Great Journey of Teenagers: Shao Nian Ge Xing Anime

The martial arts anime "Great Journey of Teenagers" is adapted from Zhou Munan's original light novel of the same name.

Shao Nian Ge Xing season 1 has a total of 26 episodes. The second season of Feng Hua Xue Yue has a total of 32 episodes.

The work narrated the story of four young men with mysterious background and heroic spirit, who had been entangled with each other all the way in the martial world.


Shao Nian Ge Xing anime


Studios: CG Year

Genres: Historical, Martial Arts, Action, Adventure, Mystery

Director: Guo Yong, Chen Shengyao


  • Season 1: 26 (22 min. per ep.)
  • Season 2: 32

Protagonist: Xiao Se, Lei Wujie, Wuxin, Tang Lian, Sikong Qianluo


Season 1

Shao Nian Ge Xing season 1

After the death of Master Wangyou in Hanshui Temple, a mysterious golden coffin came into the world, causing disputes in the martial world.

The forces of all parties confront each other.

Lei Wujie, Xiao Se, Tang Lian, Sikong Qianluo and others were involved in the dispute one after another. A story about the golden coffin is about to unfold.

Season 2

Shao Nian Ge Xing season2

After Xiao Se and Lei Wujie came to Snow Moon City, Sikong Changfeng forcibly took Xiao Se as his apprentice, and Lei Wujie and Li Hanyi recognized each other.

As Xiao Se entered Snow Moon City, other princes of Heavenly Revelations City were eager to seek allies.

A battle between princes slowly unfolded at the Hero Banquet in Lei Clan.

Season 3

The production team will be working on the third season: "Immortal Mountain Beyond the Sea".

Release time undecided.


Xiao Se (Xiao Chuhe)

Great Journey of Teenagers Xiao Se

A stingy boss who is full of mystery, runs a run-down inn, but wears expensive clothes.

He is lazy and doesn't care about anything other than money, but he is very thoughtful.

He went to Snow Moon City with Lei Wujie because of debt collection.

Lei Wujie

Great Journey of Teenagers Lei Wujie

A disciple of the Lei Clan.

He is fond of red clothes, handsome in appearance, and innocent and warm-blooded.

On the way to Xueyue City, he met Xiao Se and Tang Lian, so several teenagers embarked on an extraordinary journey that shook the martial world. 

Wuxin (Ye Anshi)

Great Journey of Teenagers Wuxin

Due to the turmoil in the martial world twelve years ago, he lost his parents.

He was adopted by Master Wangyou since he was a child, and he is Wangyou's most trusted relative.

Wearing a white robe, he always has a smile on the corner of his mouth, and his martial arts are extremely high. He is a man full of mystery and temptation, more beautiful than a woman.

His real identity is Ye Anshi, the sect master of Outerheaven.

Tang Lian

Great Journey of Teenagers Tang Lian

Tang Lian is one of the most outstanding disciples of the Tang Clan. He is also the disciple of Baili Dongjun, the first city lord of Snow Moon City.

At first, he escorted the golden coffin to Biluo City, but on the way he met Lei Wujie and Xiao Se who were lost...

Sikong Qianluo

anime Great Journey of Teenagers Sikong Qianluo

The daughter of the Spear Immortal Sikong Changfeng.

In order to attract Xiao Se's attention, she was against him from the first time she met. But she is gentle in her heart, and she is even more loyal to Xiao Se.

Tiannü Rui

Great Journey of Teenagers Tiannü Rui

Snow Moon City's connector in Sangu City, Tang Lian's confidante.

With her own charm and means, she has managed the Beauty Village prosperously.

Under her ambiguous romance, she hides her sincerity towards Tang Lian...

Like her favorite red, she is a woman who is as passionate as fire and fragrant as wine.


Great Journey of Teenagers Yueji

Yueji and Minghou are a pair of killers who are frightened by the world.

The two get along day and night, inseparable, life and death go hand in hand.

She not only trusts Minghou like a family member, but also unconditionally supports and accompanies Minghou to find the truth of the Xue Yi Lou massacre.


Great Journey of Teenagers Minghou

The top five killers on the martial arts killer list.

When he was a teenager, he experienced the massacre of the family and lost his memory of that night. He has been searching for answers since then, and finally Wuxin helped him retrieve his memory when he first appeared.

White-haired Immortal

Great Journey of Teenagers White-haired Immortal

It is said that martial arts has now reached the realm of Xiao Yao Heaven.

Zhao Yuzhen

Great Journey of Teenagers Zhao Yuzhen

One of the Five Sword Immortals, Daoist Sword Immortal, the first person in Qingcheng Mountain.

He was taken to the mountain at birth and stayed on the mountain all the time. Going down the mountain for Li Hanyi.

The young version mainly shows innocence, while the middle-aged version is a little more calm, especially in front of the disciples.

Shao Nian Ge Xing Li Hanyi

Snow Moon Sword Immortal, one of the Five Sword Immortals in the world, Lei Wujie's master and sister.

She usually uses a mask to change her voice, and after taking off the mask, she restores her original voice, and she looks very beautiful.

The character is cold and arrogant, not good at communication, and obsessed with swordsmanship.

She likes Zhao Yuzhen and cares about her relatives (Lei Wujie, Li Xinyue, etc.) but she doesn't know how to express it.

Ye Ruoyi

Shao Nian Ge Xing Ye Ruoyi

The daughter of the general Ye Xiaoying. Smart and ambitious. However, she was weak since childhood, and later recuperated in Snow Moon City.

Growing up with Xiao Se, she admired his talent and wanted to assist him as an emperor.

Ji Xue

Shao Nian Ge Xing Ji Xue

The Bai Hu in the Four Guardians of Heavenly Revelations City. The only daughter of Xiao Se's master Ji Ruofeng (Bai Xiaosheng). Currently, she is in charge of Bai Xiao Hall for Xiao Se and manages intelligence.

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  • I love this series. It is fun mostly but love the characters and what they bring to this series. It seems to get more exciting each season.

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