Feng Shui Coins: Meaning and Placement (Bring You Luck and Wealth)

September 3


Feng shui is a profound art with a long history in China. It is a philosophy of studying the environment and the laws of the universe. Feng shui coins have a special effect on Feng shui.

Whether you want to strengthen wealth, ward off evil spirits or pray for blessings, Chinese feng shui coins can come in handy.

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Feng Shui Coins Meaning and Efficacy

Feng Shui Coins Meaning

Six Emperor Coins

Generally, the ancient coins commonly used in Chinese Fengshui are the Five Emperor Coins and the Six Emperor Coins.

The Five Emperors Money refer to the copper coins minted during the period of the five emperors in the Qing Dynasty. They are Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, and Jiaqing.

The Six Emperor Money refers to the addition of a Daoguang Money after the Five Emperor Money.

Five Emperor Money

Let us focus on the Five Emperors Money. 

From Shunzhi to Jiaqing, the period under the rule of five successive emperors was about 180 years, during which the famous "High Qing era" appeared in history. 

And when we put together the Five Emperor Money to decorate the home or carry it with us, we hope that the 180 years of prosperity can be brought to our homes or blessed with us.

Five Emperors Money

Five Emperor Coins

Feng Shui Coins Meaning

Specifically, the significance and benefits of Feng shui coins are:

First of all, in Feng Shui, it has the functions of deterring evil, avoiding evil, prospering wealth, and praying for blessings.

Secondly, the Five Emperor Money is also a kind of magic weapon. The Five Emperor Money came from the most prosperous emperor period of the Qing Dynasty. With the name of the emperor, it is naturally blessed by the emperor's aura. Therefore, Feng Shui coins have the power of the emperor.

ancient Chinese coins

Heaven Is Round. Earth Is Square

Furthermore, ancient Chinese coins have always had strong cultural attributes. Since the first Emperor Qin Shi Huang unified the currency system, Chinese coins have formed the customization of "outer circle and inner square" and "harmony of man and nature".

The circle represents the sky, and the square hole represents the earth. This contains the ancient Chinese "Heaven Is Round. Earth Is Square" cosmology and philosophical thinking, and it is also a concrete manifestation of Yin and Yang Bagua.

In addition, Feng Shui coins are made of copper. The ability to absorb aura and memory magnetic field is better than that of gold and silver.

wuxing feng shui


Finally, the five emperors match Wuxing(Five Phases). The five emperors of the Qing Dynasty also had their own Wuxing attributes. Shunzhi belonged to Water. Kangxi belonged to Wood. Yongzheng belonged to Earth. Qianlong belonged to Metal. Jiaqing belonged to Fire.

Therefore, the Five Emperor Money also has the Wuxing blessings of the five emperors.

Feng Shui Coins Placement

Feng Shui Coins Placement

Among the mascots of Feng Shui, the "Five Emperor Money" is indeed very useful. It is not only powerful enough, beautiful, but also economical.

Regardless of any aspects of Feng Shui, such as promoting wealth, promoting good luck, and avoiding evil, it has very good effects. Therefore, we recommend using "Five Emperor Money" decoration as much as possible at home.

Regarding the use of Feng Shui coins, there are several key points as follows. Let you use the power of Feng Shui correctly:

Feng shui coins bring wealth

At the Front Door

If the front door of the home directly faces the elevator, parking lot, road, and stairs, it will generate "Evil spirits". In addition to being harmful to health, it also makes it difficult to keep wealth, which often leads to economic losses.

At this point, you can put the "Five Emperor Money" in order at the door of your house. It has a strong role in attracting wealth, prospering wealth, and warding off evil spirits.

Under the Bed

In feng shui, one good thing can attract the God of Wealth and take care of your home. 

That is to put the Five Emperor Money in the bedroom, naturally it can also be under the bed.

In addition, the married life is more harmonious. The men in the family are getting richer.

For Wealth

You can also place or hang Feng Shui coins in the living room or in your own car. This can promote good luck, improve health, increase wealth, and ensure safety.

For business people, placing the Five Emperor Money in the safe or the cash box can reduce the evil spirit and increase wealth.

Five Emperor Money Living Room

In Office

If you are in the office, you can put Feng Shui coins in your usual drawer to resolve disadvantages and prevent being disturbed by villains. 

You can also carry it with you to improve your fortune and increase part of your wealth.

In the Wallet

You can put Feng Shui coins in your wallet, which has the function of attracting wealth, increasing luck, and ensuring safety.

Under the Doormat

Generally speaking, it is not appropriate to put it under the doormat. Because the Five Emperor Money brings the emperor's aura, and the Five Emperor Money under the doormat must be trampled on, that is, people are above the Five Emperor Money.

Together with Other Feng Shui Symbols

In addition to the function of feng shui coins for attracting money, another feng shui symbol is the feng shui frog.

Lucky frog is the golden toad in the feng shui mascot we call. Its main function is to attract fortune and promote prosperity. It is very popular among feng shui mascots.

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Feng Shui Frog Placement

Specifically, how to place Feng Shui frogs?

When placing a Feng Shui frog with money in its mouth, the head must be inward, not toward the door. Otherwise it will not be prosperous and bring good luck.

Try to place it in a location that is not easy for outsiders and children to touch, so as not to affect the aura, and don't place it under the beam.

Feng Shui frogs cannot be placed against the bathroom or placed next to the bathroom.

Feng Shui Items

Some Feng Shui items that can increase wealth and bring good luck include: Feng Shui bracelets, Feng Shui God of Wealth, Feng Shui bronze Pi Xiu, Feng Shui fish, elephant statues, etc.

How to Cleanse Feng Shui Coins

You can wipe it clean with a dry towel, put it in a mixture of salt and water, take it out after about 24 hours, rinse it with clean water, and wipe it dry.

Then put it in a mild sun environment, but avoid sun exposure. At the same time, remember that the washed water should not be poured into the toilet or the sewer to prevent the aura of Feng Shui coins from leaking.

In addition to Feng shui coins itself can bring you luck and wealth, people's thoughts are also a kind of blessing power. As long as one's own thoughts are very strong when using Feng Shui coins, the actual effect it exerts will be better.


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