Top 15 Chinese Game Websites to Play more Games for Free

October 21


Games are the bridge between fantasy and reality.

And the overall size of the Chinese game market has maintained rapid growth, and the current game industry has more than 660 million users.

Let's check these popular Chinese game websites and platforms:

1. Tencent Games

Chinese game websites tencent games

Established in 2003, Tencent Games is the largest online game community in China. It ranks first among Chinese game websites and companies.

Not only in China but also a top 10 game company in the world, on a par with Electronic Arts, Vivendi, Nintendo.

Tencent Games acts as an agent for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, League of Legends, Dungeons and Warriors, and Cross Fire, etc.

2. NetEase Games

Chinese game websites netease games

NetEase Games was established in 2001, leading the MMORPG game market in China.

At present, NetEase has more than 100 game products in operation.

3. Perfect World

Chinese game websites perfect world

Its products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions. 

It can be said to be one of the top Chinese game websites.

Perfect World owns "Perfect World", "Jade Dynasty", "Swordsman Online" and other popular online games.

4. Lilith Games

Chinese game websites Lilith Games

It is a world-renowned game developer and publisher, committed to creating fun games for global players.

Lilith Games has developed a number of excellent games such as Rise of Kingdoms, AFK Arena, Art of Conquest and Tales of the Mirror.

5. MiHoYo 

Tears of Themis

As a game developer, MiHoYo has launched excellent mobile games such as "Guns Girl - School DayZ", "Honkai Impact 3rd", "Genshin Impact", which are widely loved by users.

In particular, the game "Genshin Impact" is very popular in the market, making MiHoYo the third largest mobile game publisher in China.

6. 37 Games

Chinese game websites 37games

37 Games has won many awards such as "China's Top 10 Game Operation Platforms" and "Popular Chinese Game Websites".

Its classic game works: "Puzzles and Survival", "Wild Frontier: Town Defense", "Soul Land" , etc.

7. Shengqu Games

Chinese game websites shengqu games

Its representative game works: "The Legend of Mir 2", "Dragon Nest ", and "FINAL FANTASY XIV Online".

8. IGG

Chinese game websites IGG

Its main market is not in China, but in all markets outside of China.

Representative game works include Mobile Royale, Castle Clash, Lords Mobile, etc.

9. LingXi Games

Chinese game websites LingXi Games

Lingxi Games has launched a number of self-developed games such as "Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition", "Changan Fantasy", and "The Continent Of The Wind".

Chinese game websites 4399 Games

4399 Games is China's leading web game platform.

Its products have won the love of users with high levels of playability and real combat sense.

11. Xoyo

Chinese game websites xoyo

It is the game business of Kingsoft, focusing on computer games and digital TV entertainment industries.

Its main popular is "Sword Heroes Fate Series" games.

12. KongZhong


Kongkong is a well-known online game developer in China.

Its popular games are: Battleship Wars, Sangoku Rush, Panzer Wars.

Bilibili Game

There are 183 games on the Bilibili game platform, including 177 mobile games, 3 web games, and 3 client games.

Maybe in the future Bilibili will develop into one of the top Chinese game websites.

14. NetDragon Websoft 

Heroes Evolved

NetDragon is a leading online game developer in China.

Self-developed games: "Conquer Online'', "Eudemons Online'', "Heroes Evolved".

15. Yoozoo Games

Yoozoo Games

Yoozoo Games has many well-known game products.

Popular games include Daomu Biji, Junior Three Kingdom, League of Angels, etc.

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