23 Best Chinese Live Streaming Platforms and Apps You Should Know

September 14


Many people like to watch game videos, news, sports events, and shopping through live streaming platforms.

There are 526 million users in China's live streaming industry, and many young people are addicted to it.

Let’s look at the top Chinese live streaming platforms:

1. Huya

Chinese live streaming platforms huya

Huya is one of China's leading game live streaming platforms, covering more than 3,300 games, and has gradually covered diversified barrage-style interactive live content such as entertainment, variety shows, education, outdoor, and sports.

huya game live beautify girl League of Legends

It has a wealth of exclusive resources in games, gathering the most popular game live streaming, such as League of Legends, Honor of Kings, Battle of Balls, Overwatch, Hearthstone, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, PUBG Mobile, etc.

huya game live

Featured content:

1: Game Live Streaming

In terms of gaming e-sports, Huya Live brings together many world champion teams and anchors.

The League of Legends section has signed the world champion team FPX, as well as well-known teams such as RNG and TeamLiquid.

the world champion team FPX

The anchors include: All-star Solo champion Uzi, former professional players mlxg, Zz1tai, letme, and the e-sports goddess Miss, etc.

huya anchor

Huya anchor

The Honor of Kings section has signed the KPL five-time champion QGhappy, and 9 professional teams including Hero, WE, RNGM, and has heavyweight anchors such as Zhang Daxian and Gu Ying;



PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has signed 4AM, IFTY, RNG and other teams, with well-known anchors such as Wei Shen, LongSkr and Thomas;

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game

In the PUBG MOBILE section, it has signed the championship team XQF and 4AM, and has star anchors such as Buqiren and Wan Yu.


In addition, Huya is currently the only live streaming platform in China that has the live streaming rights to the four major leagues of the League of Legends, including the exclusives of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), League of Legends European Championship (LEC), League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Live broadcast rights.


2: Outdoor Live Streaming

For example, funny live chats, travel adventures, beauties, cute pets and other interesting live content are emerging in endlessly.

huya anchors beauty

3: Star Live Streaming

Huya signed up with China's top stars Chen he and Lin Gengxin to let the stars live the game so that they can interact with fans.

In addition, the live Premiere of a large group of stars such as Lin Yuner, Tang Yan, Zhao Liying and Lin Zhiling was completed on Huya live.

huya live lin zhi ling

Finally, Huya also owns NimoTV, the Professional Game Live Streaming Platform popular in Southeast Asia and South America.

Professional Game Live Streaming Platform NimoTV

Download this Chinese live stream app Huya:

Chinese live streaming platforms douyu

Douyu is a Chinese video streaming platform that mainly provides users with live video streaming and game live streaming.

Including League of Legends lol live stream, cross-fire cf live stream, dota2 live stream, beauty live stream, etc.

League of Legends douyu live

Similar to Huya, Douyu also focuses on game live streaming, covering a variety of live content such as sports, variety shows, and entertainment.

beauty live stream douyu

On October 12, 2020, Huya and Douyu announced their merger, but on January 4, 2021, the State Administration for Market Regulation of China conducted an anti-monopoly review of the merger in accordance with the law.

On July 12, 2021, Douyu announced the termination of the merger agreement with Huya.

Chinese live streaming platforms douyin live

Douyin is the Chinese version of TikTok, which is essentially a short music video platform focusing on young people.

Since Douyin launched its live broadcast function in 2019, relying on the huge user traffic of Douyin, the development of Douyin Live has been very rapid.

Douyin live

At present, Douyin Live has covered all kinds of live content such as games, entertainment, e-commerce, knowledge, food, sports and fashion, and its future development potential is still huge.

Chinese live streaming platforms kuaishou live

Kuaishou is China's second largest short video platform. The average daily active users and average monthly active users of Kuaishou platform are 264.6 million and 481.1 million respectively.

Based on the huge traffic, Kuaishou has also built a Chinese live broadcast empire with e-commerce delivery and games as the core and entertainment as the auxiliary.

kuaishou live

The proportion of the elderly in Kuaishou users will be larger than other platforms, so the live content of Kuaishou will be More down-to-earth.

Chinese live streaming platforms qq egame

QQ EGame is one of the best Chinese live streaming platforms focusing on game live and e-sports events.

Including League of Legends, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Honor of Kings, Game for Peace, Crossfire, Dungeon Fighter Online, CF mobile games, Teamfight Tactics, Ace Force and other popular game live broadcasts and stand-alone games.


LPL Live

The QQ EGame platform covers professional e-sports events such as QGC, KPL, CF mobile game Super League, and LPL.

Chinese live streaming platforms bilibili live

Bilibili Live, where you can see the youngest lifestyle, one of the best Chinese live streaming platforms.

Bilibili Live is China's first interactive platform that focuses on ACG live broadcasting. It has interesting content, rich activities, and diverse gameplay, and it continues to extend to the fields of e-sports, life, and entertainment.

bilibili live

"E-sports + games" is an important category of Bilibili Live. At present, Bilibili Live has covered all major e-sports events including the "League of Legends" LPL professional league, "DOTA2" TI International Invitational, and "Honor of Kings" KPL professional league.

bilibili live Honor of Kings

In terms of live entertainment, Bilibili Live focuses on music, dance, painting, food, cute pets, and celebrity interviews.

In addition, Bilibili Live is also exploring emerging live broadcast categories such as learning live and virtual anchors.

Chinese live streaming platforms taobao live ma yun

Taobao Live is China's live streaming platform launched by Alibaba. It is positioned as a "consumer live streaming". Users can watch and buy, covering thousands of products.

It is China's No. 1 e-commerce live streaming shopping platform.

Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi taobao live

Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi Taobao Live

Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi can be said to be the celebrities of Taobao Live.

During the recent 618 period (June 1-18), Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi's live streaming sales were 3 billion yuan and 2.242 billion yuan, respectively, occupying the top 1 and 2 thrones of all platforms.

You can buy the cheap, high-quality goods you need on these Chinese shopping sites.

Chinese live streaming platforms cc live

CC Live is a Chinese live streaming platform under NetEase that focuses on games and entertainment live.


The games include Fantasy Westward Journey, Identity V, Justice Online, Naraka: Bladepoint, Onmyoji, Westward Journey, LifeAfter, Knives Out, Extraordinary Ones, Rules of Survival, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Minecraft, 

Justice Online game

Tom and Jerry, Crusaders of Light, Demon The official live broadcast of many games such as Seals, Xuan-Yuan Sword, Meteor Butterfly And a Blade, Immortal Conquest, Phantoms in the City of Tang.

Justice Online

Entertainment live include star show, voice dating, etc.

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Chinese live streaming platforms longzhu live

Longzhu Live is a comprehensive game live streaming platform in China.

It has a full range of football matches live, rich game live, sports, food video live interaction, providing World Cup, European Cup, America's Cup, Chinese Super League, etc.

10. Inke

Chinese live streaming platforms inke

China's well-known mobile live streaming platform adopted the live broadcast + celebrity model earlier.

Inke, born in 2015, in addition to in-depth development in the direction of shows, games, variety shows, and e-commerce, it is also the first to deploy in the fields of short video and audio.

Focus on creating a new social ecology of audio and video entertainment, leading the new development of China's interactive entertainment industry.

Chinese live streaming platforms huajiao

Huajiao Live is one of Chinese live streaming platforms with strong social attributes, covering culture, entertainment, sports, tourism, music, fitness, variety shows, sitcoms and other fields.

Whether it is a talk show, a singing band performance, or a celebrity anchor, you can see it in Huajiao.

huajiao live beauty

As a Chinese social platform with strong celebrity attributes, Huajiao has many popular stars in the live, including Liu Yan, Wang Zulan, Li Weijia, Yin Xiaotian, Hua Chenyu, Hu Jun, Shen Mengchen, Zheng Jun, Wen Zhaolun, Jin Qiaoqiao, Yan Danchen, Thai popular star Li Haina, Benshan The media family, Yu Zheng, etc.

Chinese live streaming platforms yizhibo

YiZhiBo is a Chinese social live media platform that gathers super-popular celebrities, beauties, handsome guys, popular internet celebrities, school babe and school hunk.


There are massive contents such as star live broadcast, lace news, talent show, life anecdotes, chat interaction, singing and dancing.

13. YY

Chinese live streaming platforms yY

YY Live is one of the best Chinese live streaming platforms, including music, technology, outdoor, sports, and game content. It has signed more than 1.5 million star-rated anchors.

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Chinese live streaming platforms Imba TV

Founded in 2014, Imba TV is a Chinese live streaming platform that focuses on the live streaming of gaming events and takes into account the creation of original variety shows.

Committed to becoming a global creator of high-quality e-sports content.

Chinese live streaming platforms now live

NOW Live is one of the most popular Chinese live video streaming platforms launched by Tencent, bringing together all kinds of food, music, travel, fashion, and fitness professionals to interact and live broadcast.

After logging in through WeChat or QQ accounts, you can start live interaction, show who you are at this moment, and share your and my life.

16. KKTV5

Chinese live streaming platforms kktv5

KK Live is one of the comprehensive Chinese live streaming platforms.

KK has gathered high-value talents and Internet celebrity anchors, covering all of China, South Asia, North America, Africa and other places, providing users with diversified content such as performing arts, games, sports, technology, and food.

Chinese live streaming platforms kugou live

Kugou Live is a music-based live streaming platform in China that provides live video of singers/anchors.

18. CCTV Live

Chinese live streaming platforms CCTV live

CCTV Live is the most comprehensive live streaming platform in China, including big news, sports, finance, variety shows, movies, Olympics and other live content.

19. QQ Live

Chinese live streaming platforms qq live

QQ Live is one of the best Chinese live streaming platforms focusing on sports.

You can watch HD NBA Live, NFL Football Live, Football Live, Billiards Live, CBA, UEFA Champions League, Serie A and La Liga for free.

qq live

At the same time, there is also the national bodybuilding champion live fitness to teach you to lose weight and build a good figure, and there are more high-value beauty anchors to explain sports events.

Chinese live streaming platforms laifeng

Laifeng is China's super hot video live streaming platform, providing rich and exciting video reality life shows.

Support tens of thousands of simultaneous online video live, chat, make friends, beautiful and handsome live for you to watch.

Chinese live streaming platforms six rooms

Six rooms is a live-action interactive Chinese live video platform. You can sing and dance online, make friends through live video, and chat online with tens of thousands of beautiful anchors for free.

Chinese live streaming platforms ixigua live

IXigua Live is the most popular live streaming platform in China, providing live broadcasts of many popular games, as well as live music, food, travel, etc.

Chinese live streaming platforms baidu live

Baidu Live is a comprehensive live streaming platform in China. You can watch the hottest news and current affairs, emotional consultation, health, finance, sports, travel, automobile, law and other live content.


Whether you like games, sports or shopping, these Chinese live streaming platforms can meet your requirements.

If you have other live streaming platform recommendations or any other ideas:

Please leave your comment.


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