10 Best Italian Dating Sites & Apps: Meet Italian Singles

February 23


Italian women are passionate and people tend to be attracted to their good looks.

So, which Italian dating sites and apps can you use to meet these singles?

Italian dating sites Nirvam

This is a dating site based in Italy. There are 3 million users, most of them Italian.

You can join this community for free. When creating your profile, you can use a short paragraph to introduce yourself, and it's a good idea to upload a personal photo.

After that, you can filter based on age, location, etc. to find people you're interested in.

Then you can chat with each other.

What's more, the Nirvam team will strictly review the registered users, so as to ensure that the person chatting with you must be a real user and not a robot.

Italian dating sites Meetic

This is a dating website where you can find long-term relationships and get married.

Your personal data will be strictly reviewed and protected.

Moreover, each person's profile will include a lot of content. This makes it easier for you to search for people based on specific criteria, and also allows you to be attracted to others.

It also hosts Meetic nights so you can meet more Italian singles from the same area.

More importantly, it also has a stealth mode, which will avoid a lot of embarrassment.

Italian dating site Badoo Italy

Badoo is one of the most popular dating apps in Italy, Spain and France.

When you travel to some cities in Italy, like Rome. While looking at the scenery, you can also find new friends through Badoo, a dating platform.

You can easily find people nearby, swipe left and right to express your likes and dislikes.

In addition, there is more emphasis on privacy on Badoo. For example, when you open some private photos, the system will give you a warning before you open them.

4. Italian People Meet

Italian dating websites Italian People Meet

This site is dedicated exclusively to Italian dating. It mainly provides dating services for users in the United States.

You can create a personal profile for free, set up your own photo album, and introduce your hobbies.

After you sign up, you can browse Italian single men and women for free.

However, some advanced functions, such as highlighting personal data, "who has seen me", etc., need to upgrade the account.

5. iFlirts

Italian dating website iFlirts

Due to its openness, more and more Italians are also using iFlirts, a dating platform.

You can sign up for an account for free in seconds, because it only needs to go through your Google or Facebook account.

Its biggest feature is stimulation, which is suitable for many young people.

And it will also tell you some flirting skills, so as to help you find a suitable partner faster.

Of course, it's not for Italian singles looking for a serious relationship.

6. Tinder

Italian Tinder

Tinder is embraced by young Italians.

Attracted by its feature of swiping left and swiping right, you can also find people nearby. There are a lot of free features available.

Of course, if you want to get more matches from Italian women, upgrading your account would be a good choice.

One of the best Italian dating sites, Tinder uses a matching algorithm to help many singles find a partner.

7. Chatta.it

Italian dating apps Chatta

This is a 21-year-old Italian dating and chat community with 5 million users. And no payment is required.

Its biggest characteristic lies in directness and openness. The website will directly display which users are online, and you only need a registered account to send messages to each other.

Plus, it has a forum. People will talk about different things in life here. Having discussions is also a great way to find like-minded friends.

Italian dating app Lovoo

Lovoo, the top Italian dating site, is as popular as Tinder in Europe.

Compared with Tinder, it also has a necessary function for lazy people: after opening the positioning, it can directly display all nearby opposite sexes of suitable age.

It is also equipped with a huge avatar, age and coordinates, which is efficient and straightforward.

9. CatholicMatch Italy

catholic dating CatholicMatch

For Catholic singles in Italy, finding a suitable partner can sometimes be difficult.

And CatholicMatch can help you. Members of this site are Catholic.

You can sign up for a free trial and find Italian Catholic singles here.

More importantly, its matching efficiency is very high, because it will make an appropriate match according to your personality and so on.

10. DisonsDemain

for seniors DisonsDemain

The physical and mental health of the elderly in Italy has always been a major concern of the government.

There are many elderly Italians who are alone, and they also want to find a suitable person to accompany them through the rest of their lives.

Then try DisonsDemain, a dating service for singles over 50.


What Dating Sites do Italians Use?

Commonly used Italian dating sites and apps are listed below:

  • Badoo
  • Tinder
  • Nirvam
  • iFlirts
  • Meetic
  • Lovoo

Italian Dating Culture

If you choose the most suitable country in Europe for love, then Italy must be on the list. So what are the dos and don'ts of dating an Italian woman/man? What is their dating culture like?

First, we need to let go of our prejudices. Especially prejudice against some Italian men. Because many beautiful single women have said that they have struck up a conversation with men in the Coppa Italia.

This does not mean that Italian men only pay attention to appearance. They will also focus on spiritual communication. If neither of you is interested in what each other is talking about, even if the girl is pretty, you may end up breaking up.

Second, the cultural differences between the north and the south of Italy are relatively large. People in the north are more reserved, while people in the south are more open.

Third, because the overall English level of Italians is not very high. So you're on a dating app, and if you chat in English, it's easy to filter out Italian singles with better education.

Fourth, it is the same as in many countries: Whether two people are together depends mainly on their personality. But Italians rarely look at family background when dating.

Fifth, in general, the relationship between men and women in Italy develops quickly and ends quickly.

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