Jordan React Elevation: Basketball Shoes Doncic Prefers (with Reviews)

January 18


Jordan React Elevation is the basketball shoes that Luka Doncic wore when he beat the Clippers.

What is so special about this pair of sneakers that makes this future king so favored?

Can its market price be the first choice for sneakers at the same price?

Jordan React Elevation Luka Doncic

Jordan React Elevation Luka Doncic

As a contract star of Jordan Brand, it is only natural to wear Jordan sneakers to play games.

But he obviously can wear top flagship sneakers but chooses low-key team shoes.

In basketball games, he has worn Air Jordan 34 for short periods of time many times. But the two pairs of shoes he wears most often are Jumpman Diamond and React Elevation.

Jordan React Elevation shoes

Jordan React Elevation

Without further ado, let us take a look at this Nike Jordan React Elevation basketball shoes in detail.

Upper and Materials

Jordan React Elevation upper is a conventional single-layer structure. And the tongue is separated from the shoe body.

The upper is made of fabric and leather. The overall feel of the upper is unpretentious.

React Elevation upper

upper part-1

Jordan React Elevation upper



It's not that simple design will not bring a good wearing experience. On the contrary, the support of this pair of shoes is very commendable.

When moving sideways, the side leather material can give strong support to your feet.

The fabric upper of the toe cap makes the forefoot support enough.

Move sideways

move sideways

Jordan React Elevation Fit

There is no problem with the upper support.

However, the forefoot last of this pair of sneakers is too wide, resulting in insufficient wrapping of the front half. The feet can swing from side to side inside.

At the same time, the support performance of the front part of the shoe is reduced.

The wide forefoot is not friendly enough for friends with normal feet.

Forefoot shoe lastjpg

forefoot shoe last

The leather spliced uppers on both sides of the middle section of the shoe body and the conventional shoelace hole design, seem ordinary but can bring the ultimate sense of wrapping.

After tightening the laces, you can clearly feel the pressure from both sides.

The fit of this Jordan React mid-section is very good.

Jordan React middle section

 middle section

There is no obvious "small pillow" setting on the inside of the heel. But there is a partially convex shape on the sponge filling.

In the actual process of wearing it to play basketball, there is no situation of not following your feet.



Midsole and Cushion

Midsole part

midsole part-1

Jordan React Midsole part


The midsole of Jordan React Elevation is in the form of front and back intervals.

The shape of the midsole is similar to the Why Not Zer0.2 and Why Not Zer0.3 sneakers of the same brand. It's just a difference in the use of technology. 

The configuration of the forefoot fan-shaped zoom + heel react has a good performance.

I didn't feel too high forefoot center of gravity when I first put on Jordan Elevation.

The center of gravity of the forefoot is at the same level as the Nike Zoom Freak 2 with the same forefoot fan-shaped zoom.

Jordan Elevation



Like most forefoot zoom sneakers, the feedback from the air cushion is not obvious when wearing these shoes for the first two times.

But after a few basketball games, the soft elastic feeling brought by the forefoot zoom became more obvious.

Moderate center of gravity control and reasonable air cushion placement area make this pair of shoes have a very good starting feeling on the forefoot.

It can provide a strong sense of boost when doing emergency stop, emergency start, and acceleration change.

Jordan React Elevation forefoot zoom


React is used on the heel, and the thickness of React is relatively large.

The external rubber edging controls the excessive deformation of React and can well retain the energy feedback.

The thickened React can indeed bring a better cushioning experience during the wearing process.





But the thicker React also caused the heel's center of gravity to be higher.

Coupled with the spherical outsole design of the heel, this pair of Jordan react shoes has a certain risk in the stability of the heel.

There is always a hint of concern about the safety of the heel when taking off and landing.

Outsole and Traction

Jordan React Elevation Outsole


The outsole adopts a split design.

The forefoot adopts the most common and least error-prone herringbone pattern.

The area where the fan-shaped zoom is placed in the middle is distinguished by color and texture.

And use red water ripples, the lines are tightly arranged. It can provide good grip and traction performance both indoors and outdoors.

outsole forefoot

outsole forefoot herringbone pattern



The grip performance of this Air Jordan React is commendable. But it is insufficient in terms of wear resistance.

A total of five games have been played in the indoor and outdoor courts, and the edges of the crystal outsole have been fluffed or flattened.

But Jordan React Elevation colorways are diverse, such as black, black ice, white, red, etc. Because they use different outsole materials, they have a good performance in wear resistance.

The rubber of the outsole is wrapped inward and upward on the forefoot and heel. This provides a better boosting experience during the start-up and acceleration of the actual basketball game.

Proper Center of Gravity Control

Proper center of gravity control

center of gravity control

When Jordan React Elevation on feet, you will find that the single-layer zoom of the forefoot is more reasonable in the center of gravity control.

Reinforced Design on the Side

Jordan React Elevation Reinforced Design on the Side


The overall lateral support of the upper is OK. Although there is no special lateral reinforcement design, the extended midsole material can effectively resist the impact of lateral forces.

Anti-rollover Angle

Obvious Anti-rollover Angle

 anti-rollover angle

The angle between the ground and the midsole wrapping material is about 70 degrees. The design at this point undoubtedly takes into account the attribute of anti-rollover.

But there is still no obvious anti-rollover angle. The contact position of the outsole with the ground is more like a sphere rather than a corner, which is similar to the outsoles of Nike Kyrie 3 and 4.

Jordan React Elevation Weight

A single Jordan React Elevation shoe weighs about 391g in size 9.

Jordan React Elevation Price

The official retail price of the Jordan React Elevation at Nike is $120.

As for Jordan React Elevation for sale, you can buy it on Amazon and StockX.

When Did Jordan React Elevation Come Out?

Release Date: July 2nd, 2020.

Why Should You Own these Sneakers?

If you are a basketball beginner, then this pair of Jordan React Elevation is very suitable for recommendation.

After all, the Nike AIR ZOOM BB NXT, which is also the forefoot Zoom + heel React, is not as good as it in actual basketball game performance but has a higher price.

The Zoom Freak 2 with only the forefoot fan-shaped zoom is also much more expensive than it.

Doncic Jordan React Elevation

Doncic Jordan React Elevation

Jordan React Elevation Luka Doncic

From the perspective of collection, this pair of sneakers is also meaningful.

If you are a fan of Doncic, you deserve this pair of shoes.

Although it is not Doncic’s signature sneaker, when one day we look at the classic moment of Doncic’s three-pointer, we will definitely see it.

I hope we can still call it by its name at that time, and proudly say: "I always own these shoes!"


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