21 Best Korean Dating Sites & Apps to Meet Korean Singles (Free)

January 31


If you want to date a Korean, there are plenty of Korean dating sites and apps to choose from.

Through online dating, whether you are a foreigner or a local, you can find the one you are satisfied with.

Specifically, you can meet Korean singles at these places:

Korean dating sites KoreanCupid

Similar to the Chinese dating site ChinaLoveCupid, KoreanCupid is one of the best Korean dating sites for foreigners.

If you do not live in Korea and are looking for Korean single men or women, then try KoreanCupid.

Currently, KoreanCupid has over 700,000 members.

Signing up for this dating site is easy and can be done in seconds. You can add information such as your age, gender, etc. You can also upload your own personal photo and add a profile to attract others.

When you browse to someone you are interested in, you can start communicating with them.

KoreanCupid Review


  • Specializing in Korean singles and international singles matching.
  • Safety.
  • The website has a unique personal data review mechanism to prevent spam.
  • There is a translation function to make communication easier.


  • If you want to communicate in depth, such as video chat, you need to upgrade your membership.
  • No IOS app.


If you are in the US, like Arizona or New York, and want to find a Korean girl as a girlfriend, or even get married, come and fill out your profile.

2. Amanda

Korean dating apps Amanda

According to the survey, Amanda is the most popular dating app among young people in South Korea.

This Korean dating app mainly finds boyfriends or girlfriends through people nearby. What's more, you can also share information anonymously. And its registered members have reached 6 million.

Plus, it is one of the best Korean dating sites for teenagers because of its younger user base. Of course, the app also monitors content that is harmful to teens to ensure safety.

Amanda Review


  • The number of users is relatively large.
  • Basically all Korean.
  • Meet nearby feature.
  • Safety.
  • Provides a function to avoid the embarrassment of encountering acquaintances.
  • Anonymity is possible in Secret Square.
  • Share interests like sports and cooking.


  • You need to know a little Korean to communicate.


Korean dating app WIPPY

WIPPY is also a place to make friends and date with Koreans. As the top dating sites, WIPPY and Amanda are similar in some ways. For example, you can match based on location.

But WIPPY focuses more on meeting new people through the same hobbies.

Because the core of WIPPY is that friends with the same hobbies and the same ideas will communicate more easily.

WIPPY Review


  • Meet new people with like-minded interests so you can date further.
  • You can voice chat, which protects some of your personal data.
  • Phone number verification feature.
  • Websites monitor abnormal spam users to ensure safety.
  • You can block friends in your address book to avoid embarrassment.


  • For non-Korean phone numbers, there may be failures when registering.
Korean dating site Tinder

Tinder is the world's most popular dating app. According to statistics, it has 75 million monthly active users, and 60% of its users are under the age of 35, and 3/4 of its users are male.

And as the best free dating site in Korea, many people use Tinder too. These people want to meet more foreigners and date foreigners through Tinder.

Internationally, there are many white women looking to find handsome Korean Oppas through Tinder.

Tinder is simple to use, it matches based on location. The core is to swipe right to like, swipe left to pass. If both parties like each other, then they can communicate.

Tinder Korea Review


  • Koreans who use Tinder can speak relatively good English, which reduces communication barriers.
  • Free to use.
  • Photo verification feature.
  • Gay and bisexuals can also find suitable partners here.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Mostly young people.


  • There are too many males.
  • If you want to use some features, such as: Unlimited Likes, Super Likes, then you need an upgraded Tinder member.
dating website OkCupid Korea

OkCupid is not as popular as Tinder, but its influence should not be underestimated. And OkCupid has some unique features.

According to the survey, OkCupid has more than 90 million matches per year, and it has introduced 22 genders, which is very diverse. It is also the 6th most popular meeting app in the world.

In addition, it mainly matches by answering some questions.

On this Korean dating website, users are mainly those who have used OkCupid before and are currently traveling or living in Korea.

OkCupid Korean Review


  • The male-to-female ratio of users is not so imbalanced.
  • The number of Koreans you encounter isn't as large, but the quality is high.
  • You can go on a date while learning Korean.
  • Unique messaging system.
  • It doesn't matter if it's casual dating or marriage.


  • Occasionally, a date that is not serious will come across.
dating website Asian Dating

Both Asian Dating and Korean Cupid belong to Cupid Media.

The difference with Asian Dating is that in addition to dating Korean singles, you can also date any Asian single.

For example: single in the Philippines, single in China, single in Japan, etc. It can be said to be one of the very trustworthy Asian dating sites.

7. Glam

Korean dating website Glam

If you're tired of text chat, try live video chat.

And Glam is such a free Korean dating app: real-time video chat to make friends and dating. This is another way you can meet Korean guys online.

Because of this chat format, the app's users are relatively young and more open.

Glam Review


  • Live video chat.
  • Make connections based on interests.
  • The app is simple to use.
  • AI monitoring ensures safety.
  • "Block people you know" feature to avoid embarrassment.


  • More suitable for young people rather than middle-aged people.
Korean dating site Tantan

Tantan is a popular Chinese dating app, but is now very popular across Asia as well.

It is similar to Tinder, both use the form of right swipe to like and left swipe to pass.

This is one of the Korean dating sites for foreigners because there are so many Asian singles in it. Naturally, there are also plenty of Korean singles.

9. Azar

Korean dating site Azar

Azar and Glam, two Korean dating apps, are similar in that they mainly use live video to make friends.

It is very suitable for people who like excitement and surprises, because each connection cannot predict who you will meet in this world.

And through the form of video chat, you can clearly see each other's appearance. If you are handsome, there are sure to be a lot of people watching your live stream.

In addition, there is a more interesting feature is that you can use the avatar during the live.

In these Korean dating sites in Korea, this form of making friends before dating is really good.

10. Line

Korean  apps Line

Actually Line is not a typical Korean dating app, it is an instant messaging app.

Because some people don't like chatting on dating apps, when you get the other party's Line, you can chat more easily.

With Line, not only can you get high-quality calls, but you can also use special effects and filters.

What's more, Line's "chat emoji stickers" are very interesting, there are many funny and cute chat emojis, which can completely bring each other's feelings closer.

11. Korea Social

Korean dating app Korea Social

Korea Social is a Korean dating app dedicated to connecting Koreans with the world.

Whether you are a Korean or a foreigner interested in Korean culture, you can find your soul mate here.

What makes Korea Social special among these South Korean dating sites is that you can view videos of people nearby.

And through the video, you will more intuitively observe whether you are interested in the other party.

Plus, you can chat for free and join some chat groups.

However, this dating app is less regulated than others.

12. Noondate

Korean dating websites Noondate

Noondate is the best Korean dating app with 3.5 million users currently.

Its matching process is special: at noon and 8 pm every day, the system will give you two profile cards.

Each profile card is a person's personal information. After you check it, if you think one of them you like, then you can express Like. When the other person also expresses Like, then you can start chatting.

Noondate Review


  • Profile review is very strict and can take up to 24 hours to approve.
  • Free voice chat function.
  • Anonymous chat feature.
  • Personal information is kept completely confidential.


  • When you have less profile information, the system may not be able to match you appropriately.
dating sites Christian Cafe Korean

Christian Cafe was established in 1999 with the main purpose of matching Christian singles around the world.

If you are searching for a Christian Korean dating site, then come to Christian Cafe for a free 10-day trial!

Christian Cafe Korean Review


  • All are Korean Christian singles.
  • Free trial.
  • There is a Christian forum where you can express your opinion.


  • The app experience is not smooth enough.

14. Sky People/스카이피플

Korean dating site Sky People

The Korean dating app Sky People (스카이피플), which launched at Seoul National University in May 2015, can be said to be all the rage.

Its groups are mainly college students and postgraduates who have received higher education in Korea.

For example, Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University and other famous Korean universities. So the quality of Korean singles on this site is much higher than other Korean dating sites.

And now not just students, men with stable jobs can also date here.


There are thresholds for registration on this best Korean dating site.

For men: You need to graduate from a prestigious university or have a stable job with a high income.

It's less strict for women: you're an undergraduate or graduate student. Or as long as you enter your information on this website.

Sky People Review


  • Very high quality Korean singles.
  • The majority of Korean college students.
  • Automatically verify work and school certificates.
  • The system will crack down on false verifications.
  • Reliable and secure matching.
  • Avoid people you know.


  • There are thresholds for male registration.


Korean dating apps MEEFF

MEEFF is a place to make friends with a large number of Koreans.

For international friends, as long as you are interested in any Korean culture, such as Korean travel, learning Korean, Korean food, Korean dating, Korean dramas, etc. Then you can find out what you want to know at MEEFF.

MEEFF is not a dedicated Korean dating app, but when you meet Korean friends here, it can definitely develop into a couple relationship.

16. Blasian Love Forever

dating apps Blasian Love Forever

Blasian Love Forever is one of those dating sites dedicated to black and asian.

If you're a black woman looking for a Korean boyfriend, sign up for Blasian Love Forever.

If you are a black male looking for a Korean girl as a girlfriend then sign up for Blasian Luv Forever.

In addition, if you are older, such as over 45 years old, then this website will also provide corresponding services to help you find true love.

And it also offers Asian and Black Christian dating.

17. 1km

Korean dating websites 1km

The "1km" app is just like the dating app's name: make friends with people within 1km of you.

Depending on your geographic location, you can view photos, thoughts, and join interest clubs of people within 1km.

And most of the users are young Koreans, it is one of the very popular Korean dating apps.

18. DangYeonSi / 당연시 소개팅

Korean dating website DangYeonSi

DangYeonSi(당연시 소개팅) is a free Korean dating app with an average of 5000 couple matches per day.

The app introduces you to 16 ideal types in your heart every day for matching.

And you can view people you're interested in based on the same interests.

Plus, you can find people nearby based on geographic location.

DangYeonSi Review


  • It is basically used by Koreans.
  • Block acquaintances in contacts with one click!
  • 24-hour monitoring of spam users.
  • Youth protection.


  • Without English, foreigners need to know Korean to communicate and date.
Korean app KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk has 53 million users worldwide, and almost every Korean has the KakaoTalk app on their mobile phone.

There's a very interesting phenomenon: if you and a Korean woman/man are messaging on a dating app, after you get to know each other, you might move to KakaoTalk.

This is similar to the Chinese chat app Wechat.

So, after you have found your lover on some Korean dating sites/apps, the next step is to use this Korean dating assistance app - KakaoTalk.

20. Super Rich / 슈퍼리치

riche Korean dating sites Super Rich

Super Rich (슈퍼리치) is one of the rich Korean dating sites. It is designed for the top 10% of people in Korea.

On this dating site, you need to verify your assets to ensure your financial strength. Don't worry, some files you upload will be deleted immediately after verification.

There are many verification criteria, such as: you need to have a good appearance. Good jobs: such as doctors, lawyers. The annual salary is high. Have a high end car. There are high-end residences. Family conditions are better.

The system will comprehensively assess these criteria to determine whether you meet the requirements.

Super Rich Review


  • The users are all wealthy Koreans.
  • Gorgeous Korean women.
  • 100% real users.
  • You won't meet acquaintances, so you can avoid embarrassment.


  • It is very demanding for male registered users.

21. Badoo

dating sites Badoo

Badoo is a top dating app with users worldwide.

Many Koreans also use Badoo to date international friends.

Besides Badoo, you can also find single Koreans on dating sites/apps like Eharmony, Bumble and EliteSingles. These sites are all good for foreigners and Koreans for online dating.

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