21 Best Indian Dating Sites & Apps: Meet Indian Singles

February 10


With more Indian dating sites and apps on the rise, online dating with Indian singles becomes easier.

Whether it's casual dating or serious dating, you can find a satisfactory partner here.

Specifically, where can you meet Indian singles?

1. Chatkaro

Indian Dating Sites Chatkaro

Simply put, chatting here is very open and direct! If you're looking for free online dating sites in India without registration and payment, Chatkaro is it.

Because you only need to set up a user name as a guest, and you can enter the chat room without specifying your gender.

A large number of native Indians are waiting for you here. Even when you first enter, someone will take the initiative to strike up a conversation with you.

Chatkaro Review


  • It's totally free.
  • It is very easy to find Indian dating here.
  • Can chat instantly.
  • Great for a casual date.
  • Also includes some other Asian chatrooms: like dating Filipinos, Chinese.
  • You can change gender at any time.


  • The chat interface is relatively simple.
  • There are more Indian men than women here.
  • You need to identify the real identity of the other party yourself.
  • There is no age limit, even teenagers.
Indian Dating Site Shaadi

An Indian dating site like Shaadi is more for those looking for a stable and serious relationship. For example, the ultimate goal is to marry an Indian girl.

Its registration is more interesting. Because you can not only fill in your own matrimony profile for free, but also fill in your son, daughter or friend's.

Plus, you can filter by various criteria. For example: city, occupation, Christianity, etc.

This dating site has a very wide range of services and is not limited to the Indian market. Therefore, no matter you are in the USA, Canada, UAE, or the UK, you can use it to find your lover.

Shaadi Review


  • Very trustworthy, many media called it one of the best dating sites in India.
  • Strictly review personal information.
  • New video calling feature.
  • For NRI matchmaking services. 
  • User friendly app interface.


  • If you want to start a chat, then one of you needs to be a Premium member.

3. Tinder India

Indian Dating websites Tinder

Tinder, a popular global dating app, naturally started its business in India as well.

By swiping left and right, you can make multiple matches per day. Whether you're chatting with South Indian or North Indian singles, you can do it by adjusting your location.

Plus, because of Tinder's inclusive nature, it's up to you to find true love or an open relationship.

There are also other dating sites in India similar to Tinder: Match India, EHarmony India and Badoo India etc.

Tinder India Review


  • Registration is free.
  • The dating app is smooth to use.
  • Indian gay and bisexuals can also be found here.
  • Dating singles worldwide is also convenient.


  • In different cities in India, the number and quality of your matches can vary widely.
Indian Dating website ClickDate

ClickDate has its market in many countries around the world. And it has a separate website for Indians.

Compared with other dating websites in India, the biggest feature is that it can chat for free without being a member.

Its matching system combines AI and psychology. By answering some questions, the system will help you match more efficiently. This saves a lot of time.

ClickDate India Review


  • Free chat.
  • This site offers some advice when dating singles in India.
  • There is an IOS dating app.
  • Looking for a long-term stable relationship.


  • Android system is not supported.
Indian Dating app IndianCupid

How to date Indian singles if you don't live in India?

The IndianCupid website gathers many non-resident Indians in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Similar to some mature dating sites in India, registration is free here.

You can filter by various criteria such as age, religion, occupation, income, etc. However, when you want to chat with each other, at least one of you must be a premium member.

IndianCupid Review


  • Signing up is easy.
  • For NRIs.
  • There will be no language barrier.
  • The website has a professional profile review mechanism.


  • No IOS dating app.
Indian Dating apps Truly Madly

TrulyMadly is one of the top Indian dating sites and apps, you can sign up for free using Google or your mobile number.

It will also have a psychological quiz during the matching process. And a compatibility score will be given in the end, so that you can find the most suitable lover.

Also, compared to some Indian women dating sites, it does not allow screenshots, which is a measure to protect women.

TrulyMadly Review


  • Secure dating.
  • Compatibility Quiz.
  • Strictly review personal profiles.
  • With women's safety as the core.
  • For NRI.
  • For seniors.


  • Free users get relatively few likes.

7. Aisle

Indian Dating app Aisle

This is a dedicated Indian dating app, not casual dating but to help you build deep relationships with Indian singles.

You need to enter some of your personal profiles on the app, and the system will strictly check whether it is a spam user.

And the website also has a blog, which records some stories of finding love through this dating app.

What's more, the dating advice in the site is also good. For example, some topics: How to break the awkwardness of the first date?

Aisle Review


  • Focus on relationship building.
  • Dating tips worth reading.
  • More friendly to women.


  • Men want to chat and need an upgrade.
Indian Dating sites Gleeden

You might have a slightly different opinion of Gleeden, as this site focuses on extramarital dating for women.

This Indian dating website has been growing in user base since its launch in India.

It's mostly for women, so this site is free for women. And the men in it are judged by women.

Gleeden Review


  • Focus on women.
  • Suitable for hookups.
  • Personal information is private.
  • Has an anonymous function.
  • Divorced persons can also participate.


  • For men, you need to be a member to chat.
  • May lead to infidelity.

9. EHarmony India

Indian Dating site EHarmony

As an international dating site, EHarmony can also help you find Indian singles.

Unlike other traditional Indian dating websites, it has a compatibility matching system. This system uses 32 dimensions, such as your hobbies, religious beliefs, etc.

This will allow you to match people who are more suitable for your needs.

EHarmony Indian Review


  • Comprehensive intelligent matching mechanism.
  • Also suitable for Indian gay, lesbian dating.
  • Video chat function.


  • For members, its price is relatively a little higher.

10. Woo Dating

Indian Dating websites Woo Dating

Unlike some Indian dating apps, Woo has something special.

First, it puts women first. Specifically, its algorithm only shows women's initials. And the detailed address of women will also be hidden.

Then, the two parties don't have to use their own phone numbers when chatting, but use Internet calls, which ensures privacy.

Woo Dating Review


  • More attractive to women for dating.
  • In addition to Indian singles, you can also find American, Canadian singles.
  • It doesn't matter if it's a casual or serious date.
  • The app interface is easy to operate.


  • Only Woo Plus can see who has visited you.

11. Bumble India

Indian Dating website Bumble

You can of course use Bumble in India, it's also a women-focused dating site.

That is to say, when the match is successful, the woman needs to send the first message before starting the chat.

Plus, it doesn't discriminate against any gender, so people who are straight or gay can find love on an equal footing.

It is one of the best Indian dating sites, and the best part is that you can also buy some wedding related goods directly here.

12. Hindi Matrimony

Indian Dating apps Hindi Matrimony

This Indian singles website caters primarily to locals. If you live in India and want to develop a deep relationship, then Hindi Matrimony is for you.

It not only provides online dating services, but more importantly, it also provides offline services. In simple terms, it is equivalent to Indian matchmaker.

However, since the site requires mobile phone number registration, it is a bit difficult for non-Indian residents.

Indian Dating app QuackQuack

As an Indian matching site, it is well known locally.

Its users are mainly Indians. Profile review is very strict, so don't worry about spam users.

Like some free dating sites in India, it also requires mobile number verification. This ensures user authenticity.

Still, if you're looking for a casual dating app, QuackQuack isn't for you.

14. Tantan

Indian Dating sites Tantan

As one of the popular Asian dating sites, Tantan has also achieved great results in the Indian market.

However, the dating app is sometimes banned by the Indian government for a number of reasons. If you want to use it to date Indian singles, then you may need to use a US App Store account instead of an Indian App Store account.

It's about the same as some free dating sites like Tinder. Compared with Tinder, Tantan's premium membership price is relatively low.

15. Lamour

Indian Dating site Lamour

This is a relatively exciting dating app. Because you can chat online or video call with strangers all over the world through it.

And the women here are mainly Asians, so the proportion of Indian women is quite large. As the best Indian dating site, it also features support for women to initiate the chat first.

However, since its profile review is not very strict, you may encounter some rogue accounts.

Indian Dating websites FriendFinder

Founded in 1996, FriendFinder is one of the oldest dating companies. The former Indian FriendFinder has now become FriendFinder. Therefore, there are also many local Indian users here.

However, the design of FriendFinder, an Indian dating site, is a bit outdated, and the pages don't look modern enough.

In addition, the company also has a well-known website: Adult FriendFinder. This dating site is very casual.

17. Shia Match

This is a website serving Shia Muslims all over the world since 1999.

First of all, it's completely free for all women.

Secondly, in addition to men from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, men from other countries or regions are also free.

Finally, as one of the free Indian dating sites, it has helped tons of Indian users find suitable Shia Muslims.

However, its pages are also a bit old, and there is no app.

18. Hinge

Dating apps Hinge

Like Tinder, Hinge is a global dating app.

It's primarily for those looking for a long-term relationship, not casual dating.

Among the free Indian dating sites in USA, Hinge's matching algorithm is the most special. Because it is built on a Nobel Prize winning algorithm.

In this way, you have a greater chance of finding a suitable lover.

19. OkCupid India

Dating app OkCupid

Quite a few Indians use OkCupid for online dating.

What's more, OkCupid is more inclusive, introducing more than 20 genders and 13 orientations.

However, in this app, the proportion of Indian men is higher than that of Indian women.


gay Dating app ROMEO

This is a popular free gay dating app.

You can chat and video call with handsome guys nearby and around the world according to your location. And you can also hide your real GPS location.

Compared to other gay dating sites in India, ROMEO's free features are very powerful.

21. M4Marry

Dating sites M4Marry

This is a very serious Indian dating site that focuses on helping native Indians find a partner and get married.

And it's free to sign up. If you want to be an Indian groom or Indian bride then you can easily fill your profile here and wait for the match.


Is Tinder Allowed in India?

When you travel to or live in India, you can use Tinder for online dating.

According to the report of the United Nations, India's population will reach more than 1.4 billion in 2023. This means that there are more Indians who need to fall in love and get married.

How To Choose The Best Indian Dating Sites And Apps?

Indian dating sites and apps mainly fall into two categories.

One is global mainstream dating apps like Tinder, Okcupid, and EHarmony. The advantage is that there are many users, but you need to filter or modify the location to find Indians.

One is local Indian dating websites like Shaadi, Truly Madly. The advantage is that there are a large number of native Indian users, but there is a greater focus on serious dating than casual dating.

You can determine which websites you need to choose according to your actual needs.

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