13 Best Pop Mart Figures Series: Cute and Fun Toys in Blind Boxes

February 1


In recent years, Pop Mart has gradually become popular all over the world, and the Pop Mart figures combined with the blind box mechanism brings a very mysterious feeling.

In particular, IPs such as Pop Mart Dimoo, Molly, SkullPanda, and The Monsters are very addicting.

Now let's check out these cute and fun Pop Mart figures/toys:

1. Pop Mart Dimoo Series

DIMOO's birthday is on a special day, May 20th. Born on such a loving day, it can be seen how much love the designer Ayan has given to it.

The story of Dimoo's world: the little boy Dimoo likes to travel in all mysterious and dreamy worlds, because he can meet many friends who grow up together during the journey.

The DIMOO WORLD series, with the little boy DIMOO as the protagonist, presents a huge world view with a dreamy beauty, and also interprets the designer's understanding of life.

Popular Pop Mart Dimoo Toys:

  1. Popmart Dimoo Zodiac Series
  2. Popmart Dimoo Aquarium series
  3. Dimoo Space Travel series

2. Pop Mart Molly

Molly, a pouting girl with big eyes, the designer is Kenny. She was born in 2006 and met Pop Mart in 2016. It is also the first independent IP of Pop Mart.

Popmart Molly series: 

From the first Molly zodiac series, to the Molly steampunk series, the Molly x Instinctoy series and the Molly one day series.

There are nearly 30 different series of Pop Mart figures blind boxes based on Molly alone.

3. Pop Mart Figures Harry Potter

As a world-class IP, Harry Potter has many derivative products in addition to novels and movies, but the combination with the trend blind box is the first time.

The combination of Pop Mart and Harry Potter can rejuvenate the classic IP, re-enter the market of young people, and at the same time make trendy toys more artistic and collectible.

4. Pop Mart The Monsters Series

The designer of THE MONSTERS is Long Jiasheng. He transformed the fantasy characters in his paintings into reality, which can directly touch people's hearts.

For example, the Pop Mart LABUBU series is an image in the fairy tales, born in the form of illustrations, from the depths of the forest, living in groups.

5. Pop Mart Pucky

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PUCKY is the name of the artist Bi Qi, from the elf character written by Shakespeare, representing the combination of the real and the illusory world.

This elf loves mischief and is mischievous, so don't be fooled by this cute Popmart toy. 

PUCKY also has a dark side, such as the earliest PUCKY clown alien series, and the sad clown in PUCKY circus series, vivid interpretation of fear and loneliness some time.

Popmart Pucky series recommendation: 

  • Pop Mart Pucky Horoscope Babies series

6. SkullPanda

At first sight of Pop Mart SkullPanda, you will be seized by an indescribable force. The environment in which it is located is dark, hollow, and endless, so it is a vast expanse that strikes people.

Its head is covered in a transparent astronaut helmet, and its face is indifferent under the spherical double braids.

It is the designer Xiong Miao who created this toy image.

Popmart SkullPanda series recommendation: 

7. Bobo and Coco

Pop Mart BOBO & COCO comes from the designer Kaka. BOBO is introverted and calm, and COCO is outgoing and active. The two partners have been with each other since their birth in 2018.

8. Pop Mart Figures Disney

Pop Mart Figures Disney

Pop Mart Theater Store is now in Disneytown!

In this magical paradise town, all the happiness gathers here.

A wonderful encounter is happening quietly.

The prelude to the theater is slowly opening, and the elves can't wait to meet you!

Popmart Disney series recommendation: 

  • Pop Mart Disney Zootopia Series
  • POP MART Disney Mickey and Friends Street Style Series

9. Pop Mart Sanrio

Pop Mart figures Sanrio

Sanrio owns several well-known cultural brands, such as HelloKitty. The combination of the Pop Mart blind box and HelloKitty adds a different image to HelloKitty.

10. Duckoo

DUCKOO is a cute duck from South Korea. Although he often looks expressionless, in fact, novel ideas pop up in his mind at any time and he is always ready to practice.

Although there is no one thing that is really good at now, he is occasionally ridiculed and obstructed by the surrounding.

But because of doing what he likes, DUCKOO's heart is always full of enthusiasm and courage.

11. Sweet Bean

Many fans think that Pop Mart Sweet Bean is a boy, but according to its designer, Sweet Bean has no fixed gender.

You can treat it as a little baby, give it more possibilities, and let it live with everyone's inner child.

12. Bunny

Pop Mart BUNNY, the little girl with cleft lip and palate, must have warmed many people. She comes from the creation of designer Siqi and was born in 2018.

From the BUNNY forest series, to the BUNNY Christmas series, to the BUNNY magic series, she always makes everyone feel deep love and energy.

13. Pop Mart Hirono Figures

The Hirono series is a very interesting IP. The POP MART figures in it have emotions, and those subtle self-feelings that no one notices are preserved in the design, which is easy to resonate.

Pop Mart Website/Store

Specifically, where can you get these Pop Mart figures/toys?

These Pop Mart figures toys generally have 12 regular figurines and 1 secret edition per series.

Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, these figurines are the perfect gift!

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