MTL Novel: 13 Best MTL Novels Worth Reading (with App and Sites)

April 9


what is mtl novel?

Novels translated from Chinese, Japanese, Korean raw light novels and web novels through machine translation (AI). This will allow you to read your favorite novels faster.

Specifically, what are some good MTL novels, apps, and sites?

1. Absolute Resonance

mtl novel absolute resonance

"Absolute Resonance" is the sixth fantasy, martial arts, and romantic novel by the famous web novel writer Tiancan Tudou.

At present, you can read it on the web novel site wuxiaworld, but on some mtl novel sites, absolute resonance mtl has more than 50 chapters than wuxiaworld.


Li Luo was born in Luolan Mansion, but after his parents disappeared in the royal battlefield, Luolan Mansion's status plummeted. Moreover, he was "blank resonance".

In addition, Li Luo wanted to break off the engagement with Jiang Qing’e, but Jiang Qing’e refused. So Li Luo decided to make a deal with Jiang Qing'e: When he took over Luolan Mansion, if Luolan Mansion didn't suffer much loss, then he would cancel the engagement.

How will he go afterwards? What would his "blank resonance" look like?

2. Divine Replication System

mtl novel Divine Replication System

"Divine Replication System" is an MTL novel that can be tagged as a system category.


The young man, Lin Xuan, had obtained a divine level replica system, so he could constantly copy other people's talents and cultivation methods.

He rose from the bottom of the world and fought against the heaven and earth. He swore to destroy the sky!

3. Hidden Billionaire Son-in-law

mtl novel Hidden Billionaire Son-in-law

"Hidden Billionaire Son-in-law" is a romantic mtl novel.


The story is about a son-in-law who has been humiliated by the people around him for 7 years. He is suddenly told that he is the only heir to his father's property.

His father has a lot of wealth and is a super rich man.

However, many people are jealous of him. Fortunately, he has a good wife with him all the time.

Can they get wealth smoothly?

4. Daddy, I Want This Mommy

mtl novel Daddy I Want This Mommy

"Daddy, I Want This Mommy" is a modern romantic mtl novel with many very funny plots.


Xia Yuqing was designed by her sister to have a one-night stand with a strange man, and she was pregnant. And it's such a little boy: I want to adopt you, you touched my ass, you are responsible to me.

She had to stay to take care of the little boy, and in the process actually fell in love with the little boy's father.

When Xia Yuqing recovered her memory, the child's father immediately carried her to the bedroom. . .

5. Memorize


"Memorize" is a fantasy, action, adventure, mature Korean novel mtl. It is also an mtl completed novel.


Although Kim Soo Hyun lost everything before, but now, he has an incredible power, that is: "Zero Code".

With this power, he returned to the time when he first came here 10 years ago. With power and harem, what kind of path will he break out?

6. Kuro no Senki

Kuro no Senki

"Kuro no Senki" is an action, romantic, mature, and harem mtl light novel.


Kurono somehow came from modern Japan to the Cepheus Empire-a savage and backward world.

He was rejected by the people of this world and was sent to a poor territory as a leader.

But Kurono is determined to be a harem king. He uses some modern technology and knowledge he has to transform this place and create his own power.

7. Fighting the Supreme Realm

novel Fighting the Supreme Realm

The mtl novel "Fighting the Supreme Realm" is the sequel of the Chinese web novel "Battle Through the Heavens".


After breaking through to the Dou Di ( Battle God ), Xiao Yan went to another unknown world. Xiao Yan was the weakest one there.

With Zhan Lao's help, he grew up and gained a lot of opportunities. At the later stage, he grew up crazily and also understood his own identity and became a powerful man that could change the world.

8. I Come To Change the World of Walking Dead

mtl novel I Come To Change the World of Walking Dead

Yes, "I Come To Change the World of Walking Dead" is a mtl fanfaction. The most important thing is that the author of the novel tried to keep the original character background story.


Chen Jiayi travels through time and space to the world of walking dead. He is very familiar with and loves this drama in reality, so he wants to change the world here. Help this dying world to light up.

Can he really do it?

9. Game of Thrones: Wrath of the Sleeping Dragon

mtl novel Game of Thrones Wrath of the Sleeping Dragon

"Game of Thrones: Wrath of the Sleeping Dragon" is also a machine-translated fanfiction, "A Song of Ice and Fire" fanfiction. If you are a fan of "Game of Thrones", you will love it.


A hot blooded young man passed through the time sea as Viserys Targaryen.

When he first arrived at this world, he had some unique abilities.

Unfortunately, at the beginning, he was going to take his elder brother's daughter and younger sister to to take refuge to Dragonstone, and they were chased by the House Lannister of Casterly Rock halfway.

10. Phantom Kid in the World of American Comics

novel Phantom Kid in the World of American Comics

"Phantom Kid in the World of American Comics" is mtl fanfiction about Kaitou Kid, and there is also Marvel in the novel.


A human has traveled into a world composed of various movies and animations, such as Marvel, DC, etc.

The phantom kid is very arrogant, he tried to trample all the American police under his feet. Therefore, before he steals anything, he will explain to the police in advance.

11. Rebirth of the Celebrity Business Woman

novel Rebirth of the Celebrity Business Woman

"Rebirth of the Celebrity Business Woman" is a reborn romantic mtl novel, led by a woman.


Tang Jingyun had an unpleasant life in her previous life. It was full of intrigue and couldn't trust anyone.

After she was reborn, she just wanted to live the life of an ordinary woman: find a good man to marry.

But contrary to expectations, she met a terrific person.

What a big deal! Tang Jingyun has a special ability!

12. Daughter-in-Law of a Noble House

Daughter-in-Law of a Noble House

"Daughter-in-Law of a Noble House" is a historical and romantic machine translation novel.


It was mainly about a woman from the Noble family, Fu Jin. All her clansmen died miserably. Later, she fell in love with Wei Tan in the chaotic world.

13. Zerg Queen Reborn

Zerg Queen Reborn

"Zerg Queen Reborn" is a science fiction romantic type machine translation novel.


In the previous life, Lu Changqing was a female general in the Federation, but many enemies of different races have been eyeing her.

After she died, she was reborn to the Zerg. She became a Zerg girl. What's more terrifying was that she heard that many male Zergs were going to have children with her. . .

MTL Novel App & Sites

At present, there are several recommended MTL novel sites: such as babel novel, comrade mao, mtlnovel, jpmtl, and web novel also has some machine-translated novels.

Among these sites, babel novel and web novel have the mtl novel app.

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