21 Best Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss and 3 Quite Effective Formulas

October 16


To lose weight, diet and exercise are indispensable. And Chinese herbs for weight loss can help you lose fat faster and more effectively.

Chinese herbal medicine weight losss is to use the advantages of herbs to adjust the body's various organs to restore their original functions, convert the body's excess fat into energy, and promote the energy metabolism in the body, so as to achieve the goal of healthy and safe weight loss.

Here are 21 kinds of Chinese herbs for weight loss and 3 formulas:

1. Lotus Leaf

Chinese herbs for weight loss Lotus Leaf

Chinese medicine believes that lotus leaves "can make you lose weight if you eat for a long time." The weight loss effect of Chinese herbal lotus leaf is evident.

Modern research results of traditional Chinese medicine show that the main active ingredients in lotus leaves that play a lipid-lowering effect are nuciferine and fiber.


The lotus leaf contains a variety of effective lipid alkaloids, which can effectively decompose the fat in the body and excrete it strongly from the body.

And it is often used clinically for the treatment of obesity.

Lotus leaf can be densely distributed on the intestinal wall of the human body to form a layer of fat isolation membrane to prevent fat absorption and accumulation.

It has a strong oil repellent effect, so that you gradually become disgusted with meaty and greasy food, so it has an excellent effect of reducing fat and losing weight.


Secondly, the lotus leaf contains a lot of fiber, which can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine, help defecation and remove toxins.

The lotus leaf has a more beneficial effect than general high-fiber foods, and directly solves the troubles of constipation.

Therefore, the raised lower abdomen will gradually become flat and achieve the effect of weight loss.

The lotus leaf has the advantages of safe use, accurate dosage, and no toxic side effects.

It is an ideal choice for people with high blood fat, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, middle-aged and elderly friends, and beauty-loving ladies to lose weight and maintain health.

Drinking lotus leaf tea will help you lose weight better, it's worth a try!

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  • Good taste and mild aromatic. It has a fragrant flavor. If you love some flower tea, maybe you also will love our lotus tea. Natural lotus leaf tea tastes a little bit bitter.
  • Good match with other flower tea or fruit tea. Example match with rose and lemon and so on.
  • Net weight: 2.1 oz; Shelf Life: 18 Months Storage: Keep in a airtight container. Best to keep in refrigerator. Keep lotus leaf tea away from high temperature, sunlight, moisture and abnormal taste.

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2. Poria Cocos

Chinese herbs for weight loss Poria Cocos

The underlying cause of obesity is a bulimic greasy and high calorie diet, which injures the spleen stomach daily, diminishes the water and moisture transportation function of the spleen, and results in polymoist sputum.

Therefore, removing dampness and removing phlegm is the primary rule for the treatment of obesity.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) holds that Poria cocos has the ability to expel dampness and eliminate phlegm, and invigorate spleen and stomach to transport water and dampness fundamentally, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

So, obese people often drink Poria cocos tea, which can reduce fat and lose weight and lean body, so that the body build becomes better.

Usage: 10 ~ 20g Chinese herbal medicine Poria cocos, put it into a cup of boiling water, brew and drink, 1 dose a day. (Pregnant women should be used with caution)

3. Hawthorn

Chinese herbs for weight loss Hawthorn

Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn can invigorate the spleen and promote digestion, is beneficial for weight loss, and can prevent obesity.

The acidic substances such as chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid contained in the hawthorn can increase the acid content in the body and increase the secretion of gastric juice in the body. 

In this way, the metabolism rate in the body can be promoted, and the excess fat content in the body can be consumed, so as to achieve a good weight loss goal.

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4. Cassia Seed (Jue Ming Zi)

Chinese herbs for weight loss Cassia Seed (Jue Ming Zi)

Cassia seed is a common Chinese herb that has the effects of clearing the liver, improving eyesight, moisturizing the intestines, and reducing fat and weight.

Just use 10 grams of Cassia seed soaked in water to drink it every day, it can inhibit the formation of body fat and break down the excess fat in the body.

Cassia Seed Wolfberry Slimming Tea


10 grams of wolfberry, 3 grams of chrysanthemum, 20 grams of cassia seed.

Production method:

Put all the ingredients into a cup, add boiling water to brew, and simmer for 15 minutes with a lid.


Lycium barbarum has the effect of nourishing skin. Cassia seed and chrysanthemum clear internal heat, long-term drinking can clear the toxins in the body and suppress appetite.


Patients with low blood pressure should not drink.

Contraindicated by pregnant women.

Cassia Tea Clear Liver Improve Vision Jue Ming Zi Chinese Herbal Medicine 500g
  • Cassia seeds come from the cassia, an annual plant that grows in tropical zones.
  • The seeds benefit vision, reduce hypertension, and relieve constipation
  • Put 15 to 20 grams of the seeds in 3 cups of water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Let cool and drink the tea.
  • keep in shady, cool and dry place.
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5. Wolfberry (Goji)

Chinese herbs for weight loss Wolfberry (Goji)

Wolfberry is very common Chinese herb for weight loss.

The betaine contained in Lycium barbarum, which can participate in fat metabolism, effectively inhibits fat deposition within hepatocytes.

And the linoleic acid contained by goji berries is a relatively healthy fat and can play a good lipid-lowering effect.

It is possible to lose 10-20 kg of weight by eating some goji each day for one month.

Specifically, how to lose weight through wolfberry?

  1. Must insist on eating wolfberry every day without interruption
  2. Drink 2-3 cups of wolfberry soaked in water every day
  3. The dosage of wolfberry is about 20g per day
  4. It is better to eat wolfberry after three meals
  5. Chew a few goji berries in your free time
  6. Eat reasonably during the period
  7. It's best to go with exercise
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6. Adzuki Beans(Chi Xiao Dou)

Chinese herbs for weight loss Adzuki Beans(Chi Xiao Dou)

Adzuki Bean, as a Chinese herb, it can nourish the heart and blood.

It is recorded in ancient books that “it makes people lose weight if you eat it for a long time,” which means that regular consumption of Chi Xiao Dou also has the effect of losing weight.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) holds that the dampness inside an obese person is heavy. If the stool is not formed and loose for a long time, there will be dampness in the body.

Boil Job's Tears, Adzuki Bean and Euryale ferox into porridge, so that its effective ingredients can be fully absorbed by the body, which can nourish blood, remove dampness, and lose weight without causing much burden on the spleen and stomach.

7. Chen Pi

Chinese herbs for weight loss Chen Pi

Simply put, Chenpi is a common Chinese herbal medicine made from orange peel, which has more effects.

Chenpi can invigorate the spleen and dispel dampness, resolve phlegm and relieve cough, regulate the symptoms of loss of appetite and indigestion.

In addition, Chenpi can also be used for stewing soup, cooking porridge, and cooking, which not only enhances the taste, but is also beneficial to human health.

The volatile oils and flavonoids contained in Chenpi can help the fat consumption in the body.

If you eat greasy food during weight loss, drinking Chenpi water can promote the decomposition of fat, thereby reducing the chance of obesity.

8. Spirulina

weight loss Spirulina

Spirulina is a kind of green microalgae that lives in alkaline lakes, and it is also one of the oldest organisms on the earth, which has been 3.5 billion years old.

A large number of studies have shown that the protein content of spirulina is as high as 65%-68%, and it is also rich in vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, B12, β-carotene, γ-linolenic acid, and a variety of minerals, including spirulina polysaccharides and Phycocyanin and so on.

It has a good effect on improving human health, improving immunity, and curing various chronic diseases.

Nutritionists believe that a very important point in the process of weight loss is to change the intake ratio of nutrients in the diet so that the body reaches its peak metabolic state.

So what is the principle of spirulina weight loss?

When weight gains, the fat content in the human body is generally high.

Spirulina contains a large amount of GLA (Gamma linolenic Acid) which can just promote the tissue metabolism of brown fat in the human body, thereby achieving the effect of eliminating fat and reducing excess weight.

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9. Kombu

Chinese herbs for weight loss Kombu

Kombu is a herbal medicine included in the book "Chinese Pharmacopoeia".

It has the effect of eliminating phlegm and diuresis, and can also make people lose weight.

Modern studies have proved that Kombu contains laminin, which is a polysaccharide and has the effect of eliminating blood lipids.

The various minerals and trace elements contained in it can reduce the deposition of animal fat in the heart, blood vessels, and intestinal walls ingested by the human body.

According to clinical evidence, obese people can achieve ideal weight loss by eating 1-1.5 kg of Kombu per month.

10. Tea

Chinese herbs for weight loss tea

Tea is one of the three major beverages in the world, and it can also be regarded as a Chinese medicine.

Chinese people have always had a tradition of drinking tea.

Drinking tea regularly is also beneficial to the body.

Different teas have different effects.

There are many teas that have the effect of clearing fat and removing greasiness, which is undoubtedly a good thing for people who are obese or women who want to keep in shape.

There are many Chinese herbal tea for weight loss, such as oolong tea(the best effect), green tea, Pu'er tea and so on.

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11. Honeysuckle (Jin Yin Hua)

Chinese herbs for weight loss honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a kind of floral tea that we are relatively familiar with.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that drinking honeysuckle, a Chinese herb, can prolong life, reduce heatiness. It is very suitable for weight loss in summer.

The weight loss effect of honeysuckle is indeed good, but it is not suitable for friends with weak spleen and stomach.

Elitea 3oz Honeysuckle Tea Wild Lonicera Japonica Loose Buds Dried Flower Herbal Tea Jin Yin Hua 100% Natural
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  • Rich in antioxidants, minerals and polyphenols no additives, no artificial flavors, caffeine-free One of the most important herbs for liver detoxification.
  • Take 3 to 6 grams with 300 ml of boiling water into the cup. Wait for 3-5 min, then enjoy the tea.
  • Adding a little sugar is an option if you feel bitter.
  • Common Name:Jin Yin Hua

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12. Chai Hu (Bupleurum )

Chinese herbs for weight loss Chai Hu

Chai Hu means dried roots of Bupleurum. It is an important Chinese herb in Chinese medicine.

The liver is an important organ that regulates fat metabolism. Emotional instability can affect the unbalanced operation of the liver and cause obesity.

The unique saponins in Bupleurum have a lipid-lowering effect.

Bupleurum tea can solve obesity complications such as chest tightness, belly bloating, mood swings, breast tenderness and irritability during menstruation.

13. Malt (Mai Ya)

Chinese herbs for weight loss Malt (Mai Ya)

Malt is a very common herb in Chinese medicine.

And malt tea is mainly used to invigorate the spleen and lose weight, remove greasiness, aid digestion, moisturize dark hair, and enhance gastric motility.

14. He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti)

He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti)

In TCM, He Shou Wu is a popular and common Chinese herb.

Fo-Ti can improve the aging symptoms of the elderly, such as gray hair, age spots, and also improve the body's immunity.

He Shou Wu tea, which is a combination of He Shou Wu, winter melon peel and oolong tea, can soften blood vessels, reduce fat and lose weight.

15. Rhizoma Alismatis

Chinese herbs for weight loss Rhizoma Alismatis

Rhizoma Alismatis, the dried tuber of Alisma orientale (Sam.) Juzep, is a common traditional herbal medicine.

Rhizoma alismatis has a weight loss effect, and its overall properties are similar to laxatives. It can promote gastrointestinal motility, increase metabolism, and avoid edema.

And after trying it, you will find that the effect of removing the fat on the calf is better.

16. Job's Tears

Job's Tears weight loss

Chinese medicine believes that obese people have heavy dampness in their bodies, and eating Job's Tears can eliminate dampness.

Combine Job's Tears with the aforementioned Adzuki Beans (Chi Xiao Dou) and boil it into porridge. 

After drinking it for a period of time, you will see a significant weight loss effect.

17. Dried Bitter Gourd

Dried Bitter Gourd weight loss

Chinese medicine believes that dried bitter gourd has the effect of clearing internal heat.

Because bitter gourd has the effect of intestinal cleansing and detoxification, and its own calories are also very low, so whether it is eaten directly or used to soak in water, it can help lose weight.

18. Cinnamon

Chinese herbs for weight loss Cinnamon

Cinnamon is both a seasoning and a traditional Chinese medicine.

Here is an introduction to apple cinnamon water, as long as you drink it every day, you can lose two kilograms of body weight in one week.

The insoluble dietary fiber in apples can help clean up the intestines and has a laxative effect.

On the other hand, cinnamon containing cinnamaldehyde can promote blood circulation and metabolism.

Mixing the two can achieve the weight loss effect of fat burning.

19. Astragalus (Huang Qi) 

Chinese herbs for weight loss Huang Qi

As a Chinese herb, Astragalus has a long history in Chinese medicine.

Soaking Astragalus in water does have a certain weight loss effect. This is because Astragalus has the effect of reducing edema, so it can promote the discharge of water in the body and reduce weight.

But if you are not edema obesity, it may not have much effect on you.

20. Ginseng

Chinese herbs for weight loss Ginseng

Chinese medicine refers to ginseng as the "king of herbs". In ancient times, ginseng was used to nourish the emperor's body and was a very valuable Chinese herbal medicine.

Maybe you think that ginseng is a nourishing herb, and you will get fatter with the more you eat, but ginseng can indeed lower fat and lose weight.


Chinese medicine believes that a person’s weight is directly related to Qi and blood. The reason why people get fat is due to qi deficiency. 

After Qi deficiency, the movement of qi in the human body loses its strength, and the Qi-transformation function is weakened.

Once the Qi function is weak, fat and other impurities cannot be metabolized out of the body normally, and after accumulating in the body, people become fatter.

And ginseng can nourish Qi, so it has a good weight loss and lipid-lowering effect for people with Qi deficiency and obesity.

21. Sheng Jiang

Chinese herbs for weight loss Sheng Jiang

In the history of Chinese medicine, Sheng Jiang (fresh ginger), as an extremely common Chinese herb, has a lot of effects.

The weight loss effect of Sheng Jiang is quite impressive.

Modern medical research has confirmed that the "gingerol" in Sheng Jiang has a very strong antioxidant effect, which can quickly eliminate free radicals and inhibit the generation of lipid peroxides in the body, thus preventing the accumulation of fat.

Chinese Herbal Formula for Weight Loss

Chinese Herbal Formula for Weight Loss

Chinese medicine weight loss method 1: soak feet with Chinese medicine to lose weight

Many slender and beautiful women gain weight after menopause. So how to lose weight in this situation?

Recommended herbs: wax gourd skin + poria cocos + papaya

Production method: Put the wax gourd skin + Poria + Papaya into the pot and cook until the ingredients are soft. Add a small amount of cold water to the potion. When the water temperature is 40 degrees, you can soak your feet directly and soak for 15 minutes.

Efficacy: The papaya enzyme in papaya can promote the body's metabolism, while the Poria can accelerate the body's blood circulation and fat metabolism. 

As long as you insist on soaking your feet every day, you can get significant results in about half a month. Easily lose 5-8 pounds of cellulite.

Chinese medicine weight loss formula

Chinese medicine weight loss formula 2:

Cassia seed 30 grams, Rhizoma alismatis 15 grams, Prunus Seed 15 grams, Hemp seed 10 grams, Hawthorn 10 grams.

Grind the powder, 20 grams per bag, 3 times a day, 1-2 bags each time, take half an hour before meals.

Chinese medicine weight loss formula 3:

2 grams of ginger peel, 3 grams of chen pi, 3 grams of mulberry, 4 grams of Poria.

Add 500ml of water to the pot and bring it to a boil. If you take it for five days, you can lose 9 pounds.

Chinese medicine weight loss formula 3


Chinese herbal tablets for weight loss

It should be clear that the main function of bao he wan is to use for indigestion and relieve stomach pain.

So its weight loss effect is very weak.

Dong Quai weight loss?

First of all, Dong Quai is one of the most commonly used Chinese herbs.

But its main function is to treat irregular menstruation, dizziness, lower blood pressure, and enhance immunity.

So eating more Dong Quai will not lose weight, and of course you will not get fat.

Chinese herbs for weight loss are generally suitable for obese people, but some herbs are not suitable for some special people.

Such as pregnant women, people with allergies, etc. When using Chinese herbs, you should pay attention to whether the medicinal properties are in line with yourself.


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