Pop Mart Dimoo Zodiac Series: Popular Pop Mart Toys (Blind Box)

January 27


Pop Mart Dimoo Zodiac series is a blind box of cute Pop Mart toys in the Dimoo world.

According to the 12 constellations, there are 12 Zodiac toys. In addition, there is a Dimoo Zodiac secret version.

So, let's take a look at what the Zodiac series have:

Dimoo World

POP MART Dimoo Zodiac Series

No secret can escape the eyes of the stars.

Because they have played in the Milky Way since the birth of the universe, witnessing the story of everything in the world from beginning to end.

Everyone has a unique fantasy about constellations, so DIMOO is no exception.

It dresses itself up as different constellations in its imagination, hiding in the depths of the universe, and a romantic story is unfolding.

POP MART Dimoo Zodiac Series-1PC Blind Box Toy Box Bulk Popular Collectible Random Art Toy Hot Toys Cute Figure Creative Gift, for Christmas Birthday Party Holiday
  • Blind Box: The Dimoo Zodiac Series has 12 regular figurines and 1 secret edition.
  • The Perfect Gift for Tiny Girl or Boy: A perfect blind box toys gift for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day & more!
  • Collectible Art Toys Size: Each kawaii figure height is between 2.76 and 3.54 inches (7.00 cm to 9.10 cm). We measure the size manually. Slight discrepancies are considered normal. POP MART figurines are cute and worth collecting. Display them in different places at your home.
  • Material: Non-toxic, harmless, and odorless PVC/ABS/Paper material. The cute adult lucky box figures toys colors of the characters are vivid and not easy to fade. The surface is smooth and has high quality.
  • Note: Each blind box is randomly arranged. The chance to get a hidden figurine is around 1 in 144 blind boxes, so if you get it, you are very lucky! They are so rare!

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Dimoo Zodiac Series Aries

Dimoo Aries

White soft hair, spiral hard horns.

When Aries DIMOO raised his head, his eyes were stubborn and powerful.

Aries - Dimoo Horoscope

Aries will be in constant change, and life goals will also continue to be updated.

Then under such an opportunity, Aries may have a career advancement.

Advice: seize the opportunity.

Dimoo Zodiac Series Taurus

Dimoo Taurus

The bell on the collar made a pleasant ding-dong sound.

In addition, the horns gleamed in the sun.

Pop Mart DIMOO Zodiac Taurus is wearing cow pattern pants, with his hands raised above his head so that he can stand steadily.

Taurus - Dimoo Horoscope

This year's Taurus will be more stable, always working quietly, diligently, and down-to-earth, so it makes people feel comfortable.

Will spend more thoughts on learning, and get some achievements.

Suggestion: Work hard.

Dimoo Zodiac Series Gemini

Dimoo Gemini

It is day and night, but also angels and demons.

Pop Mart DIMOO Zodiac Gemini stands in the nebula hand in hand, blinking in the light and darkness.

Gemini - Dimoo Horoscope

Gemini is still in a relatively relaxed state this year.

Be more open to things that have been entangled.

Let go of some immediate worries, and you will find a new spiritual support in your life.

Unfettered twin DIMOO toys accompany themselves, allowing endless curiosity to fly.

Suggestion: calm and free.

Dimoo Zodiac Series Cancer

Dimoo Cancer

The huge crab claws rattled, and the transparent foam slowly rotated and flew away from the top of his head.

Pop Mart DIMOO Zodiac Cancer opened his hands and stepped on the foam with one foot.

Cancer - Dimoo Horoscope

This year's Cancer is more nervous about the future.

New plans may be tried, but you should be cautious.

There will be new opportunities in the relationship, and flexibility in making choices.

Cancer is gentle and careful, low-key but forbearing.

Recommendation: Open-minded and decisive.

Dimoo Zodiac Series Leo

Dimoo Leo

The roots of the mane like the little sun stand upright.

The pads on the soles of the feet are soft and elastic.

Pop Mart DIMOO Zodiac Leo put his hands on his belly and sat on the ground.

Leo - Dimoo Horoscope

This year's Leo may face a situation where reality does not match the plan.

Will spend a lot of energy communicating with people.

When encountering uncooperative situations, Leo needs to actively adjust social relationships in order to achieve more cooperation and win-win.

Active, brave and frank, Leo is always working hard to realize his grand dreams.

Suggestion: face up to communication.

Dimoo Zodiac Series Virgo

Dimoo Zodiac Series Virgo

Shrouded by the Holy Light.

The white dress was spotless.

Pop Mart Dimoo Zodiac Virgo reverently put his palms together and knelt on the ground praying for the coming of hope.

Virgo - Dimoo Horoscope

Virgo may face job changes this year.

There are many opportunities, and there is the possibility of unexpectedly opening a new relationship.

More likely to meet the right person at work.

But the perfectionist Virgo will refuse to reluctantly, for the purpose of firm and rational.

Suggestion: Don't be happy or sad for love.

Dimoo Zodiac Series Libra

Dimoo Libra

Surrounded by the stars and the moon, the plump wings are closed.

Pop Mart DIMOO Zodiac Libra stretched his arms to keep his balance, standing still in the clouds.

Libra - Dimoo Horoscope

This year is a free and willful year for Libra.

There may be a strong desire to invest, but you need to act cautiously.

Young Libra may encounter sudden love.

Libra, with an elegant temperament, always makes constant choices on the road to balance.

Proper: Stay sane.

Dimoo Zodiac Series Scorpio

Dimoo Scorpio

The raised pincers are like ears that stand upright.

The large tail is dotted with a crescent.

Pop Mart DIMOO Zodiac Scorpio held the translucent cloud in his hand and turned his head quietly.

Scorpio - Dimoo Horoscope

In the past year, Scorpio may have put a lot of energy into work.

But in the new year, Scorpio will gain a lot of friends.

The time for leisure and entertainment has increased relatively.

When faced with pressure from family members, Scorpio is deep and introverted, with a calm appearance but a mysterious heart.

Appropriate: rational discussion.

Dimoo Zodiac Series Sagittarius

Dimoo Zodiac Series Sagittarius

The shooting star passed by and turned into a tail.

The arrow is on the string, brewing a brilliant ascent.

Pop Mart Dimoo Zodiac series Sagittarius raised his front foot, held his breath, and locked his eyes tightly to the position of his arrow.

Sagittarius - Dimoo Horoscope

Sagittarius will deal with problems more rationally this year.

The feelings that could not be let go will return to plain.

Will devote more energy to study and life.

The Sagittarius, who symbolizes the coming of winter, always moves forward bravely, open-minded, sincere and candid.

Appropriate: relax.

Dimoo Capricornus

The enchanting horns reflected a sly light.

The mysterious cloud hides its secrets.

Pop Mart DIMOO Zodiac Capricorn flicked his magic wand, and the teardrops from the corners of his eyes slipped quietly.

Capricorn - Dimoo Horoscope

Capricorn will have a good fortune in the new year.

Will get the help and cooperation of friends, as well as the secret help of the nobles.

Try a few different things, and you will find a different version of yourself.

The peaceful Capricorn is always calm and unhurried, always thoughtful and kind.

Suitable: relax yourself.

Dimoo Zodiac Series Aquarius

Dimoo Zodiac Series Aquarius

In the soft-curved cyan water bottle, clear water flows out like a spring.

Pop Mart DIMOO Zodiac Aquarius is bathed in the rain, allowing the sun to pass through quietly.

Aquarius - Dimoo Horoscope

Aquarius will increase a lot of income this year.

May face changes in the surrounding environment and need to work hard to adapt.

Emotional aspect: Aquarius will face problems more bravely.

Born in winter, Aquarius coexists with indifference and enthusiasm, giving people a sense of freshness from beginning to end.

Suggestion: face it positively.

Dimoo Zodiac Series Pisces

Dimoo Pisces

The sunset-like dreamy pink-blue gradient is reflected on the gentle fish tail.

Pop Mart Dimoo Zodiac series Pisces closed his eyes tightly and gently kissed the cub he was holding.

Pisces - Dimoo Horoscope

Pisces will feel somewhat suppressed by reality in the past year.

In the new year, Pisces will return to freedom and become more immersed in his own enthusiasm.

Concentrate on interests more than ever.

Deeply surrounded by romantic fantasies.

The spiritual world is always colorful.

Recommendation: Keep things low-key

Dimoo Zodiac Secret

Pop Mart Dimoo Zodiac Series Secret

Wearing a pointed cap and a robe, there is a bright galaxy in the hair.

The astrologer DIMOO stood in the middle of the universe, surrounded by the stars, with a solemn expression.

It is different from other Dimoo Zodiac Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricom, Aquarius and Pisces.

The probability of you getting Dimoo Zodiac secret is 1:114.

blind box

In the Dimoo world, Pop Mart uses a blind box mechanism.

That is, each set of Dimoo Zodiac series contains 12 blind boxes. In these 12 blind boxes, there may or may not be a secret version of the Dimoo zodiac.

The purpose of setting the hidden version is to make the blind box more interesting and make you feel excited when you open it!

Where to Buy

Dimoo Zodiac

Dimoo has become friends with the stars. He has heard many stories about constellations and is about to share with you.

You can get Pop Mart Dimoo Zodiac series toys figures from the Official Pop Mart Website, Amazon Pop Mart Store and Aliexpress Pop Mart Official Store.


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