25 Best Chinese Snacks: Most Popular and Delicious

September 8


Chinese snacks are a manifestation of folk wisdom and an indispensable part of Chinese cuisine.

There are savory, sweet, healthy and other delicious snack foods to delight your taste buds.

Specifically, what Chinese snacks(Xiaochi) are worth trying?

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"Want Want Shelly Shenbei" is one of the very popular Chinese snacks.

The palm-sized rice cakes are crispy and salty, and the irregular sugar spots attached to the surface subtly increase the layering of the taste of the rice cakes.

Chinese Snacks Shelly Senbei Rice Crackers

After a bite, it is salty, sweet, and fragrant. These tastes are not inconsistent at all.

And when you go out, you can also put a small packet or two into the bag as a small snack when you are hungry in the afternoon.

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White Rabbit Creamy Candy is a very classic and popular Chinese candy, which carries many people's childhood memories.

It tastes rich and milky, full of chewy, pure and delicious, and maintains the fresh aroma and pure milky taste of milk!

Chinese Snacks White Rabbit Creamy Candy

Moreover, it is rich in nutrition, the elderly and children love to eat it, and it can also be used as a gift.

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Weilong is the most popular spicy snack in China, such as Konjac Shuang, a spicy snack that belongs to the vegetarian beef tripe category.

This snack selects konjac as the main raw material, and then is made with Chaotian pepper, fish maw, ginger, star anise and other materials.

Weilong Snack

Tear open the package, when the spicy flavor diffuses, the taste buds are already dancing.

The konjac is in the shape of strips, the size is moderate, and it looks more spicy. Take a bite, it is smooth and spicy, the taste is delicate, and it is chewy, making you feel a different experience of unusual spicy taste.

4. Mooncake

eat Mooncake

Mooncakes symbolize family reunion and are one of the most traditional snacks in China.

In the past, it was only during the Mid-Autumn Festival to "watch the moon and eat Mooncakes".

Now in daily life, some people love to eat Mooncakes, especially the Mooncakes that have just been baked, which are sweet and crispy.

Of course, the flavors of moon cakes can be said to be various and varied, salty, sweet, bitter, spicy, etc.

The most classic Mooncake is the five-nut Mooncake.

5. Tangyuan

Chinese Snacks Tangyuan

Tangyuan is also one of the representatives of traditional Chinese snacks. And it is the food that every family eats during the Lantern Festival, a traditional festival in China.

It is stuffed with black sesame seeds and pork suet. Add a little sugar and roll the outside with glutinous rice flour into a round shape. After being cooked, it tastes sweet, soft and waxy, with an endless aftertaste.

eating Tangyuan

Of course, the way the Tangyuan is made varies greatly in different parts of China.

At the same time, eating Tangyuan also means family happiness and reunion in the new year.

6. Douhua

Chinese Snack Douhua

"Douhua/Tofu Brains" is one of the authentic Chinese snacks, with sweet and savory flavors.

For example, if people in northern China like to eat salty food, they will add dried shiitake mushrooms, day lily, and black fungus to the tofu. The tofu is tender and delicious, melts in your mouth, and has a very delicate taste.

Fresh tofu brains, steaming hot, are perfect for breakfast.

Southern Chinese people like to eat it with sugar.

7. Bittern Flapjack

Chinese Snack Bittern Flapjack

Bittern Flapjack (Luzhu huoshao) is a traditional Chinese snack.

It is to cook the Baked Wheaten Cake(a traditional pancake snack) together with the stewed pig intestines and lungs.

Supplemented with fried tofu slices, blood tofu, marinade, garlic juice, soy tofu sauce, coriander and other accessories.

The pancakes are transparent but not sticky, and the meat is rotten and easy to chew, which is very popular among Beijingers.

8. Eight-Treasure Rice

Chinese Snacks Eight-Treasure Rice

"Eight Treasure Rice" is one of the delicious Chinese New Year snacks.

The snack is made of glutinous rice, red bean paste, jujube puree, preserved fruit, lotus seeds, rice kernels, longan, white sugar, lard suet and other raw materials.

Eight Treasure Rice not only looks exquisite, but also tastes very smooth and delicate. It is sticky in the mouth and very tasty.

There are also similar Chinese "eight treasures" snacks, such as Laba congee and so on.

9. Baozi

Chinese Snacks Baozi

"Baozi" is a very common Chinese snack food that comes in various flavors, salty and sweet, and in various shapes.

For each province in China, the way of eating Baozi is also different.

Shanghai Crab Roe Soup Dumpling

Shanghai Crab Roe Soup Dumpling

For example, Tianjin Goubuli Big Baozi, Shanghai HUGE Crab Roe Soup Dumpling, Tangbao, Shengjian Bao, etc. They are all people's favorite breakfast foods and daily delicacies.

10. Tanghulu

Chinese Snacks Tanghulu

"Tanghulu" is one of the healthy Chinese snacks, sour and sweet.

It uses hawthorn, begonia fruit, grapes, hemp yam, walnut kernels, Sweet bean paste and so on as raw materials. Dipped in rock sugar and skewered with bamboo skewers, it is sweet, crisp and cool.

Tanghulu has the functions of appetizing, nourishing, increasing intelligence, eliminating fatigue and so on.

11. Youtiao

Chinese Snack Youtiao

"Youtiao" is one of the most traditional savory Chinese snacks and is very common in the folk.

Especially during the Chinese New Year, every household will fry Youtiao.

Youtiao is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It tastes salty and mild. With soy milk, it is the most classic breakfast combination in China.

This Chinese food is not difficult to make and you can try it yourself at home.

12. Lanzhou Hand Pull Noodle

Lanzhou Hand Pull Noodle

Lanzhou Hand Pull Noodle started in the Qing Dynasty (1799), and this Chinese dish has a history of hundreds of years.

It's delicious soup, and noodles are glutinous. The side dishes are chopped green onion and beef, which is very refreshing to eat.

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Chinese Snacks Sachima

Sachima is a popular Chinese snack, but be warned, it's not a low-calorie Asian snack.

The specific method is to fry the noodles and mix them with sugar into small pieces.

Sachima has the characteristics of beige color, crisp and soft taste, sweet and delicious, and strong fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus and honey.

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14. Oyster Omelette

snack Oyster omelette

Oyster omelette is the most famous traditional snack in Taiwan, Fujian, Guangdong and other places in China. It originated in 1661 AD.

It is a dish made with fresh oysters, eggs, sweet potato powder, green vegetables, shallots and seafood juice as raw materials.

The taste is very fresh and tender, and the aftertaste is endless.

15. Dumpling

Chinese Snacks Dumpling

Dumplings are the Chinese people's favorite snack and one of the most traditional Chinese snacks. It has a history of more than 1,800 years.

Especially during Chinese New Year, it is a must for Chinese people.

The skin of dumplings is thin and thick, fragrant and tender. There is an old Chinese saying that "the best thing to eat is dumplings", which is enough to show that Chinese people love dumplings and their deliciousness.

16. Haw Flakes

Chinese Snack Haw Flakes

"Haw Flakes" is a top healthy Chinese snack.

It smells fruity, sweet at first and then sour in the mouth, soft and firm, delicate and non-sticky.

Its main functions include digestion, invigorating the stomach, dispersing blood stasis, and lowering lipids.

However, one thing to note is that pregnant women should eat this snack with caution.

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17. Stinky Tofu

best Chinese Snacks Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu is one of the traditional Chinese snacks, with the characteristics of "smelling stinky and delicious taste".

It tastes slightly crispy on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside.

Stinky tofu is rich in plant lactic acid bacteria, which has a good effect on regulating the intestines and strengthening the stomach.

best Chinese Snacks Spring Roll

"Spring Roll" is a traditional Chinese New Year snack that is often used to entertain guests in addition to eating at home.

It is characterized by crispy, soft, juicy and tender. The filling can be changed according to your own taste.

This Chinese snack recipe is quite varied, you can try to make Spring Roll by yourself according to different raw materials.

Chinese Snack Luosifen

Luosifen is one of the specialty snacks in Liuzhou, China, with a unique flavor of spicy, refreshing, fresh, sour and hot.

It's also delicious because of its unique soup stock. The soup is prepared from luosi, shanna, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, various types of chili peppers, and other natural spices and flavors.

However, if you are eating it for the first time, you need to pay attention to the strong flavor of this snack.

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snack Rice Noodle Roll

Rice Noodle Roll can be said to be one of the top 10 Chinese snacks, melts in your mouth and is elastic. Especially in Guangdong Province, it is very common.

The translucent Rice Pi is wrapped in fresh shrimp, beef, and vegetables. Supplemented with sweet and rich special soy sauce, it tastes delicious, soft and fragrant.

The moment it melts in the mouth is the highest meaning of Rice Noodle Roll.

21. Latiao Snack

Latiao Snack

Weilong Latiao has a number of different snack series, and Kiss Burn Soybean(QinZuiShao) is also a very popular Chinese snack.

It comes in a small package which is very portable.

Pick up a piece and put it in your mouth and chew it slowly. It is not only spicy and delicious, but also spicy first and then sweet.

The more you eat, the more fragrant it is, and the taste is refreshing and chewy, and it is addictive once you eat it.

22. Zongzi

Chinese snack Zongzi

Zongzi is a very traditional Chinese snack, Chinese people eat Zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival.

It was originally used as a tribute to the ancestors of the gods.

There are two types of Zongzi: salty Zongzi and sweet Zongzi.

It is mainly made of glutinous rice, wrapped in bamboo leaves or reed leaves, and cooked to allow the fragrance of the leaves to enter the rice.

You can also add sweet and savory fillings to taste delicious, and the triangular shape is even more eye-catching.

23. Hujiao Bing

Hujiao Bing

Hujiao Bing is an authentic Chinese snack.

Fresh and fragrant chopped green onion, finely chopped ham meat, adjusted to a salty and sweet taste, and then mixed with a certain amount of pepper and savory.

Add some "puff pastry" to the outer layer so that the cake surface is not too crispy and not too hard to bite.

The roasting method is to use charcoal to heat the stove and the iron plate to burn red. After taking out the charcoal fire, the cake is attached to the wall of the cylinder.

After more than ten minutes, the aroma is fragrant, and the Hujiao Bing is ready to come out.

Prawn Crackers

Prawn Crackers can be said to be a childhood memory of young Chinese people.

When you open the package, you will smell a strong shrimp smell. And the prawn slices are medium in size, with a fried burnt feeling around the edges.

The umami is strong and mild, the taste is extremely crisp, and it tastes like senbei.

Although it looks a little oily, there is a sense of surprise when it is freshly fried.

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25. Tea Egg

Tea Egg

"Tea egg" is a typical and very popular traditional Chinese snack, many people eat tea egg as a breakfast accompaniment.

It can refresh the mind, delay aging, and repair liver damage. But eating too much can cause indigestion.

The main ingredients of this healthy Chinese snack recipe are: eggs, star anise, cinnamon, peppercorns, fragrant leaves, black tea, five spice powder packets, salt, dark soy sauce, sugar.

The production process is also relatively simple, and you can try to make "Tea Egg" at home.

It is worth mentioning that the best Chinese snacks website and Chinese snacks wholesale is naturally Taobao website.

But because of things like shipping and other circumstances, the best place to buy Chinese snacks is Amazon. Or travel to China.

This Chinese Snacks list contains many authentic, traditional Chinese snacks, as well as some popular ones that can be purchased online.

What's your favorite snack?

Please feel free to leave your comments.

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