Webnovel Redeem Codes: How to Get and Why the Redemption Failed?

April 9


Webnovel redeem codes can help you unlock popular stories, fan fictions, light novels and comics/manga for free.

However, some readers may fail to redeem the code.

Specifically, how to get the Webnovel redeem code, and what is the reason for the failure?

Prerequisites for Using Webnovel Redeem Code

Prerequisites for Using Webnovel Redemption Codes

Readers using Webnovel redeem code must be new users who have not previously registered with Webnovel or downloaded the Webnovel app.

On the other hand, new users also need to use this redeem code within 7 days. Otherwise, it will not take effect.

Why Did the Redeem Code Fail?

Redemption Code Fail

In addition to not meeting the above conditions, there are other reasons.

Some readers may think that as long as I sign up for Webnovel with a new account, I can become a new user and use the redeem code.


Because there may also be cases where your mobile device has been signed.

It is also possible that sometimes there are technical bugs in Webnovel that cause new users to fail to redeem. In this case, you can contact Webnovel and ask for their help.

Get Webnovel Redeem Codes

Redemption Code

If you are a user who meets the above criteria, then after you use the redeem code, you can get Fast Passes to read for free and save a little money.

Getting these redeem codes is very simple: each Webnovel user can share their own invitation codes, so that new users can use these invitation codes after registering with Webnovel.

Of course, you can also leave your redeem code in the comments so that more people can use it.

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