Sweet Bite Marks

"Sweet Bite Marks" is an original, Shoujo, vampire-themed manga written by Yikai and Ruisi.

It tells the romantic love story of an independent and introverted human girl from hating to falling in love with a vampire prince in the era of vampire rule.


Sweet Bite Marks manhua


  • Sweet Bite Marks
  • Sweet Bites
  • Tian Mei De Yao Hen
  • 甜美的咬痕

Protagonist: Du Xiaoxin, Luo Yi

Status: 186 Chapters + 6 Extras + 10 Side Story (Completed)

  • Season 1: Chapter 1~70
  • Season 2: Chapter 71~126
  • And Season 3: Chapter 127~186

Author: Yikai, Ruisi

Language: Chinese, English, Japanese, Vietnamese

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural, Vampires, Adapted to Anime


Sweet Bite

Is love confinement and possession, or devotion and freedom?

The mighty beautiful boy of the blood family fell in love with the humble blood servant girl.

Take a bite, and you are my personal property.

Main Characters

1. Du Xiaoxin


Sweet Bite Marks Du Xiaoxin

Height: 162cm

Age: 16 years old (first appearance). Now about 24

Brother: Du Xiaoling

Lover: Luo Yi

Identity: White Witch

Attributes: Possibly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

Ordinary Human Identity

When she was a child, her parents were killed by Luo Yi's father and became orphans. Therefore, she regarded vampires as beasts and enemies.

Excellent performance in the early stage, arrogant and cold personality, rather than bending. Therefore, she had a grudge with Luo Yi and suffered from school bullying.

Later, she was forced to become Luo Yi's blood servant, but fell in love with him uncontrollably. And confirmed the relationship with him.

Xiaoxin was originally entangled in the hatred between humans and blood clans. But in the end, for the peace of the whole world, she decided to work with Luo Yi to prevent the outbreak of war.

In the end, she married Luo Yi and gave birth to a daughter.

White Witch Identity

White Witch Du Xiaoxin

In "Sweet Bite Marks" manga, Xiaoxin is Fu Lei's niece, and they both have the blood of the White Witch.

Back then, Aunt Fu Lei sealed her ability to protect her and Xiaoling. Just to keep the siblings away from the war.

But now Fu Lei's witch power has been lost, and Xiaoxin has become the new White Witch.

Xiaoxin's witch power has become an indispensable force for mankind.

2. Luo Yi


Sweet Bite Marks Luo Yi

Height: 188cm

Age: 17 years old (first appearance). Now about 25

Brother: Luo De

Lover: Du Xiaoxin

Identity: the prince of the Blood Clan


Advanced blood clan, can control the growth freely, inherit the blood of the ancestor of the blood clan.

Not afraid of light and crosses, under normal circumstances, the wound can heal automatically.

While at School

Because the blood servant (Fu Lei) deceived himself when he was young, he hated humans very much.

When he first met Du Xiaoxin at school, he tried to have sex with she, but was sternly refused and was injured.

He became interested in Xiaoxin and forced her to be his blood servant.


Luo Yi awaken

In Sweet Bite Marks comic, Luo Yi thought that Xiaoxin had betrayed him. So he awakened his ability when his life was at stake, became the most powerful being in the family and went to war with humans.

But he still couldn't let go of Xiaoxin and didn't seriously hurt her.

In an unexpected encounter, the two finally cleared up the misunderstanding and were sweetly together. And for the peace of the whole world, decided to prevent the outbreak of war with Xiaoxin.


3. Luo De

Sweet Bite Marks Luo De

Luo Yi's brother, age is unknown. In Sweet Bite Marks season 1 and Sweet Bite Marks season 2, he hated humans and disliked Du Xiaoxin. Assist the younger brother Luo Yi to ascend to the position of Senior Elder.

Do not Accept Xiaoxin

In order to prevent him from taking his sister away, Du Xiaoling wanted to sneak up on him, but he found out.

Du Xiaoxin saw with her own eyes that he killed Xiaoling, lost her mind and fought with Luo De. When Luo De stabbed Xiaoxin in the chest, he was also stabbed by Xiaoxin.

When trying to kill the siblings, he was attacked by Fu Lei and was rescued by his friend Reynard when he was dying.


Luo Yi's brother

Two years later, Ya'er witnessed the affair between Luo Yi and Xiaoxin. Luo De, in order to keep the matter out of the public eye (to protect his younger brother), agreed to Ya'er - to devote all of his family's forces to the Holy War.

However, he fell into Yar's strategy, and in order to protect Luo Yi during the Holy War, he lost one arm.

He also reconciled with his younger brother. After getting out of the dangerous period, he began to understand Du Xiaoxin and gradually accepted her.

4. Xin

Sweet Bite Marks manga Xin

In the Sweet Bite Marks manhua, Xin is Luo Yi's subordinate and best friend, a mixture of human and Blood Clan.

He and Du Xiaoling are friends. After being injured by Ming Zheyan, Luo Yi risked being punished and gave Xin his own blood to make him recover. So his eyes turned into eccentric pupils.

When Luo Yi was dying, he always guarded him, and when Luo Yi woke up, he became "the only person who would not betray him".

Luo Yi's blood transformed his body at the same time. In a later war, Xin's ability awakened and gained the ability to Defend. Became a "Guardian of Luo Yi".

Xin and Du Xiaoling have a relationship beyond friendship.

5. Du Xiaoling

Sweet Bite Marks manga Du Xiaoling

He is the heroine Du Xiaoxin's only family and the most beloved younger brother.

With a poor physique and heart disease, Xiao Xin has been worried about him.

Du Xiaoling trusts Xin very much, and he and Xin are good friends (beyond friendship). He is Xiaoxin's spiritual support and the most important person in her heart.

When Luo De attacked the human village, he found them. In order to protect his sister, he picked up a sward and tried to attack Luo De. But he failed and was killed instead.

In the Sweet Bite Marks manhwa, he has woken up and joined the Blood Hunt.

6. Lan Li

Sweet Bite Marks Lan Li

He is a pharmacist who travels to the country where Luo Yi and Xiaoxin live.

He rescued Luo Yi after he was seriously injured by Will's attack. In exchange, Xin and Xiaoxin told him everything (including the peace plan).

Personal Doctor

Later served as Luo Yi's personal doctor. Smart humor. He is very interested in Xiaoxin.

In order to facilitate observation, he decided to temporarily stay in this country and develop a "Blood-Like Bag". At the same time, he also became a professor at a graduate school, and his popularity was quite high.

Often flirts with Du Xiaoxin, but always fails. Has a tragic past.

When Du Xiaoxin had a difficult childbirth and her life was dying, Lan Li appeared in time and saved her life.


Sweet Bite Marks manga Villain Lan Li

Lan Li is the hidden "villain" in the Sweet Bite Marks season 3 - Guardian chapter. By being Luo Yi's personal doctor, he gave Luo Yi medicine to lose his self-control.

This made Luo Yi lose control in the decisive battle and was controlled by Ya'er as a weapon.

But he really loves Xiaoxin, and he rescued Xiaoxin and her daughter.

7. Wen Ni

Sweet Bite Marks Wen Ni

Wen Ni is Xiaoxin's  roommate, and her character is restrained and strong.

When everyone smeared Xiaoxin, she was the only one who believed in Xiaoxin.

She serves as the student council president of the human side at the academy.

From being questioned at the beginning to being affirmed by all sides.

Later, she met Ming Zheyan through Xiaoxin and fell in love with him.

8. Fu Lei

Sweet Bite Marks Fu Lei

The spy who was chosen to infiltrate the Luo Yi family, Luo Yi's former blood servant.

She is the eldest sister in Luo Yi's life. She once promised to protect Luo Yi, but then it was over.

And she looks quite similar to the heroine. She is now the organizer of the Blood Hunt, and she is a witch. She has the blood of a white witch, but has lost the power of a witch.

Xiaoxin and Xiaoling's aunt. Back then, in order to protect her sister's child, Xiaoxin's ability was sealed. She just hope that Xiaoxin can take her younger brother away from the war.

Once had a fiancé who was Ming Zheyan's older brother.

9. Ming Zheyan

Sweet Bite Marks Ming Zheyan

Former name: Mingzhe Yanxi, human identity.

His brother was killed by the Luo Yi family. He likes Xiaoxin, and once made a promise to himself that he will protect Xiaoxin.

Xiaoxin's childhood playmate. Encourage Xiaoxin to join the Blood Hunt.

Fu Lei's former fiancé was his older brother, who had been killed by the vampires.

10. Mei Sha

Sweet Bite Marks Mei Sha

A sweet, quirky vampire.

She used to like Luo Yi. Once and Du Xiaoxin were injured at the same time, but Luo Yi did not give her a straight eye and broke her heart.

When she was desperate, Xin was the first to come forward to care about her, and thus fell in love with Xin. But Xin responded to her: "I just treat you as my sister."

11. Reynard

He is one of the elders of the vampire aristocracy and is good friends with Luo De.

Saved Luo De twice - once after Luo De was attacked by Fu Lei.

Another time during the Holy War two years later, Luo De was dying to protect his younger brother.

12. Lilia

Tian Mei De Yao Hen Lilia

The early character is arrogant and short-tempered.

Originally a carefree girl, she lost all her relatives due to Luo Yi and Du Xiaoxin's wrong decision. She fell from the clouds to the bottom overnight, so she hated them extremely.

The innate pride of aristocracy accompanied her throughout her life.

When she was in poverty, Luo Yi gave her a purse. But she was sternly rejected: "Even if I starve to death, I will not accept this kind of charity!" She is a character with backbone.

13. Will

He and Luo Yi have never been on good terms.

In order to frame Luo Yi, he disguised himself as a human, approached Xiaoxin, and took the opportunity to steal Luo Yi's family crest.

He was later punished and relegated to a remote northern area.

After secretly planning for many years, he left the north to seek revenge against Luo Yi.

He was eventually killed by Luo Yi, which also caused heavy damage to Luo Yi. He is a very strategic character.

14. Werewolves

Tian Mei De Yao Hen Werewolves

Members of the circus who have traveled from afar, are very good at pleasing people and have mysterious identities. Cute on the outside but cruel on the inside.

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