Best Chinese Audiobook App: Top 10 Picks

September 10


Through the Chinese audiobook app, you will hear a lot of high-quality Chinese novels/stories.

And the types of Chinese audio books are very complete, and you can also learn Chinese while listening to the books.

Specifically, where can you listen to Chinese audiobooks?

Chinese Audiobook App Ximalaya app

The popularity of audiobooks in China is inseparable from the Ximalaya app. This Chinese audiobook app has a market share of 73% in China and has more than 600 million users.

The content of Chinese audiobooks in it covers web novels, life, health, textbooks, children's books, romance novels, cross talk, business, etc. And many audiobooks are free.

Ximalaya VS Himalaya

And it also has an English version of the Chinese audiobook app: Himalaya.

If you use a non-Chinese IP to access Ximalaya, then many high-quality Chinese audio books will not be available for you to listen to due to copyright issues. The solution is to use a VPN with a Chinese IP.

The great thing about Himalaya is that it's in English and doesn't require a VPN, which makes it easy for you to use. But the downside is that the number of Chinese audio books in it is lower than Ximalaya.

Recommended Chinese Audiobooks

  • Mo JIn Tian Shi - Suspense Type
  • Rebirth to 80s: Daughter-in-law is a Bit Spicy - Romance Type
Chinese Audiobooks App Audible Chinese app

Did you know Audible has Chinese books?

As one of the most popular audiobook apps in the world, Audible not only provides a large number of English audio books, but also began to produce and sell Chinese audio books.

In this Chinese audiobooks app, it provides Chinese audiobooks in the genres of history, fiction, romance, suspense, sci-fi, children's literature, self-growth, etc.

Audible Chinese Pros and Cons

The advantage of Audible Chinese is that if you have subscribed to Audible Premium Plus (30 Day Free Trial), then you will listen to these Chinese audio books for free. And using the Audible app is easy.

However, while its Chinese audiobooks are currently growing, the overall number is still insufficient.

Recommended Chinese Audiobooks

  • Fights Break Sphere - Fantasy Type
  • Candle in the Tomb - Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Type

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best Chinese Audiobook App Miss Evan

Miss Evan(猫耳FM) is a Chinese audiobook app owned by Chinese video website Bilibili.

The audiobooks in it are aimed primarily at female listeners.

Many are audio dramas of Chinese novels and manhua. The main types are BL, suspense, supernatural, girl, healing. For example: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation audiobook, and the radio drama of Saye.

Recommended Chinese Audiobooks Free

  • Qiang Jin Jiu - Historical, Mature, Mystery, Romance, Yaoi Type
  • Wildfire - Mature, Romance, Yaoi Type

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Audiobook App QT Fm

QT FM(蜻蜓FM) was launched in September 2011 and is the first audio-related app in China.

It features that in addition to Chinese audiobooks, you can listen to broadcasts from more than 3,000 radio stations. And there are 1000 school radio resources.

So far, the Chinese audiobook app has 450 million users.

The most popular Chinese audiobook worth listening to is "Lecture Room". It is about Chinese history.

Chinese Audiobooks for Beginners

  • Complete Course - Learn Mandarin Chinese with Paul Noble for Beginners
  • Learn Chinese In Your Sleep
Audiobook App LiZhi FM

LiZhi FM(荔枝FM) is very popular among Chinese young people. Here you can listen to Chinese audiobooks, bedtime stories, children's stories, cross talk and more.

Although the users of this Chinese audiobook app is not as good as that of QT FM, it currently has 200 million users. But its feature is that everyone can record audio, where you can hear the voices of many ordinary people.

You can also try posting your own audio on this app if you're interested. But at the same time, a disadvantage is that because the threshold is relatively low, the audio quality is uneven.

Best Chinese Language Audiobooks

  • The Journey to the West
  • Tao Te Ching

6. YouTube

Audiobook App YouTube

Youtube is a place to download Chinese audiobooks for free and also listen to them for free.

Many people will upload some Chinese audiobooks on YouTube. All you need is to find them by searching in Chinese.

Specifically how to do it?

"Audiobook" means "音频书 or 有声书" in Chinese. You need to search for "XXX 音频书" on YouTube. "XXX" is the name of the book you want to hear.


Audiobook Apps LRTS

LRTS(懒人听书) is a Chinese app where you can listen to popular novels.

Compared with the Ximalaya app, it focused on the field of Chinese audiobooks earlier, and there is no content such as radio stations. So the content in it is more vertical.

8. De Dao

Chinese Audiobook App De Dao

DeDao(得到) is a Chinese app that follows "Knowledge Payment".

Here, there are more than 200 experts and scholars in various fields. Provide you with knowledge in business, traditional culture, psychology, economics, management, history, natural sciences, etc.

It's most important that you can listen to some professional audio lessons. This app is perfect for those who want to improve themselves.

9. O2 Ting

The app currently has 100,000 Chinese works. Covers audio novels, literature and history, inspirational, parenting, cross talk, etc.

What's more, you can also download your favorite Chinese audio books offline.

10. WeChat Audiobook

If you are looking for the best app to read Chinese books, then choose WeChat Reading(微信读书) app.

And WeChat Audiobook(微信听书) is an app for you to listen to Chinese books. It has tons of genuine audio content in it, and you can listen to it for free for 90 minutes a day.

Some good Chinese audio book recommendations: "Three-Body Problem", "Sword Snow Stride".

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With this list of Chinese audiobook apps, you can listen to many different Chinese audiobooks that you like.

If you have any questions about the use of these apps, or if you are looking for an audio version of a Chinese book, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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