5 Best Chinese Novel Translation Sites to Read Your Favorite Novels

April 9


The quality of Chinese novel translation sites is not uniform. Many Chinese novels have lost their original "flavor" after being translated into English.

However, at the following translation sites, you can safely read your favorite Chinese web novels, light novels, modern Chinese novels, etc.

Chinese novel translation sites wuxia world

This is the first website to translate Chinese novels.  And the quality of Chinese novels translated into English is very good.

There are many classic Chinese web novels, such as: Battle Through the Heavens, Douluo Dalu, you can find them here.

qidian china english website

It is the QiDian Chinese English website, and most of the Chinese novels translated are from QiDian.

For many completed Chinese novels, whether it is Xuanhuan novels that boys like, or Chinese romantic novels that girls like, Webnovel has professional staff to translate them into English.

3. Volare Novels

chinese light novel translation sites

The creator of this website is a translator of Chinese xianxia and romantic novels.

In the process of working on this Chinese novel translation job, she will carefully consider every Chinese word translated.

Of course, the translation website now has many other professional translators to translate these best Chinese novels into English.

4. Babel Novel

mtl novel sites-babel-novel

Chinese novels produce many excellent works every day, sometimes relying on manual translation, which cannot keep up with your reading speed.

While Babel Novel mainly relies on artificial intelligence to translate Chinese novels, here you can find many novels that are not available on other Chinese novel translation sites.

5. Novel Updates

novel update site

Whether it is a translated Chinese novel or a Korean novel, as long as you know the name of the novel, you will see very detailed information about the translated novel here, just like a novel encyclopedia.

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