23 Best Audiobook Publishers and Companies

January 25


Audiobook publishers can turn your book into an audiobook. Or if you already have an audiobook and just want to sell it, these publishers can help you too.

Of course, you can get the best publishing results by choosing the right publisher according to your current requirements.

Specifically, what are the top audio book publishers and companies?

1. ACX


Amazon holds the No. 1 position in the US audiobook market with Audible. There are more than 200,000 audiobooks in Audible, including in various languages.

And these audiobooks are mainly published through ACX. There are 931,989 producers on ACX.

If you own the audio rights to your book, then you can start looking for producers at ACX. The producers first give you a 15-minute audio sample, and if you're satisfied, then they go on to record the entire audiobook.

When the recording is over, if you choose to distribute your audiobook exclusively, your audiobook will only be available for sale on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

If you choose to distribute non-exclusively, your audiobook can be sold outside of these three platforms. The royalties between the two are different and you can choose freely according to the situation.

2. Podium Audio

Audiobook Publishers Podium Audio

Podium Audio is one of the independent audiobook publishers, best known for publishing Andy Weir's "The Martian" audiobook.

The main categories of audio books published by Podium are: science fiction, fantasy and romance, suspense, and thriller.

If your book falls into one of these categories, publish it through Podium.

Blackstone Publishing

Audiobook publishing is mainly divided into the production and distribution of audiobooks, and these can be achieved by Blackstone Publishing.

Its purpose is to have long-term collaborations with the most talented authors in the world. For example: P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast, Shelley Shepard Gray, Nicholas Sansbury Smith and other authors.

Audiobook Publishers Brilliance Publishing

Brilliance Audio is part of Amazon Publishing. At the heart of its company is the audio dissemination of an author's book to the world through the voice of the narrator.

We should understand that how to publish an audiobook is simple.

All you need to do is contact audiobook companies and have them publish your audiobook with very professional narrators and distribution experience.

Publishers HarperCollins

Harpercollins is one of the top 5 English language publishing companies in the world and has been publishing authors' books since 1817. Its publishing business is a lot, and publishing audiobooks is only part of it.

The advantage of publishing audiobooks at Harpercollins is that you don't have to be a best-selling author, and it has a worldwide publishing presence.

6. Oasis Audio

Oasis Audio

Oasis Audio is a website that publishes a lot of Christian and inspirational audio books, would be a good choice.

It has been publishing audio books since 1999. Include titles from the Bible, fiction and non-fiction, and more.

7. Kobo


Among these audio book publishers, what makes Kobo special is that it provides a platform for authors: Kobo Writing Life.

Through this platform, users can publish your audiobook directly on Kobo.

All you need is to log in to Kobo Writing Life, fill out some information for the audiobook, and upload each chapter after that. Finally, you can also price your audiobooks.

8. Penguin Random House Audio

Penguin Random House Audio

Penguin Random House Audio is one of the very influential audiobook publishing companies.

Because it publishes many audiobooks from best-selling authors. For example: Margaret Atwood, Brené Brown, US President Barack Obama, etc.

In addition, numerous audio books published by this company have also won many awards. Such as the Grammy Awards and Odyssey Awards.

Publisher Graphic Audio

Graphic Audio was established in 2004. In its initial stage, it was mainly engaged in the publishing of audiobooks in the sci-fi genre.

For example: Alliance-Union Universe, American Craftsmen.

Publishers Tantor Media

Tantor Audio primarily produces audio books through award-winning books. Such as New York Times bestsellers, books that won the Man Booker Prize.

Therefore, if your book is not famous enough, it is not suitable for audio book publishing through Tantor Audio.

11. Books on Tape

Books on Tape has been around for nearly 50 years.

It started out primarily as an audiobook production for schools and libraries, and now offers audio recordings to regular consumers as well.

Findaway Voices is a great option for anyone looking to self-publish an audiobook.

You can create an account for free and upload your audiobook easily. You can also set prices and promotions.

And with Findaway Voices, you'll get 80% of the royalties for publishing audiobooks. As one of the audiobook narration companies, such royalties are very high!

Finally, according to Findaway Voices, the average audiobook is about 50,000 words, and the cost of making an audiobook is between $1,000 and $2,000.

RBmedia has over 60,000 audiobooks and a huge catalog.

It also owns 11 audio brands: such as Recorded Books, W. F. Howes Ltd, HighBridge, Wavesound, Tantor Media, Christian Audio, etc.

These audiobook companies cover all aspects of audiobook production and distribution.

14. Macmillan Audio

Many of the authors of audiobooks published through Macmillan Audio are very well known.

For example, he/she has won the Nobel Prize, the Booker Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, etc.

So if you are a best-selling author, you can choose to cooperate with Macmillan Audio on audiobooks.

Founded in 1970, Grand Central Publishing is a book publishing imprint. Currently it is mainly self-picking books for audiobook production, so it is not suitable for self-published authors.

Simon & Schuster is a top 3 publishing company in the United States. And it has audiobook publishing operations in the UK, India, Canada, Australia.

17. Dreamscape Publishing

Founded in 2010, it primarily does audio book production and distribution for those award-winning books. Including: inspirational, suspenseful and other audio books.

You can self-publish audiobooks through Publish Drive.

All you need to do is simply sign up for a Publish Drive account and upload your audiobooks and covers. And you can choose which platforms around the world to publish your audiobook on.

And their dashboard is very simple and easy to operate, and you can keep track of your audiobook sales at any time.

In general, among these audiobook publishers, Publish Drive is more suitable for beginners.

19. W.F.Howes Ltd

W.F.Howes Ltd is one of the leading UK audiobook publishers. It releases about 100 audiobooks per month. 

If your audiobook market is primarily in the UK, try W.F.Howes Ltd.

Scribe media can give your book a voice. This audiobook publisher provides the entire audiobook creation process. Includes: recording, post-production and distribution.

However, its price is relatively high.

21. Hachette Audio

It has won many audio awards since 2000.

And if you're a narrator, you can also contact Hachette Audio for collaboration.

22. Author's Republic

Author's Republic can help you make professional audiobooks. And because it's an independent audio book publisher, it can distribute audiobooks to various audiobook distributors around the world.

This way it won't be limited to certain platforms.

Plus, its royalties are 70% with no other hidden fees.

With Soundwise, you can self-publish audiobooks. It is characterized in that the price is arbitrarily set according to the advantages of the audiobook itself.

And with Soundwise's tools, you can sell your audiobooks globally in under 30 minutes, very fast and easy.

What's more, you can create a community for your audiobooks, which is very convenient for you to communicate with your readers.

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