21 Best Chinese Video Sites to Watch Everything You are Interested in

October 21


In China, although YouTube is blocked, there are still a large number of Chinese video sites where you can watch Chinese TV series, movies, variety shows, animation, sports, etc.

These video sites are basically in Chinese,  and of course some videos have English subtitles.

Specifically, what are the best Chinese video sites?

Chinese video sites Tecent video

it is a comprehensive Chinese video site that aggregates popular TV series, movies, variety show, animation, sports events, etc.

Above all, Tencent Video has an English website(WeTV). Therefore, you can watch Chinese videos with English subtitles at any time.

Chinese video sites bilibili

Bilibili is a well-known barrage video sharing website in China.

Not only can you watch animation, manga, games, and popular Chinese videos here, you can also upload your own videos, just like Youtube.

Chinese video sites iyiqi

IQiyi is a Chinese online video website.

The video content is rich, such as popular movies, TV series, animation, variety shows, etc. 

And it also has websites in different languages, so you can watch Chinese videos with English subtitles as much as you want.

Chinese video sites youku

It is a Chinese video sharing site of Alibaba Group, the Chinese version of YouTube.

Chinese video sites mgtv

It also has popular Chinese TV series, movies, variety shows and music video content.

And Mango TV also has an English version of the website, which is a perfect solution for people who do not understand Chinese.

Chinese video sites douyin

You should know TikTok, in China, people use Douyin.

In short, on this Chinese short video website, you can learn about popular celebrity content and events! 

Chinese video sites kuaishou

In Kuaishou, users can record their lives with photos and short videos, and can also interact with fans in real time through live broadcasts.

Chinese video sites xigua video

Xigua Video is a Chinese video sharing site owned by ByteDance.

In short, it can help everyone find their favorite videos through AI.

9. cctv

Chinese video sites cctv

CCTV is a key news website sponsored by China Central Radio and Television.

That is to say it has a large number of authoritative Chinese news and videos.

Chinese video sites sohu tv

Sohu TV is China's leading video website.

It provides these videos: such as high-definition movies, TV series, variety shows, documentaries to watch online.

11. Weibo Video

Chinese video sites weibo

Sina Weibo is a well-known social media platform in China, similar to Twitter.

12. Douban

Chinese video sites douban

The website provides recommendations, reviews and price comparisons of books, movies, TV series, and music records.

If you want to know which movies and TV series in China have the highest ratings, then this is the right place.

13. 1905

Chinese video sites 1905

1905 film is the official website of the China Film Channel Program Center.

In short, it mainly to promote outstanding Chinese films. 

Chinese video sites baidu video

Baidu Video has a large number of Chinese video resources, providing users with a satisfactory viewing experience.

15. Baomihua


Baomihua is a Chinese video sharing website.

It mainly includes channels such as news, videos, movies and beauty shows.

16. Migu Video

Migu Video

Migu Video provides high-quality movies, variety shows, live broadcasts and other content.

17. Huoshan

huo shan video

The contents are mainly life skills, funny videos and cute pets.

Like Douyin, it is also a popular short video sharing platform in China.

18. Miaopai

miao pai video

Miaopai is a Chinese short video sharing platform played by many celebrities and beauties.

Not only can you watch videos, you can also shoot, edit and share videos.

19. PPTV


PPTV is one of the best Chinese video sites.

Because the video content is rich and diverse, including popular Chinese TV series, movies, animation, etc.

20. Le Tv


LeTV provides users with genuine high-definition movies, TV series and variety shows.

21. Pear Video

Chinese video site pear video

Pear Video is China's leading short video site.

Because the videos in it are created by a professional team with a deep media background.

Whether you like Chinese TV series, movies or Chinese animation, these Chinese video sites above can meet your requirements.

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