10 Best Chinese Science Fiction Books/Novels

February 16


Chinese science fiction has been developing rapidly, especially with the release of several movies and TV series based on novels in recent years.

So, what are some good books and authors to recommend?

Let's check it out soon:

Chinese science fiction The Three-Body Problem

If we can only choose one novel by one author to express Chinese sci-fi, then it is undoubtedly Cixin Liu 's "The Three-Body Problem".

This is a trilogy. It mainly tells the information exchange, life-and-death struggle between the human civilization on Earth and the Three-Body civilization, and the rise and fall of the two civilizations in the universe.

Ye Wenjie's tragic experience is the soul of the whole book. The power of this tragedy makes all dark settings believable. Explains all seemingly inconceivable motives: the individual wishing the whole to perish.

And this book has also been adapted into manga, anime and drama, which is also very worthy of attention.

Plus, it has a fanwork. That is "The Redemption of Time" written by Chinese science fiction author Baoshu.

Other Sci-fi Book Recommendations by the Author:

  • The Wandering Earth
  • To Hold Up the Sky
  • Ball Lightning
  • Supernova Era
  • The Village Teacher
  • Einstein's Equator
  • Full-Spectrum Barrage Jamming
  • Crazy Alien
  • With Her Eyes

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Han Song's "Hospital" trilogy is a dystopian milestone!

From the current hot topic of medical and health, it cuts into the dark side of human social system and cultural psychology that is difficult to touch.

Perspective on the barrenness of life, and re-examine the reality and illusion that we are blind to.

How to think about the changing medical situation in our era? How to understand sickness and pain on a cosmic scale? Han Song gave a solution to science fiction realism.

But there is a lot of irony and black humor in this science fiction book, as well as a lot of philosophical things. As a result, it may seem boring and esoteric to some.

Other Sci-fi Novel Recommendations by the Author:

  • Tombs of the Universe
  • Ancient Ship of the Desert
  • Red Ocean
  • Subway (AKA: Metro)
  • Track
  • Cold War and Messenger

3. Life-Death Balance by Jinkang Wang

In the 1990s, science fiction author Wang Jinkang once proposed that human beings can only rely on their own immunity to resist viruses.

He also suggested that some people acquire immunity through infection, rather than relying solely on "drugs".

And predicted that there will be a global outbreak of the epidemic in the first half of the 21st century.

The book "Life-Death Balance/生死平衡" mainly tells the story of Huang Fulin, a Chinese folk doctor, who miraculously extinguished the extinct smallpox virus epidemic in a large area during his travels in foreign countries.

His works are gloomy in style and rich in philosophical meaning. Good at setting up suspense, the work has strong readability. It is a good combination of serious literature and popular literature.

Other Sci-fi Story Recommendations by the Author:

  • Pathological
  • Ant People
  • Seven-Layered Shell
  • Time-Space Shift
  • Sowing Seeds on Mercury
  • Human-Like

4. Time and Space Deadlock by Xing He

The Chinese science fiction writer Xing He is good at describing the personality of adolescent schizophrenia, with outstanding imagination and ability to construct texts.

His work is deeply influenced by the creative ideas of Robert Louis Stevenson, Dostoevsky, Franz Kafka and Haruki Murakami. Filled with longing for long-gone human emotions, it plays out the tragicomedy of anachronism.

The main content of the novel "Time and Space Deadlock/时空死结": the elevator in the campus becomes a channel connecting different time and space and goes deep underground.

Through this passage the young protagonist travels through various eras and places.

Finally, he learned the way to leave this strange time and space, exhausted physically and mentally in the process of escaping, almost desperate...

5. Small Town Stories by Qi Yue

Chinese science fiction Small Town Stories

Is the 1999 we have gone through the real 1999?

Because of the disappearance of their companions, the four teenagers discovered the abnormality of the town and stepped into the vortex of secrets.

At this moment, the timeline of the world is at a standstill, countless possibilities are intertwined, and the big bang is approaching.

The town is about to be destroyed, human beings are about to be destroyed, and the universe is about to be destroyed, but that mysterious transparent creature is still silent...

Can the teenagers restart civilization?

6. Miscalculations of the World: Perfect Flaws by Song Zhao

This is a Chinese science fiction book similar to "Westworld".

In a distant era, engineer Rocky lived with his virtual lover named Alice, and was addicted to the world created by virtual reality for a long time and couldn't extricate himself.

When he re-entered the external real world, a series of unpredictable changes appeared.

In the end, when the development of the incident seemed to be turning around and perfecting, a huge danger suddenly appeared in front of him...

7. God's Will by Qian Li Fang

"God's Will/天意" is a Chinese historical science fiction novel.

It mainly tells: On the eve of the impending collapse of the Great Qin Empire, although Han Xin was talented, no one appreciated him.

And a mysterious man in black appeared in front of him and made a devil's deal with him.

The wheel of history has turned slowly since then.

Will history repeat itself according to the men in black's plan?

8. The City Trilogy by Shi-Kuo Chang

He is one of the advocates of Taiwan science fiction.

In the book "The City Trilogy", he built a Huhui world. He also invented Huhui text and formulated the ethical norms and marriage systems of this world. This is to allow readers to fully enter this world.

In society, people's evaluation of this book is also very high, and is considered modern classics.

9. Tian Xingjian by Yan Leisheng

"Tian Xing Jian/天行健" is a novel of war genre.

The author constructed an era of war out of thin air. The tragedy of the war, the fearlessness of the warriors, and the ever-changing plots make people extremely nervous during the reading process.

Whether it is the sharp swords and guns on the battlefield or the intrigue in the officialdom, "Tian Xingjian" has done a very deep portrayal, making people deeply feel the cruelty of war.

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Hao Jingfang is the second Chinese science fiction author to win the Hugo Award after Liu Cixin.

Main content of this novel:

The humans who immigrated to Mars broke out a war of independence against the earth. As a result of the war, the Earth and Mars formed two very different worlds that do not communicate with each other.

A hundred years later, Earth and Mars began a post-war relationship. A group of Martian teenagers were sent to Earth to study and grow up there.

When they return to Mars, they find their destiny swept up in the balance of these two worlds, who suspect each other.


Who are the Science Fiction Chinese Writers?

From the current point of view, the most famous science fiction author in China is Liu Cixin.

Of course, besides him, there are many other authors:

  • Han Song/韩松
  • Wang Jinkang/王晋康
  • Xing He/星河
  • Qi Yue/七月
  • Song Zhao/宋钊
  • Qian Lifang/钱莉芳
  • Shi-Kuo Chang/张系国
  • Yan Leisheng/燕垒生
  • Hao Jingfang/郝景芳
  • Liu Wenyang/柳文扬
  • Chen Qiufan/陈楸帆
  • Xia Jia/夏笳
  • He Xi/何夕
  • Tang Fei/糖匪
  • Long Zhihui/龙智慧
  • Zheng Jun/郑军

What are the Chinese Science Fiction Awards?

The Galaxy Award is the highest honor award in the field of Chinese fantasy novels (mainly science fiction).

The award-winning works represent the highest level of science fiction creation in mainland China.

Is The Three-Body Problem Easy to Read?

This book contains a lot of high-end physics vocabulary, and you may be hearing some technical terms for the first time.

In addition, you also need to have certain abstract thinking ability to read better.

Excluding these two factors, the whole book is very easy and interesting to read.

Another point is that this book was translated by Ken Liu.

And he can speak fluent Mandarin, has also worked as a programmer in the United States, and is also a science fiction writer. Therefore, the English version translated by him is very suitable.

Is The Three-Body Problem Banned in China?

No, this book was never banned in China. The novel is selling very well on some popular Chinese shopping sites. And the manhua, donghua and TV series adapted from this novel are also very popular in China.

What are the Chinese Science Fiction Movies?

Some sci-fi movies are good, the recommendations are as follows:

  • The Wandering Earth 1 (2019)
  • Dislocation (1986)
  • The Wandering Earth II (2023)
  • The Three-Body Problem (2025/Not released)
  • Folding City (2025/Not released)
  • Waterdrop (2015)

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