kind-hearted, then sinister and cunning.

Counter Attack drama

Counter Attack Drama


A poor loser who took away his ex girlfriend's boyfriend after he turned into a rich and handsome man.

Chinese bl novels Advance Bravely

"Advance Bravely/势不可挡" is a comedy Chinese bl novel.

  • 215 chapters
  • Translation Completed
  • Adapted into drama
Top Yuan Zong

He is strong and domineering but gentle.

Bottom Xia Yao

Pure, had a strict family education.

Advance Bravely Drama

Advance Bravely Drama


A series of funny and moving stories caused by the acquaintance between Yuan Zong, a veteran special soldier, and Xia Yao, a hot-blooded young man of criminal police.

Chinese bl novels Feng Mang

"Feng Mang/锋芒" is a romantic Chinese bl novel, with 307 chapters and 3 Extras(Translation Completed).


Han Dong, was originally straight.

He liked to tell fortunes through face. The first sight of Wang Zhongding knew that he would be with him.


"Heaven Official’s Blessing/天官赐福" is a historical romantic Chinese wuxia bl novel.

  • 244 chapters and 8 Extras
  • Translation Completed 
  • Adapted into anime, manhua and drama
Heaven Official’s Blessing Drama

Heaven Official’s Blessing Drama(upcoming)

The Scum Villain Self Saving System

This is an ancient Chinese bl novel, with 81 chapters and 20 side stories(Translation Completed), adapted into anime and manhua.

Bottom Shen Yuan

Polite and cute.

Top Luo Binghe

Like crying.


Shen Yuan as a scum villain in the book, changing the original plot and reaping love and growth.

Chinese bl novel 2013 Doomsday

"2013 (Doomsday)/二零一三(末日曙光)" is a science fiction Chinese bl novel.

  • 73 chapters
  • Translation Completed
  • Adapted into anime, drama, and manhua
2013 (Doomsday) dong hua

2013 (Doomsday) Dong Hua


In a word: when zombies besieged the city, humans continued to be displaced under the raging virus!

It is very touching to have the righteousness of the family and the country, protect the unrecognizable home.

Chinese bl novels Sha Po Lang

"杀破狼/Sha Po Lang" is a Chinese historical bl novel, with 128 chapters and 15 extras(Translation Completed), adapted into drama.

Sha Po Lang Drama

Winner is King Drama


The author Priest introduces a niche setting "steampunk" into female web novels, using wild imagination to outline an ancient society in the steam age with grandeur.

It tells the story of Gu Yun growing up with Chang Geng, the fourth prince who was left behind, and realizing his personal ambitions.

You can watch adapted TV series on these Chinese video sites.

16. Military Dog

Chinese bl novel Military Dog

"军犬/Military Dog" is an adult BL novel with a full text of 60,000 characters, adapted into drama and movie.

Military Dog Movie

Military Dog Movie


Li Junzhong, a soldier in the army: 

after he accidentally landed on the SM website and met Mr. Dt, a training master, from an ordinary straight man, step by step, he unearthed his inner desires and was trained as a pet.

man dog

For the most part, the pleasure of being deeply trapped in abuse was unable to extricate himself, and in the end he was suddenly asked to switch to a human identity, but he cannot adapt.

Chinese bl novels The Invasion Day

"The Invasion Day/末世入侵" is one of the best sci-fi Chinese bl novels, with 142 chapters and 1 extra.

Top Tang Xuhai (Military)

He has an unruly personality, but reliable at critical moments.

Bottom Fu Shiwu

Weak body, strong heart.


Fu Shiwu and the whole building's neighbors were trapped in the building. 

Crazy, dangerous elements emerge in endlessly.

Bl novel The Invasion Day

However, he was obviously only an office boy, had to take up arms to resist.

While Tang Xuhai, a soldier's neighbour who still disliked each other, rescued him in a crisis and took him on the way to escape.

Therefore, slowly, with mutual support in the last days, people who were disgusted with the two turned out to have different sparks.

18. Guard Company

Chinese bl novel Guard Company

"Guard Company/警卫连"  is Paopao Xueer(泡泡雪儿)’s second military bl novel.


In summay: the story begins with Gao Yunwei's love at first sight for Yang Donghui, and then strives to become his soldier.

However, after discovering that Yang Donghui is not a homosexual, he was both contradictory and unable to restrain him, and finally succeeded in pursuing the platoon leader.

19. Thousands of Miles of Smoke

Chinese bl novels Thousands of Miles of Smoke

"Thousands of Miles of Smoke/狼烟万里" is a sequel to "Military Compound", the two protagonists were separated for five years for various reasons.


After Zhou Haifeng, who had Shan Jun in his heart, experienced the danger of border mine clearance silently, he went to a post alone guarding a tough environment.

But Shan Jun, who had been looking for him for many years, came across Zhou Haifeng as a company commander.

The two people who had been separated for many years came together again, and all the hardships could not separate them.

Chinese bl novel Gold Class Fighter

"Gold Class Fighter/金牌打手" is a modern Chinese BL novel.


It was set in Jianghai City in the 1990s, and described the underworld fighting and killing and bitter same-sex love.

21. Final Exile

Chinese bl novel Final Exile

"Final exile/最终流放" is a good military Chinese bl novel written by He Han(河汉).


Two company commanders were on the training ground, one cared very much about the soldiers' safety, the other was indifferent.

Chinese military

So, the two strongest men, from the initial confrontation to the later mutual sympathy, fighting is their usual way of communication.

They are the people who know each other best, one look and one action, can accurately capture the other's thoughts.

On the battlefield, the two men took their tacit understanding to the extreme.

22. Gigolo

Chinese bl novel gigolo

"Gigolo/舞男" is a Chinese bl novel written by Paopao Xueer(泡泡雪儿).


Li Tianyu has seen countless dancers: 

they dance like greasy snakes. 

But this man is like a domineering lion. 

Suggestion: since some Chinese bl novels have not been translated into English, you need to manually translate or wait for the novel to be translated.

But you can learn how to accurately translate Chinese novels by yourself in this article.

23. Qi Lin

Chinese bl novel Qilin

"Qi Lin/麒麟" is also a very popular military Chinese bl novel written by Ju Zishu(桔子树).

qi lin novel ju zi shu


There is a major here: He is twenty-four years old, young and vigorous, with noble morals, and has a good military quality.

In addition to secretly falling in love with a captain, he can be called a good young man in the new era.

So things are very difficult!

bl novel qi lin

But a real warrior can always climb to the top, face the bleak reality, take him down if there are difficulties, and create difficulties to take him down if there are no difficulties!

QiLin ChenMo

Brother, is a very good relationship, very powerful, however, it is not a lover after all.

A lover is a relationship that can be integrated into the blood.

Among the 23 Chinese BL novels above, which ones will you read?

Do you have other bl Chinese novel recommendations?

Feel free to comment below.


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