Sweet Bite Marks Ending: Xiaoxin and Luo Yi Have a Cute Daughter

April 9


Sweet Bite Marks, the manga created by Yikai and Ruisi, has ended, but the story continues in the hearts of fans.

The vampire prince Luo Yi and the human girl Du Xiaoxin, who accompany fans, continue to transform in the adventure and become leaders who can be independent.

Specifically, what happens at the end of the Sweet Bite Marks?

Sweet Bite Marks Ending

Sweet Bite Marks Ending Luo Yi daughter

The author gave us a happy ending: Xiaoxin and Luo Yi have a lovely daughter.

After the last battle, Luo Yi fainted in front of Xiao Xin because of his own health.

And this fainting is three years long, what happened during this period?


Sweet Bite Marks Ending Xiaoxin daughter

Xiaoxin, she insisted on giving birth to children of humans and vampires.

You know, the children of humans and vampires consume a lot of maternal energy. Moreover, Xiaoxin's body at that time could not bear the impact of the energy consumption brought by the child to her.

If it wasn't for Lan Li's timely appearance, Luo Yi would probably not be able to see Xiaoxin and his daughter after waking up.

Underground Organization

Sweet Bite Marks Underground Organizationjpg

While Luo Yi was sleeping, the new government defeated the underground organization.

Although there are still people fleeing, we will find out when we look at the wanted list: these people are familiar faces, but they are not enough to pose any threat.

But some people may wonder why Lan Li is also a wanted criminal?

The story here is very tortuous, no matter what, Lan Li still cares about Xiaoxin. Lan Li  just chose the life he wanted.

The Relationship Between Vampires and Humans

Vampires and Humans

What worries Luo Yi the most is what will happen to the relationship between vampires and humans after the battle is over?

The blood bag researched by the Academy and the new government was fully promoted, and vampires were gradually accepted by humans.

Remember those people who were afraid to face their feelings because of their different identities?

They finally have peace and can be with the people they truly love.

Tian Mei De Yao Hen Prince Sark

Prince Sark's outstanding performance in the previous plague incident required the new government to grant him free access to the capital.

Unexpectedly, he stayed here and became a foreign teacher at the school.

However, Xiaoling is not happy. Prince Sark accompanies Xin every day in women's clothing. Anyone who sees this situation will misunderstand.

ending Sweet Bite Marks

In the Sweet Bite Marks manga, Xiaoxin and Luo Yi have gone through so much to get such a happy ending.

It also tells us not to give up when we encounter difficulties. As long as you have faith in your heart and work hard for your goals, success will come soon.


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