Chinese Dating Culture: A Comprehensive Guide

September 11


What is Chinese dating culture like?

"Is it a culture where you sleep everywhere without responsibility?"

Does China have hookup culture?

What are the dating customs and traditions in China?

Without further ado, let's get to know these as soon as possible:

Features of Chinese Dating Culture

dating culture in China

The mainstream value of dating culture in China is that love without marriage is a hooligan.

Of course, this is not absolute. The younger the Chinese, the more open-minded they are, and not too conservative.

Dating Preparations

Chinese Culture Marriage and Relationships

1 hour before you date a Chinese girl:

Chinese girls dress up carefully, wash their faces, wash their bangs, wear color contacts, apply lipstick, and draw eyeliner.

American girls spend most of their time soaking in the bathtub an hour before a date. On the phone with her best friend. When it's time to go out, put on a quick make-up and go out on a date.

During a Date

During a Date

In China, boys usually pay for meals or AA. If it is a boy who invites you to dinner this time, there is a high probability that a girl will pay for the meal next time.

Chinese girls sometimes feel embarrassed to go out with boys alone, and will ask their best friends to go with them. However, with a trio like this, the boys will be left aside.

Americans rarely take their besties with them when they go out on a date.

Hookup Culture in China

Hookup Culture in China

7 Years Ago

In general, 7 years ago, premarital sex in China was relatively rare and took sex more seriously than many Western cultures.

A past study showed that: among the 27-35-year-old Chinese, 10% of people have no sexual relationship regardless of men and women. Women's growth rate is much higher than men, and it is still soaring.

But it is not to say that China has no hookup culture in the past.

In fact, in China, the proportion of men with one-night stand has been increasing.

In 2015, about 13% of Chinese men had one night stand. However, women's data has not changed much, and about 4% of Chinese women have one night stand.


Hookup Culture in China current

With the popularity of Chinese dating sites and apps, many young Chinese attitudes towards sex have changed dramatically. Especially in more international cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Moreover, the acceptance of premarital sex and one-night stands among contemporary Chinese college students is increasing.

Only 11.46% of Chinese college students oppose premarital sex.

According to a survey, the proportions of male college students who think they can accept one-night stands and understand that their classmates have one-night stands are: 32.27% and 40.25% respectively.

The proportion of male college students opposed to one-night stands was 37.48%.

The proportion of female college students opposed to one-night stands was 44.98%.

Parent Participation

Chinese dating culture Parent Participation

In the establishment of marriage and relationship in Chinese culture, parents play a very important role in this process.

Whether parents are involved is also a big difference between Chinese and American dating cultures.

In China, many parents want more to participate in their children's relationships. Parents will find a suitable person for their children through an acquaintance or Chinese matchmaker. Then let them go on a blind date.

It is also very important that the condition of the man is satisfactory to the parents of the woman.

If a man has no house, no car, no stable job, he will basically get married late. This is displayed in many Chinese dating variety shows

Chinese Dating Customs

Chinese Dating Customs

If you are dating in China, it is necessary to understand some Chinese dating traditions/customs. This can increase your dating success rate.

So, what to know when dating a Chinese girl?

The first is respect. If you don't respect a Chinese girl, then you can't gain her respect either.

The second point is what I said above: respect her parents.

And the third point is also very important: as a foreigner dating in China, her best friend is very important. If you can convince her best friend to trust you, you are basically half done.

The fourth point is dating gifts: You can check out girlfriend gift ideas here. Can choose some health care products for her parents.

Then there's dating, and dating a Chinese girl can take months before a formal relationship can be established.

If two people feel comfortable with each other, they can enter the courtship phase.

In the end, the two get married together and invite relatives and friends to witness your love together.

Hope the above Chinese dating culture can help you find a Chinese girl/boy you are satisfied with.

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