10 Best Chinese Dating Shows: Especially Worth Watching

January 9


Chinese dating shows cover life, marriage, family, and love elements.

In these dating shows, you can clearly feel some values and views of love from both Chinese men and women.

Specifically, what are the best Chinese dating shows?

1. If You Are the One

If You are the one Chinese dating shows

"If You Are the One/非诚勿扰" is a popular Chinese dating show hosted by Meng Fei.

There are 24 single girls in the show to decide whether the male guests go or stay by turning the lights on and off.

The success of speed-dating of male and female guests is determined by some rules. Such as "first experience of love", "re-judgment of love", "final election of love" and "boys rights".


Host: Meng Fei

Guest Speakers: Le Jia, Huang Han, Chen Ming

Chinese Dating Show Memes:

Chinese Dating Show Memes
If You Are the One Memes

2. Heart Signal

the Chinese dating show Heart Signal

"Heart Signal" is a dating variety show that combines ordinary men and women with Chinese stars.

The variety show will select 8 single men and women with different backgrounds to stay in the "Signal Cabin". On the premise of not delaying daily work and life, start a month-long relationship experience.

Program producers will set rules such as "successively enter", "anonymous SMS at night", "date initiation", etc.

So as to create opportunities for these young men and women to truly show their exciting moments as much as possible.

Chinese variety shows like Heart Signal also include "Dream Space", "Meeting You".

Of course, the Korean dating reality show "Love Catcher" is also very worth watching.

Chinese dating show The Romance

"The Romance" is a creative love reality show involving four Chinese stars. They will act as apprentice screenwriters and as lead actors.

In the setting of this scene, they can explore the meaning and possibility of love from a new perspective.

On the other hand, they have to immerse themselves in the characters they created to interpret the script. And finally make it into a movie.

Bonus: you can watch The Romance chinese variety show eng sub at iq.com.

4. Dating with the Parents

Chinese Dating with the Parents show

"Dating with the Parents" is a very distinctive new Chinese dating show of "taking parents on a blind date".

Taking the male family version as an example. In each episode, a total of 3 female guests come to have a blind date. And five groups of male families sit on the "boat of love" to choose.

After the start, the male guests entered the second scene to observe. "Yue Lao" Zhang Guoli interacted with the male and female guests and the man's family in front of the stage.

While "Matchmaker" Chen Chen stayed at the third scene with the woman's relatives and friends.

100 "little matchmakers" participated in the interaction in real time to help the blind date.

Among these Chinese dating shows, this show can be said to have very traditional Chinese characteristics.

5. One Out of  100

Chinese dating show One Out of 100

"One Out of 100" is a Chinese matchmaking show with distinctive original features.

In each episode, three single women of school age who have real love needs will participate. And 100 male guests will choose their favorite girls on the spot.

Through the wonderful links set by the program, such as "Lianliankan", "Show Your Love" and "Telephone Tell Your Heart". The male and female guests will have the opportunity to communicate sincerely.

After several rounds of mutual selection, the male guests who stand out from the 100 men will have the opportunity to "hand in hand" with the female guests.

6. Love Defense Wars

Chinese dating show Love Defense Wars

"Love Defense Wars/爱情保卫战" is an early Chinese emotional and psychological variety show.

The show brings to the stage all kinds of confusion and contradictions encountered by young men and women in the process of love in reality.

The program invites emotional tutors to provide rational analysis, scientific considerations, love guidance and emotional advice, and advocate correct views on love, marriage and happiness.

At the same time, celebrity couples and other social figures are also invited to guide.

Asian dating reality shows like Love Defense Wars such as "Perfect Dating", "Gold Medal Mediation", "Mediation Face to Face".

7. Love Timing

Chinese dating show Love Timing

"Love Timing" is one of the best Chinese dating shows, broadcast on iQiyi.

8 men and women with high education, good looks and high emotional intelligence will live together in an exclusive villa for 30 days.

6 members of the star observation group with different styles capture all the signals of love in the subtleties, deduce the trend of love, and show their views on love.

8. Let's Fall in Love

Let's Fall in Love

'Let's Fall in Love' is a Chinese dating reality show in which male and female guests start two love routes on a romantic cruise ship.

For each route, there will be several single men and women with different identities and occupations to start a one-week dating experience. Positively face their own emotional wishes in getting along and reap growth, friendship and love.

At the same time, young Chinese star guests of the same age as these single men and women were also invited to observe.


Main star guests: Meng Fei, Cheng Xiao, Zhu Zhengting, Yi Nengjing, Huang Shengyi, Zhang Jike, Song Yuqi.

9. Meeting You

the Chinese dating show Meeting You

The variety show selects seven single young people to stay in the romantic and beautiful "Meeting Cabin" and start a 30-day life together. From meeting to knowing each other, they tried to approach each other in their own ways.

Together with the group of relatives and friends, the "star reconnaissance group" derives strategies to help young people socialize by observing and analyzing the details of their daily interactions.


Main star guests: Ning Jing, Wang Yaoqing, Wu Xuanyi, Dong Youlin

10. Love Actually

Love Actually variety show

Love Actually is similar to "Let's Fall in Love" and "Meeting You". This Chinese dating variety show also invites a group of urban young men and women to stay in an apartment for a month-long love and social experience.

Before everyone met, the program team specially set up an online chat session to leave a first impression on each other in the way of "not looking at the appearance first, look at the concept of life".

After the official check-in, male and female guests enhance mutual understanding through multiple mutual selection, individual dating, collective travel and other ways.


Main star guests: Jing Tian, Tang Yixin, Wang Yanlin, Wang Ziwen, Xie Nan, Xue Zhaofeng

In this list of Chinese dating shows, you will get a lot of stories and reflections about life, emotions, marriage, growing up.

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