4 Best Mongolian Dating Sites & Apps to Meet Mongolian Singles (Free)

January 9


If you want to date a Mongolian online, here are a few Mongolian dating sites and apps to choose from.

Mongolian girls have a unique appearance and a more independent personality.

Specifically, you can meet Mongolian singles through these dating sites and apps:

Mongolian dating sites tinder

Tinder is a popular Mongolian dating site, there are many beautiful Mongolian girls looking for foreigners on this app.

The core function of this dating app is to swipe left to pass, swipe right to like, and if you like each other, you can communicate.

If you're planning a trip to Mongolia, then Tinder will be your best online dating tool besides meeting Mongolian women at the local bars.

However, some Mongolian women are more forthright, so you may need to use different dating techniques when you chat through Tinder.

Tinder Mongolia Dating Review


  • You can communicate with Mongolian girls before you travel.
  • Safety.
  • Some people are more keen to find foreign boyfriends.
  • Free to use.


  • Some Mongolians do not know English, which may cause some obstacles in communication.
Mongolian dating site International Cupid

If you want to have a Mongolian wife, International Cupid is a Mongolian dating site well worth checking out.

This site was established in 2004 as a place to help single foreigners dating. There are many Mongolian single women of different ages looking for their love here.

Its registration is very simple and can be successfully filled out in less than 30 seconds. Then you can browse your favorite Mongolian women according to different filter criteria.

If you want to date a Mongolian woman, then this dating site is more for those looking for a serious relationship rather than casual Mongolian dating.

International Cupid Mongolia Dating Review


  • You can date Mongolian singles at home.
  • Their personal data is completely real because the website has a strict moderation mechanism. So don't worry about being scammed.
  • Provide translation services without communication barriers.


  • Fewer Mongolian women can be matched. (It is also related to the population of Mongolia)

3. Facebook Dating

Mongolian dating app Facebook Dating

In Mongolia, the most used social media app is Facebook. And chat and dating are inseparable. As one of the free Mongolian dating sites, you can find your lover through Facebook.

For example, you can join some Facebook Mongolian dating groups. You search for "dating in Mongolia" on Facebook and you will find the corresponding dating groups.

Facebook Mongolian Dating Review


  • Be more familiar with various operations of Facebook.
  • Some chat groups will be more private.
  • Chatting is more convenient and free of charge.


  • You need to check whether the other party's information is true or not.
Mongolian dating sites Asian Dating

Asian Dating is mainly to help single Asian men and women find soulmates. Of course Mongolia belongs to Asia too, so there are some Mongolian girls looking for love here too.

It's as easy as signing up for International Cupid. You can filter based on various criteria such as age, body type, occupation, religion, etc.

It is one of the very trustworthy Mongolian dating sites.

Asian Dating Mongolian Review


  • It doesn't take much time to find Mongolian girls.
  • Language translation available.
  • The website is very professional, don't worry that the information is fake.


  • There are relatively few Mongolian singles here.

Mongolian Dating Culture

1. In Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, there are many women with higher education. And the proportion of women with higher education is greater than that of men.

This makes many women more inclined to find foreign men with higher education as partners.

2. Mongolian men's awareness of LGBT rights is relatively backward.

3. Mongolian women have more independent personalities and attach great importance to their careers.

4. Because of its geographical location, Mongolia has fewer vegetables and fruits, and their diet is mainly meat. If you are vegetarian, you may not be used to eating with a Mongolian single.

This list of Mongolian dating sites and apps is safe and you can use it with confidence.

Hope you find Mongolian girlfriend/boyfriend through these dating services.

Finally, do you have any other dating apps/websites to recommend? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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