17 Best Japanese Snacks Worth Trying: A Variety of Delicious Flavor

April 8


Japanese snacks are popular all over the world with their delicious and unique flavors, and there are various savory and sweet snacks, senbei, Japanese candy, cookies/biscuits and chocolates.

If you want to get best Japanese snacks, then this list will be your best choice!

1. Seven Eleven Raisin Cookie Biscuits

japanese snacks Seven Eleven Raisin Cookie Biscuits

This cookie is one of the most popular Japanese snacks. There are a total of 3 pieces in a bag.

As soon as you tear open the bag you will smell a strong rum smell, so looking forward to it!

Seven Eleven Raisin Cookie Biscuits

The biscuits have a moist texture and are soft and delicious. Especially the milk crisp flavor is very strong! People who love butter cookies like that would love it. Each cookie is still thick with a puff of cream in the center!

Raisin Cookie Biscuits

The biscuits are firmer than soft cookies and can be easily broken to reveal the firm cream and large embedded raisins inside. There are at least a dozen raisins in such a small piece of biscuit.

2. Tamagoyaki

best Japanese snacks Tamagoyaki

Tamagoyaki is a Japanese egg roll, a very characteristic street Japanese snack worth trying.

The Japanese are very particular about making Tamagoyaki, and the temperature should be controlled just right. During the production, the chef must also grasp the timing to roll the Tamagoyaki layer by layer, which will test the chef's skills and experience.

make Tamagoyaki

It's soft and fluffy and has a variety of flavors to choose from, you must try this if you travel to Japan. Also, you can try making Tamagoyaki yourself at home.

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3. Black Thunder Chocolate Bar

best Japanese snacks Black Thunder Chocolate Bar

Japan's best-selling chocolate sandwich, one of the must-try Japanese snacks.

It's loaded with chocolate, soy, peanut and cinnamon cookies. And the bittersweet cocoa biscuits and milk chocolate are the perfect contrast.

Crispy biscuits are paired with rich chocolate on the outer layer, and one piece can satisfy the calories and protein needed for breakfast.

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4. Shiroi Koibito White Lover Chocolate

best Japanese snacks Shiroi Koibito White Lover Chocolate

It is really a Japanese biscuit that you will fall in love with when you bite it. The first bite is really super soft. It is one of the very good Japanese snacks.

The chocolate coating of Hokkaido fresh milk is thick! It melts in the mouth, sweet but not greasy. 

Shiroi Koibito White Lover Chocolate

The milk fragrance is mellow and rich, and the teeth and cheeks are fragrant, pure and crisp, and the taste is delicate.

Shiroi Koibito is divided into 9 pieces, 12 pieces, 18 pieces, 24 pieces, etc. And it is also suitable as a gift.

The outside of Shiroi Koibito White Lover Chocolate

The outside of the Shiroi Koibito biscuits is a layer of crispy pancakes. The biscuits have a rustling feeling in the mouth. They are very crisp and have a very special taste.

It is sandwiched with sweet, smooth white chocolate, which tastes very creamy. With the crunchiness of the biscuits, savor it carefully, it is definitely a treat!

coffee with Shiroi Koibito White Lover Chocolate

According to the eating method of Internet celebrity biscuits, white lovers should be paired with bitter coffee. One mouthful is sweet, one is bitter, and you can taste life in the bitterness and sweetness.

White Lover

The origin of the name White Lover is very romantic. After the baker made a sweet and delicious biscuit in winter, he happened to see a pair of lovers holding hands across the white snow together. 

This warm scene moved the baker. Since then, this delicious biscuit has a beautiful name - White Lover!

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5. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Salt & Camembert Cookies

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Salt & Camembert Cookies

This biscuit can be said to be an upgraded version of White Lover, with heavier milk flavor and lower sweetness! One of the top Japanese snacks.

Similarly, two layers of pastry are sandwiched between them, like a sandwich. But this one is firmer and richer than the White Lover, and not too grainy.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

The biscuits come in several flavors, but the sea salt flavor is more recommended! !

What's more, the Camembert cheese in the middle is like a little angel, silky and mellow, and the feeling of melting in the mouth is like silk drifting gently.

Salt & Camembert Cookies

The slight salty taste just neutralizes the sweetness of the biscuits, and even the slight salty taste will cover up the sweetness and make people aftertaste longer, not greasy at all.

Salt & Camembert Cookies 10pieces -Japan Import-
  • It is a cookie dough made ​​with salt from France Guerande and Hokkaido milk, sand was the chocolate plate of Camembert cheese.

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6. Nomura Biscuit

Japanese snacks Nomura Biscuit

Fragrant and crunchy, the more chewy it is, the more textured it becomes, and the crunch brings out more milky flavor. The best Japanese snacks to buy. 

Each cookie was sprinkled with a thin layer of salt. The taste is slightly salty when you put it in your mouth. 

Nomura Biscuit

Before you ponder it carefully, as the sweetness of the biscuit itself appears, the whole taste reaches a delicate balance, crispy and milky.

7. Pocky

best Japanese snacks Pocky

Pocky can be said to be a major symbol of Japanese snacks. Also it's the best Japanese snack on Amazon.

In particular, it is said that there are more than 100 flavors of Pocky.

best Japanese snack Pocky

Not only will there be limited flavors in each season, but also local Limited Pockey will be released in different places!

For example, the oversized rainbow Pocky, the Hokkaido-limited honeydew Pocky, and the Okinawa bitter gourd Pocky cannot be bought anywhere else.

In short, don't miss it when you see the Limited Pocky.

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8.  Kinoko No Yama

best Japanese snack Kinoko No Yama

There are actually two types of Meiji biscuits, one is Kinoko No Yama, and the other is Takenoko no Sato, both of which look quite figurative. Plus, this is quite a typical snack in Japan.

This biscuit has a very natural and fresh taste. Then superimpose the fragrant and mellow chocolate, and the taste is so distinct. It really makes people fall in love with it and want to eat it all the time.

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9. Taiyaki

best Japanese snacks Taiyaki

Taiyaki is one of the traditional Japanese snacks.

It is a fish-shaped snack, but it has nothing to do with fish other than its appearance.

Taiyaki is a pancake-like dessert made of flour, baking soda, salt and sugar, usually filled with mellow red bean paste, and finally shaped in a fish-shaped mold.

traditional Japanese snacks Taiyaki

As for the taste, Taiyaki is crispy on the outside, and sometimes custard, chocolate, or peanut butter is added to the inside. Now, there are also some creative fillings, such as sweet potatoes, cheese, sausage or vegetables and so on.

10. Calbee Potato Hokkaido

Japanese snacks Calbee Potato

This is the No. 1 Hokkaido specialty snack. It is also very popular in Japanese airport stores. Arguably the best Japanese snacks to try.

The famous Calbee uses potatoes from Hokkaido. In order to retain the original taste and nutrition, after washing the potatoes, do not peel the potatoes, and then cut them into strips, so that the taste is crispy!

best Japanese snacks Calbee Potato

Just the right amount of salt and crispy taste, it makes people unforgettable after eating it!

There are many similar products, but they are completely different from the "three brothers of Calbee fries"!

Taste and texture are of course the secret to its popularity.

One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is easy to carry and gift-giving.

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11. Kakinotane Rice Cracker

best Japanese snacks Kakinotane Rice Cracker

Kakinotane rice cakes actually have nothing to do with persimmons in terms of raw materials, but are actually baked rice batter. One of the best Japanese rice crackers. Also available at Don Quijote.

Don't look at it very unremarkable, but this can be said to be a small snack that has been integrated into Japanese life. During the holidays, when you are bored, or chatting with friends, you can have a pack of rice cakes.

beer with Kakinotane Rice Cracker

The taste is generally soy sauce flavor, but slightly spicy, with a crisp taste and a little rice fragrance. But if you eat too much, you will feel a little dry mouth. Therefore, this snack is usually paired with beer.

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12. Tohato Caramel Corn

best Japanese snacks Tohato Caramel Corn

Tohato has a wide range of snacks, and this caramel corn is one of the best Japanese snacks from supermarket.

With every grilled caramel corn, every bite is crunchy. And the aroma of peanuts is very strong, the taste is crisp and not sticky to the teeth, and the deliciousness cannot be stopped.

Tohato Caramel Corn

In addition, its packaging bag is also cute. When you open the package, the caramel corn is shaped like a chubby shrimp.

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13. Asahi Fiber Biscuits

best Japanese snacks Asahi Fiber Biscuits

A healthier Japanese snack. It contains a lot of dietary fiber and brown rice flour, so it has a stronger sense of fullness than ordinary biscuits.

There are two slices in a pack, and the whole grain biscuits are wrapped with filling cream, and often have limited flavors. Such as berry and yogurt flavor, chocolate flavor.

Asahi Fiber Biscuits

If you want to supplement dietary fiber, then this biscuit is a good choice.

14. Umaibo Corn Snack

Umaibo Corn Snack

This is one of the most popular Japanese snacks. Japanese men and women, young and old, love to eat, and it is often integrated into manga!

Plus, there are a lot of flavors. Some taste a little salty, and the seaweed taste is very light.

Umaibo Snack

More importantly, it is non-fried, especially yummy, and you don't have to worry about greasy feeling at all!

The last is its outer packaging, a very cute Doraemon image.

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15. UHA Kororo Gummy

best japanese candy UHA Kororo Gummy

UHA's chocolate and milk candy are one of the most popular brands of Japanese candy among young people.

The inside is soft like a grape fruit, just like eating real grapes.

UHA Kororo Gummy

The gummy is 100% wrapped in juice, and the water juice is blocked inside. It is fragrant and soft, with a strange taste, which is much better than ordinary fudge.

There is a layer of film wrapped on the outside of the fudge, and the workmanship is amazing. Arguably the best Japanese candy.

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16. Nitto Milk Tea

Nitto Milk Tea

This is a low-calorie Japanese snack and drink. There are ten independent sachets in one bag, which is super comfortable to drink when you are sleepy in the afternoon!

As soon as you open the package, you can smell the sweet milk smell and the faint tea fragrance.

japanese drink Nitto Milk Tea

Looking at the ingredients list, it does not contain trans fatty acids, and uses 100% whole milk powder produced locally in Hokkaido. No wonder it has a mellow and rich aftertaste.

Best of all, the price is cheap too, and it's convenient to buy this Japanese snack online.

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17. Lotte Zero Chocolate

Lotte Zero Chocolate

This is a low-calorie Japanese chocolate. Although it is advertised as sugar free, there are still carbohydrates in the calorie table, but the content is indeed much lower than that of ordinary chocolate.

Unlike other low-calorie chocolates, this one melts faster in your mouth.

Although it can't compare with the high fat of raw chocolate and milk chocolate, it still has the soft happiness of eating chocolate, and it is not too bitter.

Japanese Chocolate & Chocolate Candy

In this list of Japanese snacks, there is sure to be something you like.

What are your favorite Japanese snacks to try?

Please feel free to leave your comments.


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