13 Best Feng Shui Gifts: Items With Different Effects

February 6


Good Feng Shui gifts can bring people different effects.

Whether you are looking for good luck, health, wealth, success, love or other gifts, here are carefully selected for you:

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Best Feng Shui Gifts

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Crystal is the best item to adjust the Feng Shui magnetic field. It can turn the negative magnetic field into a positive magnetic field, which brings good luck.

The biggest function of the tortoise is to dispel evil spirits, and it is also a symbol of longevity.

However, it should be noted that the crystal turtle cannot be placed next to the computer to avoid mutual interference of magnetic fields.

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Five Emperor Money has a long history in China. They are coins made by 5 emperors. Not only can it be used to prevent disasters, but it is also conducive to the improvement of luck and wealth.

You can put Feng Shui coins in many places, such as: the front door, under the bed, wallet and so on.

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Pixiu is a ferocious auspicious beast, and it is especially protective of its owner. It has a strong effect of protecting the body, warding off evil spirits and attracting wealth.

Such Feng Shui items are very suitable for gifting to friends who do business.

Of course, when placing Pixiu, it should be noted that its head cannot face the gate. In addition, it cannot be placed together with the fish tank.

The Wu Lou is a container for doctors to hold medicine in the past.

It can accept blessings and increase auspiciousness, and remove disasters. And absorb the dirty air in the space, restore the original clean and clear.

Wu Lou has a soothing effect on people with poor health and diseases, making them feel better physically and mentally.

After the Tang Dynasty, people often used mandarin ducks to represent husband and wife. It is regarded as the mascot of a happy love and marriage.

Therefore, mandarin ducks are often placed next to or beside the bed in the master bedroom or wedding room.

There is a Chinese love poem that fully expresses people's love for mandarin ducks: "A pair of mandarin ducks is more enviable than an immortal". This is the best Feng Shui gift for couples, boyfriend, husband or love.

Plants play a role in Feng Shui to turn evil spirits into good fortune. Coupled with the role of crystals, it is very suitable as a warming gift for moving to a new home.

There are many shapes of the golden toad. If you want to make new business or wealth better, you need a three-legged one.

There is a folk saying "the one who wins the golden toad will be rich". Placing this object in your home or shop will surely bring you wealth and prosperity.

For ordinary people, they can take Wenchang Tower as their backing. It can promote the luck of the nobles, make career success, and pass the exam.

At the same time, it can also play the role of dispelling evil spirits and preventing villains.

Pixiu is inlaid in this bracelet so it can attract wealth. And bring good luck.

However, when wearing such a Feng Shui product, it should not be placed in a pocket or wet, so as not to affect its Feng Shui effect.

You can give Feng Shui gifts corresponding to the zodiac according to the birth date of different individuals.

For example: Rabbits are very clean and gentle animals. Therefore, it is considered to be a very auspicious spirit beast in Feng Shui. You can take advantage of its gentle spiritual power to resolve some hostility.

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A good Feng Shui book can help Feng Shui lovers learn more Feng Shui knowledge.

And this is a book prepared for beginners, easy to understand. Pretty good as a Feng Shui birthday gift.

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The sound of the bell is crisp and pleasant, and it also has many effects in Feng Shui.

If hung on a gate, its melodious voice can suppress evil spirits. It can also make people feel happy.

But you can't hang the bell in the bathroom or bedroom, it's easy to summon the soul.

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Bronze horse decoration is good for career and wealth, and has the meaning of Feng Shui to bless success.

In addition, the horse's head should be placed towards the gate or window. Do not place the horse's head facing the room, as this will be counterproductive.


Bad Feng Shui Gifts

You can't give some gifts casually, otherwise it will bring bad Feng Shui effect to each other.

For example: Can not give the clock. Because in Chinese, it means "death". However, there is no such taboo between family members.

Umbrellas are also not available. This represents "dissociation", which means the separation of friendship, love.

How Do You Attract Good Luck in Feng Shui?

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the hidden dangers that are not conducive to Feng Shui at home.

Some Feng Shui taboos: For example, if the bathroom is in the middle of the house, use Feng Shui items to resolve it in time.

Then, try to place as few thorny plants as possible. Try to choose those green plants with smooth surfaces.

Finally, the air conditioner should be placed in an auspicious position. This is conducive to the circulation of auspiciousness throughout the room.

Of course, being full of positive energy will naturally bring good luck. Remember not to always be frowning and lose your temper.

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