10 Best Norwegian Dating Sites & Apps: Meet Norwegian Singles

February 12


The best way to meet Norwegian singles is through online Norwegian dating sites.

The following site and app recommendations include international dating as well as those that focus only on Norwegians:

Norwegian dating sites Moteplassen

Moteplassen is an online dating site exclusively for singles in Norway. So 98% of the site's users are Norwegian. In the field of dating, it is the number one traffic among those local Norwegian dating sites.

Its registration process is very simple, just use your personal email address. You can also add photos of your own life to attract others.

You can then search for singles you like and access their profiles for free. However, if you want to send messages to the other party, you need to be a VIP member.

Its matching process is unique: you can take the test questions given by the website, and then get a personality analysis of yourself to match.

Norwegian dating site Tinder Norway

There is no doubt that the dating app Tinder is very popular in Norway. A lot of young people in Oslo receive a few likes and matches on Tinder.

And its free function is very powerful and it is in English. However, some Norwegian girls may become silent after initiating a conversation with you because they are shy or don't know how to proceed with the communication.

At this time, you need to take the initiative to find topics that can break the ice.

Plus, if you want to get more matches, you just need to upgrade your account.

3. Norway Dating: Norwegian Chat

app Norway Dating Norwegian Chat

This free Norwegian dating app makes it easy to meet random Norwegians around you.

Its special feature is that you can upload your own videos as a means of making friends. Of course, you can also check out videos of interested people around you.

After that, you can send unlimited messages to each other. When you like each other, then your start matching.

However, there is no IOS version of the app.

Norwegian dating sites Sukker

Similar to "Moteplassen", Sukker is also a dating site in Norway.

You can use your Facebook account to register and create a profile for free.

Its matching system is quite interesting. Calculations through a large number of algorithms will give you a long list of candidates.

And a matching tree will also be generated, so you can feel more visually who you are most suitable with.

Plus, it has free chat even if you're a non-VIP user. It hosts parties that allow more singles to find love. In addition, the website has a forum, which allows users to participate in discussions and facilitate communication.

Dating site EuroCupid

On Eurocupid, the international dating site, you can meet European singles. You will of course also meet Norwegian singles.

With 2 million singles here, it doesn't matter if you're a native Norwegian or Norwegian-American, you'll always find a match.

After registering for free, filling out your profile and uploading a photo, you can filter your partner according to different filters.

If you want to message each other, one of you must be a premium user. Also, it doesn't have an IOS version.

Norwegian dating app Match Norway

"Match", a popular dating app around the world, has created a subdomain for those who want to date Norwegian singles: no.match.com. It is enough to show the importance attached to the Norwegian dating market.

Even if you are a foreigner, you can use "Match" to find a Norwegian partner.

And when you add your profile, "Match" will tell you some tips to make you stand out.

In addition, when introducing yourself, if you can be more detailed, it will be easier to match Norwegian singles with similar personalities.

dating app Hinge Norway

Hinge is also a popular app in the Norwegian dating market.

No matter from the interface design or fluency of the app, Hinge is very professional.

What sets it apart from other Norwegian dating sites is that its mission is to help people not get obsessed with dating matches, but meet in some important places in real life.

8. Academic Singles

dating site Academic Singles

It's exactly what the site's name suggests: it's primarily a dating match for well-educated Norwegian singles.

When creating a profile, you can remain anonymous. Thus more privacy and security.

Plus, the Norwegian dating site has launched a new video calling feature. This way makes each other more excited and greatly promotes the understanding of the interests and hobbies of both parties.

ChristianCafe dating

In Norway, there are some people who are Christians. And ChristianCafe is a relatively good Norwegian Christian dating site, founded in 1999.

Here you can meet Christian singles and eventually find your soul mate.

You can sign up for a 10-day free trial using email. During this period, all functions of the website will be available to you. This includes sending e-mail and instant messaging, which is a great option.

10. Gaysir

Norwegian gay dating Gaysir

For LGBT people in Norway, there is a community that can help them date. That is Gaysir.

On this Norwegian gay dating site you can find tons of Norwegian gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

It's free to sign up and create a profile, but you must be 16 or older. Plus, it welcomes everyone to sign up, even if you're straight.


What Dating Sites do Norwegians Use?

For Norwegians, popular dating sites include:

  1. Tinder
  2. Moteplassen
  3. Sukker
  4. Match
  5. Hinge
  6. Badoo
  7. Bumble
  8. Happn
  9. Academic Singles
  10. Be2.no
  11. Norway Dating: Norwegian Chat

Is It Hard to Date in Norway?

The life of Norwegians is relatively laid-back. Even if you live there for 3 or 4 years, it may be difficult for you to make a few new friends in real life.

But it's not the same with online dating sites and apps. It's not that hard to date Norwegian singles at this time because people's words and actions are relatively bolder across the phone screen.

Norwegian Dating Culture

Norway, at the end of the world, ranks at the forefront of the United Nations World Happiness Report all year round.

What are the characteristics of Norwegian dating culture?

First, when you date a Norwegian for the first time, you don't meet for dinner.

Instead, people would meet at a coffee shop, and after three or four dates, they would go out to eat. Because eating out is a very formal behavior for Norwegians.

Second, if you want to establish a relationship with a Norwegian, you need to wait at least 3 to 4 months. They would date for a long time to secure a close relationship.

Third, due to geographical location. Dating outdoors is very common. Especially walking and skiing.

Fourth, sexual orientation is not an issue in Norway. Same-sex marriage was legalized in Norway in 2009.

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