23 Best Chinese Variety Shows of All Time Worth Watching

January 9


In recent years, Chinese variety shows have become more popular and of higher quality.

Because of its fun and reality, in these variety shows, you will see a completely different side of the stars.

Specifically, what are the best Chinese variety shows?

1. Ace vs Ace: Season 6

Chinese variety shows Ace vs Ace

"Ace vs Ace/Trump Card/王牌对王牌" is a top Chinese variety show in the indoor interactive challenge category.

  • Hosts: Shen Tao and Song Yaxuan.
  • Fixed MC "Ace Family": Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Hua Chenyu, Guan Xiaotong.
  • 12 episodes.

Each episode of this Chinese reality show revolves around a theme.

The fixed MC "ace family" team and the offensive guest team will start PK. Through talent competition and game competition, the trump card of the trump card will be determined.

2. Happy Camp

Chinese variety shows Happy Camp

"Happy Camp/快乐大本营" is the most popular Chinese variety show, produced by Hunan TV, mainly through interviews and games with guests (from China, Korea, Japan, etc).

  • Hosts: He Jiong, Xie Na, Li Weijia, Wu Xin, Du Haitao.
  • First broadcast time: July 11, 1997
  • Broadcast time of each episode: every Saturday night at 20:20

The variety show is based on games, supplemented by singing and dancing and various forms. Each episode designs a personal theme for the artist.

3. Dating with the Parents

Chinese variety shows Dating with the Parents

"Chinese Dating with the Parents" is the best Chinese dating show hosted by Meng Fei.

The variety show allows both parents to sit on the first scene at the same time. This design provides a more open and transparent "point of view collision space" for blind date families.

"Privileges" will also be opened for parents. Parents can secretly choose "heartbeat families" after seeing 6 groups of families before their children make a choice.

4. Keep Running

Chinese variety shows Keep Running

"Keep Running/奔跑吧兄弟" is an outdoor competition Chinese reality show of celebrities launched by Zhejiang TV by introducing the South Korean SBS variety show "Running Man".

It is a very popular and funny Chinese variety show.

  • Hosts: Deng Chao, Angelababy, Li Chen, Chen He, Zheng Kai, Wang Zulan, Lu Han

"Keep Running" incorporates more Chinese cultural elements and social hotspots, which not only brings happiness to the audience, but also greatly shows the folk customs of various places in China.

5. Sing or Spin

Chinese variety show Sing or Spin

"Sing or Spin" is an interactive show of Chinese music variety show launched by Hunan TV.

  • Hosts: Xie Na, Da Zhang Wei, Pan Weibo

The variety show is mainly to convene musicians in various fields to sing classic songs with contemporary significance.

6. Top Funny Comedian

Chinese variety show Top Funny Comedian

"Top Funny Comedian" is a comedy competition Chinese reality show hosted by Guo Degang.

It aims to recruit folk comedy talents from all walks of life, and use the humorous power of language to convey happy laughter in the world.

Launched in the form of a variety show, the most talented comedy talents are produced through show styles such as cross talk, sketches, folk art, humorous performances, juggling, and bian lian.

7. If You Are the One

Chinese variety show If You Are the One

"If You Are the One" is a classic Chinese dating show hosted by Meng Fei.

After the male guests came on stage, they learned about each other through some questions and answers.

During this period, the female guests turned on the light to express their willingness to continue, turn off the light to express rejection, and "blow the light" to express love to the end.

8. Back to Field

Chinese variety show Back to Field

"Back to Field" is a popular Chinese reality show. The main background is that the stars go to live in some villages in China from the city.

  • Hosts: He Jiong, Huang Lei, Liu Xianhua, Peng Yuchang, Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Yixing

Hosts need to be self-sufficient with three meals a day, and guests will come in every episode of the show. The host must find a way to entertain them and meet their eating requirements.

9. Go Fighting!

Chinese variety show Go Fighting

"Go Fighting!" is a funny Chinese reality show, and there are many plots in it without a script, and the members play at will.

  • Members: Huang Bo, Sun Honglei, Huang Lei, Luo Zhixiang, Wang Xun, Zhang Yixing

The stars engage in open outdoor challenge sports in each episode, such as express delivery, high-altitude glass cleaning and so on.

10. Go Fridge

Chinese variety show Go Fridge

"Go Fridge" is a Chinese star food talk show, hosted by He Jiong and Jackson Wang, a member of the Korean Got7 group.

In each episode, 2 celebrities come to the show with their own refrigerator, and they can chat with 6 chefs with different personalities about food life, gossip and interesting stories by revealing the refrigerator.

In each episode, 2 chefs use ingredients from the celebrity refrigerator for a 15-minute creative culinary showdown.

11. Twenty Four Hours: Season 3

Chinese variety show Twenty Four Hours

"Twenty Four Hours" is an outdoor Chinese reality show with 12 episodes.

  • Season 3 regular guests: Lin Zhiying, Shawn Yue, Bai Jingting, Lin Yun, Wei Daxun, Hu Yitian, Xiong Ziqi.

The third season will continue the legendary journey of Zheng He's voyages to the West, reproduce the majesty of the "Maritime Silk Road", and promote traditional Chinese culture in a competition of entertaining.

12. CHUANG 2021

Chinese variety show CHUANG 2021

"CHUANG 2021" is an international youth cultural exchange men's group growth variety show produced by Tencent Video.

The Chinese variety show gathered 90 students from China, Japan, Russia, Thailand and other countries, different companies and colleges.

After rounds of cooperation and competition, 11 positive energy teenagers were finally selected to form the "International Boys Group".

And officially debuted.

13. Chinese Restaurant

Chinese variety show Chinese Restaurant

"Chinese Restaurant" is a Chinese star food variety show, leading everyone to understand Chinese food culture and traditional Chinese culture.

  • Hosts: Huang Xiaoming, Ning Jing, Gong Jun, Zhou Ye, Ding Zhen Zhen Zhu, Annabel Yao, JC-T

Season 5 is a journey of exploring Chinese cuisine along the three cities of Changsha, Guilin and Haikou in 21 days.

14. I Can I BB

Chinese variety show I Can I BB

"Wonderful Flower Talk" is China's first "Speakers" talent show, aiming to find the "most talkative person" with unique viewpoints and outstanding eloquence in the Chinese-speaking world.

The main purpose of this Chinese show is to promote ideas that have not yet become mainstream in society to people in need.

15. Hello Life

Chinese variety show Hello Life

"Hello Life/你好生活" is the top Chinese life-sharing variety show with a healing effect.

If you want to know the real China and learn the most authentic Chinese, then you must watch this Chinese variety show.

In the season 3 of "Hello Life", Nigermaidi Zechman and Sa Bening led social elites, celebrities and CCTV hosts from different fields to three destinations: Guizhou, Hainan, and Beijing.

In the most ordinary life, feel the most profound things.

16. The Readers

The Readers Dong Qing

"The Reader/朗读者" is also a top Chinese large-scale cultural and emotional talk show, with Dong Qing as the host and producer.

This program uses a combination of personal growth, emotional experience, background story and handed down masterpieces, selects exquisite text, and uses the most plain emotion to read the value behind the text.

17. Who's the Murderer

Chinese variety show Who's the Murderer

"Who's the Murderer" is a Chinese variety show of star plot reasoning, which is interesting, suspenseful and exciting.

  • Hosts: He Jiong, Sa Beining, Wang Ou, Wu Yingjie, Bai Jingting

The stars participating in the recording of each episode need to look for evidence at the "case scene" and reason about the real murderer.

18. Street Dance of China

Street Dance of China

"Street Dance of China" is a Chinese reality show in hip-hop selection category.

The program adopts individual selection and team combat performance methods.

Under the leadership of four captains, four teams are formed to perform group dance battles between teams, and finally a championship is produced.

19. Day Day Up

Day Day Up

"Day Day Up" is a Chinese entertainment talk show launched by Hunan TV, hosted by Wang Han and Da Zhangwei.

The positioning of the program is to allow the people to enjoy the essence of traditional Chinese virtues and to carry forward them while entertaining and laughing.

20. Call Me By Fire

Call Me By Fire

"Call Me By Fire" is a Chinese music competition variety show launched by Mango TV.

  • Hosts: Liu Tao, Yang Yuying, Zhang Hanyun, Shen Mengchen, Qi Sijun

The program convened more than 30 brothers with "men's group dreams" and invited 5 brothers with experience in group formation to join and support.

The three-month dream counter-attack will be launched, and the victorious group will make their debut in the end.

21. Sing! China

Sing! China

"Sing! China" is a professional music review program launched by Zhejiang TV.

  • Main guests: Liu Huan, Jay Chou, Yu Chengqing, Na Ying, Zhang Huimei, Wang Feng, Yang Kun, Qi Qin, Wang Leehom

The program is mainly for more music lovers to realize their music dreams.

22. Viva La Romance

Viva La Romance

"Viva La Romance" is a Chinese variety show for couples' emotional healing produced by Mango TV.

The variety show allowed the wives to embark on a romantic journey, while the husbands stayed in the studio to observe the wives on the journey remotely and understand the other side of their lives.

23. The Irresistible

The Irresistible

"The Irresistible" is a Chinese star game variety show of different ages, full of vitality!

  • Old Team: Hu Jun (captain), Cai Guoqing, Li Weijia, Wu Qilong, Wang Yaoqing
  • Young team: Yang Yang (captain), Chen Xuedong, Huang Minghao, Wang Hedi, Wang Yanlin

The program is mainly for the two teams to compete in the game, highlighting the personality contrast and the collision of ideas of different age groups.

Where to Watch Chinese Variety Shows?

  1. Tencent Video
  2. Youku
  3. IQIYI
  4. Bilibili

You can watch Chinese variety shows online or download apps on these four websites.

Of course, if you want to watch Chinese variety shows with English subtitles, you only need to go to the YouTube channels of these video sites mentioned above.

What are your favorite Chinese variety shows and celebrities?

I hope you will like the variety shows recommended above.

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