Top 17 Chinese Music Sites & Apps to Listen and Download Songs

September 2


Music has long become an indispensable part of people's lives, and in China, there are over 607 million music users.

Therefore, many Chinese music sites and apps have appeared to listen to and download Chinese music.

Specifically, where can you find Chinese songs?

Chinese music sites qq music

QQ Music is a free Chinese music site of Tencent. Its unique music search and recommendation function allows you to enjoy the most popular music from China, the United States, Korea, and Japan.

In addition, QQ Music Player supports both online music and local music playback.

Eason Chan qq music

Eason Chan

Some famous Chinese singers, such as Jay Chou, Xue Zhiqian, Lin Junjie, Eason Chan, Deng Ziqi, Xu Song, Mao Buyi, etc. You can find their latest songs and albums here, and you can also check the music videos.

Of course, there are many Chinese love songs, hip-hop and some Chinese songs for children (learning simple Chinese) are also worth discovering and listening.

2pm make it qq music MV

2pm make it MV

The main features of this music site:

A tens of millions of original music library.

Main functions: song recommendation, ranking, singer, radio station, MV, search.

qq music category

qq music category

Not only can you listen to tens of millions of songs on QQ Music, you can also download your favorite songs at will. You can download lyrics and album pictures.

Chinese music sites NetEase Music

Netease Music started from the "music community" and attracted many young users through personalized recommendations, playlists, music reviews.

It is a popular Chinese music streaming site.

Joker Xue NetEase Music

Joker Xue NetEase Music

Although at present, NetEase Music cannot match Tencent Music in the number of music libraries, NetEase Music is unique in its niche style and original song library.

It has its own original music library, and it has become a paradise for niche music lovers. 

A-Mei mV

A-Mei MV

Of course, you can also easily download your favorite Chinese songs.

Chinese music sites kugou

Kugou is China's leading music search and download platform.

Kugou has established a good cooperative relationship with many well-known brand companies and institutions, such as Yahoo, Sina, eBay, BENQ and The Rolling Stone, and provides a huge online music library.

kugou fangkong

In addition, you can also listen to Chinese audio novels and Chinese comic dialogues in Kugou.

kugou audiobook

kugou audiobook

Chinese music sites spotify

Spotify is a genuine streaming music service platform, which was officially launched in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2008. It provides free and paid services.

The best part?

JJ Lin Spotify

JJ Lin Spotify

There are also a large number of Chinese songs on Spotify, which you can enjoy at will. In addition, because some music apps in China will be blocked, using Spotify can also solve this problem perfectly.


Spotify has been supported by several major global record companies such as Warner Music, Sony, and EMI. The music it provides is genuine.

In addition to providing online listening, Spotify can also download music locally for offline listening.

5. Apple Music

Chinese music sites Apple music

On Apple Music, you can also listen to many popular Chinese songs.

Compared with Spotify, almost all songs in Apple Music have lyrics, and the lyrics will be highlighted synchronously with the song. You can also click to select the paragraphs you want to listen to according to the lyrics, which is very convenient.


In addition, compared with QQ Music and NetEase Music, the interface is cleaner, and there are not many social attributes, such as comments. Gives a very pure musical experience.

Finally, Apple Music has a lot of genuine music, very good sound quality, high-definition album pictures and MVs.

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Chinese music sites baidu music

Baidu Music, also called Qianqian Music, is one of the best Chinese music sites.

It has genuine high-quality music, authoritative music charts, new song express, theme radio stations that meet user needs, and user-friendly song search.

listen music


Intelligent sound effect: The unique intelligent sound effect matching of Baidu Music app can automatically recognize the style of the track being played and adapt the corresponding sound effect.

When you hear some good music in a cafe, but don't know the name of the song, then the Baidu Music app can help you identify the song.

The ultimate radio experience.

7. KuWo

Chinese music sites kuwo

Kuwo Music is an online music platform in China. Since its establishment in 2005, it has accumulated a copyrighted music library and a lossless music library that leads the industry.

Kuwo Music has a library of nearly 20 million songs and has signed exclusive agency copyrights with more than 100 record companies.

listen music headphone

In addition, Kuwo Music digs into popular content such as variety shows, movies, and dramas. Through the anchor radio, you can not only listen to the original sound of the movies, but also Chinese cross talk.

But it should be noted that this music site needs to use Chinese ip to play music normally.

Chinese music sites 1ting

1Ting is a free Chinese online music website that integrates genuine music, original songs, and Internet radio stations.

On this music streaming site, you can listen to some classic Chinese songs, such as Zhou Huajian’s "Friends", which is almost a must-sung song in Chinese KTV.

Chinese love song

There are also popular Chinese love songs: Teresa Teng's "The Moon Represents My Heart" and so on.

If you like Chinese movies and TV series, then I recommend these Chinese video sites for you.

9. 9Ku

Chinese music sites 9ku

9Ku contains the latest Chinese songs and pop music on the Internet, classic old songs, audition songs, funny songs, children's songs, etc.

One of the best free Chinese music sites.

10. Yue365

Chinese music sites yue365

Yue365 provides nice songs for people who like pop music. Whether it's a new song or a classic old song.

Does not provide download song function.

11. 9Sky

Chinese music sites 9sky

9Sky was established in 1999 and is an authoritative legitimate music website in China.

The website has established partnerships with world-renowned record companies such as Universal, EMI, SONY&BMG, Warner/Wea, Rock Records, etc.

Chinese music sites migu music

Migu Music was established in Chengdu in December 2014. It is the official music site of China Mobile.

It aims to provide music launches, high-quality music auditions, ring back tones, song downloads, music stations, and music videos.

dog listen music

At present, it has become one of the largest legal Chinese music sites, with more than 1,600 cooperative copyright parties.

The total scale of Migu music copyright and the copyrights of vertical fields such as film and television drama and music video are industry-leading.

Chinese music sites moo music

Moo Music is a Chinese trend music app launched by Tencent in November 2018. It is aimed at young people who like niche music and are willing to explore new music.

The interface and operation of MOO Music are similar to the short video app: 

moo music

Slide up and down to switch music, slide left and right at the bottom to adjust the progress, click the screen to pause playback, and double-tap the screen to mark as favorite.

14. QMD

Chinese music sites qmd

QMD is an all-round QQ music downloading and playing APP.

It supports online playback and download of free and paid music. The point is that it supports the download of lossless music.

In addition, it also supports search and download of covers, lyrics, etc. It is the best free download tool for Chinese music.

15. Listen1

Chinese music sites listen1

Listen1 can be said to be a powerful Chinese music player.

You can use this app to listen to Chinese music from the entire network for free.

And supports all platforms: including Window, Mac, Linux, Android and Chrome Extensions.

Chinese music sites douban music

You can find a lot of Chinese music that you have not listened to in Douban Music, and you can also use Douban FM to play and discover music.

Most of the copyrights owned by Douban Music come from independent musicians, including songs uploaded on the Douban Musician platform, some Chinese and foreign, small independent record companies, and so on.

17. WeSing

Chinese music sites wesing

Not only can you listen to and download Chinese music, you can also sing Chinese songs. WeSing is a Chinese music app that allows you to practice singing.

The app can simulate various sound effects such as KTV, concerts, theaters, and open air squares, making your singing moments rich and gorgeous.


In addition, you can turn your voice into a male or female voice at will through tuning, which will definitely have unexpected shocking effects.

With these Chinese music sites and apps listed above, you can listen to your favorite Chinese songs.

If you have other music site recommendations or any other ideas:

Please comment below.


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