Shao Nian Ge Xing

"Shao Nian Ge Xing" is a new-style martial arts novel serialized in "8kana", the author is Zhou Munan.


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  • Shao Nian Ge Xing
  • Great Journey of Teenagers
  • 少年歌行
  • Song of Adolescence

Protagonist: Xiao Se, Wuxin, Lei Wujie, Tang Lian, Sikong Qianluo

Status: 460 chapters + 8 extra chapters(Completed)

  • Chapters 1-27: Golden Coffin
  • Chapters 28-194: Feng Hua Xue Yue
  • And Chapters 195-280: Immortal Mountain Beyond the Sea
  • Chapters 281-460: Blood Soaked Heavenly Revelations

Author: 周木楠 / Zhou Mu Nan

Language: Chinese/English

Genre: Wuxia, Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Martial Arts, Fighting, Adapted to Anime, Adapted to Drama, Adapted to Manhua, Adapted to Game

Shao Nian Ge Xing Novel Synopsis

Shao Nian Ge Xing Novel introduction

Lei Wujie, a young boy from the Lei Clan who entered the martial world for the first time, and the hidden prince Xiao Se met in Fallen Snow Villa.

After that, they went into the martial world together, got involved in the disputes in the court, and helped each other in the conspiracy and treacherous, and finally became famous in the world.

Main Characters

1. Xiao Se

Shao Nian Ge Xing Xiao Se

Xiao Se was originally named Xiao Chuhe. The sixth prince of Beili, the King of Yong'an. He studied under Ji Ruofeng and Sikong Changfeng.

He was expelled from Heavenly Revelations City by Emperor Xiao Ruojin because he pleaded for Xiao Ruofeng, the King of Langya.

On the way to leave, he was injured by Wrath Sword Immortal "Yan Zhantian", and the hidden veins were destroyed by the previous generation Grand Eunuch Zhuo Qing Gong Gong who hid in the dark.

As a result, he couldn't use his internal force, and only had Qinggong left.

Since then, he has been hidden in the mountains, changed his name to Xiao Se, and became the boss of Fallen Snow Villa.

One day, he ran into Lei Wujie. Because Lei Wujie owed five hundred taels of silver, he and Lei Wujie set foot on the road to Snow Moon City, and re-entered the martial world from now on.

He and Sikong Qianluo fell in love with each other.

Weapons: Wuji Staff, Heavenly Sword.

2. Lei Wujie

Shao Nian Ge Xing Lei Wujie

Lei Wujie was a disciple of Lei Clan, who was under the tutelage of Lei Hong and used gunpowder.

At the beginning of the story, he entered the martial world alone, and met Xiao Se, Tang Lian, Wuxin and others one after another.

After entering Snow Moon City, he met his sister Li Hanyi and learned swordsmanship. Later, he entered Sword Heart Tomb and learned sword heart.

He was smart, innocent and also an idiot on directions.

He and Ye Ruoyi are in love with each other.

Qinglong Guardian of the four guardians of the Heavenly Revelations City.

Weapons: Gunpowder, Murderous Dread Sword, Rainfall Sword, Heart Sword.

3. Wuxin

Shao Nian Ge Xing Lei Wu Xin

Wuxin's real name is Ye Anshi. The son of Ye Ding, the leader of the Outerheaven, and the disciple of Master Wangyou.

At the age of five, his father died in a failed attack on Beili, and he was forced to make an agreement to stay in Beili for twelve years. Master Wangyou took in Wuxin at Hanshan Temple and taught Buddhist practice.

At the end of the 12-year period, Wangyou was so worried about Wuxin that he lost his mind and died.

4. Tan Lian

Shao Nian Ge Xing Tang Lian

Tang Lian is the eldest disciple of the Tang Clan. And he has worshipped Tang Lianyue as his teacher since he was a child.

Later, he entered Snow Moon City, studied under Baili Dongjun, and became Snow Moon City's eldest disciple.

Calm personality, act upright and awe-inspiring. He met Xiao Se and Lei Wujie in martial world.

He is in love with Rui, the goddess of Beauty Village in Sangu City.

Xuanwu Guardian of the Four Guardians of the Heavenly Revelations City.

Weapons: Hidden weapons, poison.

5. Sikong Qianluo

Shao Nian Ge Xing Sikong Qianluo

Sikong Qianluo: The daughter of the Spear Immortal Sikong Changfeng, who inherited the "Silver Moon Spear" of the Spear Immortal.

Straightforward personality, dare to love and hate.

Fall in love with Xiao Se at first sight.

"I will use a spear to enter Xiaoyao and help you regain the throne of Heavenly Revelations and ride the dragon!"

She was willing to carry a spear to death for Xiao Se, and use the spear in her hand to cut through thorns for her beloved.

Zhuque Guardian of the Four Guardians of the Heavenly Revelations City.

Weapons: Silver Moon Spear.


6. Wushuang

Shao Nian Ge Xing Wushuang

The youngest city lord of Unrivaled City seems innocent and naive, but in fact has a delicate mind.

He can't always remember the people he despises, but he attaches great importance to the people he recognizes. Compassionate with Lei Wujie.

Weapon: Thirteen Sword Casket.

7. Ji Xue

Shao Nian Ge Xing Ji Xue

The daughter of Ji Ruofeng, the former head of Bai Xiao Hall, and the current head of Bai Xiao Hall.

With white hair and a straight-forward personality. Since the beginning of the fight for the throne, she has supported Xiao Se and contributed a lot to it.

Baihu Guardian of the Four Guardians of the Heavenly Revelations City.

Weapons: Yunqi Stick.

8. Ye Ruoyi

Shao Nian Ge Xing Ye Ruoyi

The daughter of the general Ye Xiaoying, who was born with a heart failure, recuperates in Snow Moon City.

She is extremely intelligent and met Xiao Se at a young age.

She firmly believes that Xiao Se is the one who should inherit the throne, and actively gives advice for him.

9. Baili Dongjun

Shao Nian Ge Xing Baili Dongjun

The Wine Immortal, the lord of Snow Moon City, and the master of Tang Lian.

Free and easy character. Holding a sword can be a Sword Immortal. But he likes to use a pair of fists, and his strength reaches the full version of the Divine Travel Profound Realm.

In order to brew Meng Po soup, he went overseas to immortal mountains.

10. Li Hanyi

Shao Nian Ge Xing Li Hanyi

Snow Moon Sword Immortal, the Second Citymaster of Snow Moon City.

The granddaughter of Li Suwang, the owner of the Sword Heart Tomb.

The daughter of the general Lei Mengsha and the former Qinglong guardian Li Xinyue, the sister of Lei Wujie.

Weapons: Iron Horse Glacier, Peach Blossom.

11. Sikong Changfeng

Shao Nian Ge Xing Sikong Changfeng

Spear Immortal, the Third Citymaster of Snow Moon City, Sikong Qianluo's father, and Xiao Se's master.

He once worshipped the Medicine King Xin Baicao as a teacher to learn medical skills, and was the only person in charge of the three city masters of Snow Moon City.

Former Zhuque Guardian of the Four Guardians of the Heavenly Revelations City.

Weapon: Black Moon Spear.

12. Xie Xuan

Shao Nian Ge Xing Xie Xuan

Confucian Sword Immortal. After studying for decades, one day he handed out a sword and became a Sword Immortal.

He is upright and free and easy, and has helped Xiao Se and others many times.

13. Yan Zhantian

great journey of teenagers Yan Zhantian

Wrath Sword Immortal, one of the four great devils in the world.

Once attacked Xiao Se (Xiao Chuhe), he was stopped by Ji Ruofeng. But it also led to Xiao Se being taken advantage of by Zhuo Qing to abolish martial arts.

Support for White Prince Xiao Chong.

Weapon: Army Destroyer.

14. Luo Qingyang

Solitary Sword Immortal, whose strength ranks first among the five Sword Immortals.

Back then, because he loved his junior sister Yi Wenjun (the mother of Wuxin and Xiao Yu), he was unable to be with her.

Therefore, he lives alone in Admirable Desolation City, and he is determined to go out into the mountains to regain his love after he has mastered the swordsmanship.

Support for Red King Xiao Yu.

Weapon: Nine Songs.

15. Zhao Yuzhen

Shao Nian Ge Xing Zhao Yuzhen

Daoist Sword Immortal, the headmaster of Mount Qingcheng, Li Hanyi's lover.

He is the number one swordsman and Taoist in Qingcheng Mountain for a hundred years, and it is said that his strength is not under the Solitary Sword Immortal Luo Qingyang.

He has lived on the mountain shortly after birth and has not descended for decades.

Weapons: Peach Blossom, Qingxiao.

16. Li Fansong

Shao Nian Ge Xing Li Fansong

He was the descendant of Zhao Yuzhen's swordsmanship, and later he took Xie Xuan as his teacher.

Weapon: Qingxiao.

17. Feixuan

Shao Nian Ge Xing Feixuan

He is the successor of Zhao Yuzhen's Taoism, and he calls Li Fansong "Little Martial Uncle".

18. Yin Luoxia

great journey of teenagers Yin Luoxia

The fourth character of Snow Moon City, a great beauty who likes to gamble, the daughter of the Gambling King.

Powerful and extraordinary, she had a relationship with Song Yanhui, the Unrivaled City lord, but the two did not get together in the end.

19. Luo Mingxuan

great journey of teenagers Luo Mingxuan

Yin Luoxia's disciple. He also likes to gamble and loves his master deeply.

20. Hua Jin

great journey of teenagers Hua Jin

Medicine King Xin Baicao's apprentice, a little girl, Sikong Changfeng's junior sister, completely inherited Medicine King's superb medical skills.

21. Mu Chunfeng

The third son of the Mu family, the richest man in Qingzhou, is a man who values righteousness and low profit.

Befriend Xiao Se and others, and learn medicine from Hua Jin as a teacher.

22. Qi Tianchen

great journey of teenagers Qi Tianchen

Director of Astrology, State Preceptor.

The strength is unfathomable, and he has entered the realm of half-step immortal travel.

He has a very easy-going personality and occasionally shows a humorous side.

23. Ji Ruofeng

great journey of teenagers Ji Ruofeng

The hall master of Baixiao Hall, Xiao Se's master, and Ji Xue's father.

In order to save Xiao Se, he was seriously injured by the former Grand Eunuch Zhuo Qing Gong Gong. He had to live in seclusion in the mountains and be treated one-on-one by the King of Medicine Xin Baicao.

The former Baihu Guardian.

24. Tang Lianyue

great journey of teenagers Tang Lianyue

Tang Clan's first master, Tang Lian's master. He is the number one in the world using hidden weapons and poisoning.

He was placed under house arrest for opposing Tang Clan's participation in the attack on Lei Clan, and later succeeded as Sect Master of Tang Clan.

25. Lei Hong

great journey of teenagers Lei Hong

One of the two heroes of Lei Clan, Lei Wujie's master.

Infatuated with Li Hanyi, he has not stepped out of the Lei Clan for many years, and later became Lei Sword Immortal.

26. Lei Yunhe

great journey of teenagers Lei Yunhe

One of the two heroes of Lei Clan, the brother of Lei Qianhu, the head of Lei Clan.

He had one arm chopped off by Zhao Yuzhen and lived in seclusion in Snow Moon City.

After the realm was restored, he challenged Zhao Yuzhen again, and the two battled to a draw.

27. Xiao Chong

great journey of teenagers Xiao Chong

The second prince of Beili, the White Prince.

When he was young, he was hurt by people, resulting in blindness. And he behaved like an emperor.

28. Xiao Yu

great journey of teenagers Xiao Yu

The Seventh Prince of Beili, the Red Prince.

He had the same mother but different father with Wuxin, and worshiped Luo Qingyang as his adoptive father, and compete with Xiao Se and Xiao Chong for the throne.

29. Xiao Lingchen

The son of Xiao Ruofeng, the King of Langya.

Back then, he fled to the sea and then led his former subordinates back to Heavenly Revelations City, seeking justice for his father.

30. Su Changhe

great journey of teenagers Su Changhe

Head of Hidden River, ambitious.

At that time, he joined forces with the Central Plains Wulin to resist the invasion of the Demon Sect (Outerheaven), and later participated in the battle for the throne of Beili.

Pretending to take refuge with the White Prince, in fact, he was on the side of the Red Prince.

31. Su Muyu

great journey of teenagers Su Muyu

The Patriarch of the Su Family, the former No. 1 killer of the Hidden River, is known as the Umbrella Ghost.

Together with Ye Dingzhi, the former leader of the Outerheaven, Zhuoqing, the former Grand Eunuch of Beili, and Yan Zhantian, the Wrath Sword Immortal, they are also known as the four major demons in the world.

32. Jin Xian

great journey of teenagers Jin Xian

Eunuch of Incense Jin Xian Gonggong. He is close friends with Xiao Se's master Ji Ruofeng.

Formerly known as Shen Jingzhou, his family changed drastically when he was young.

At the age of seventeen, he challenged the martial world, and he had few rivals. He was called Snowstorm Sword by martial world.

32. Jin Xuan

The head of the five eunuchs of Heavenly Revelations City, and grew up with Xiao Ruojin, Emperor Mingde, his strength is unfathomable.

In the early years, under the order of Emperor Mingde, he lurked beside the Red Prince to observe the prince's competition.

But then the purpose gradually deviated, and he became a person who participated in the competition for the prince.

33. Mo Yi

An overseas immortal, Qi Tianchen's junior brother, the world's number one master. It has been decades since he entered the Divine Travelling Profound Realm.

The death of his younger sister when he was a child was an eternal pain in his heart, and the idea of resurrecting his younger sister made him enter the realm of Ghost Immortal.

Later, with the efforts of Baili Dongjun, Qi Tianchen, Xiao Se and others, he let go of his obsession and treated Xiao Se for his injuries.

Martial Arts Realm

great journey of teenagers Martial Arts Realm

Commented by Ji Ruofeng, the head of Bai Xiao Hall.

The first realm of Vajra Mortal Realm.

The second realm is the Free Earth Realm.

And the third realm was the Unconstrained Sky realm.

The fourth realm, the Profound Spirit Journal Realm, is only in legends. As of the end of the world, there are only three people who have fully reached this state: Mo Yi, Baili Dongjun, and Luo Qingyang.

Top 10 Famous Swords

great journey of teenagers Top Ten Famous Swords

According to the Sword Heart Tomb, the top ten famous swords in the world were listed according to the sword manual.

The No. 1 sword, Tian Zhan. It was guarded by the State Preceptor, Qi Tianchen, and then became Xiao Se's sword.

The No. 2 sword, Da Ming Suzaku. It is the treasure of Unrivaled City, which is hidden in the Thirteen Sword Casket. And it is the sword of Wushuang, the owner of Unrivaled City.

The No. 3 sword, Iron Horse Glacier. This sword is the coldest sword in the world. It was originally sealed on the top of Kunlun Mountains. It was held by Li Hanyi, Snow Moon Sword Immortal.

The No. 4 sword, Heart. It is Lei Wujie's sword.

great journey of teenagers Heart Sword

The No. 5 sword, Army Destroyer. The sword is blunt and heavy, and it is the sword of the Wrath Sword Immortal Yan Zhantian.

great journey of teenagers Army Destroyer Sword

Qing Xiao, The No. 6 sword. It was passed on to Zhao Yuzhen, the Sectmaster of Qingcheng Mountain, and later to Li Fansong.

The No. 7 sword, Dong Qian Mountain. And the current owner is Mu Chunfeng.

The No. 8 sword, Hao Que. The sword originally worn by the King of Langya Xiao Ruofeng.

Frost Snow, The No. 9 sword. But the successor didn't know.

Wu You, The No. 10 sword. But the successor didn't know.

Shao Nian Ge Xing Manhua/Manga

manhua shao nian ge xing

Shao Nian Ge Xing's manhua currently include Feng Hua Xue Yue manhua, which are published on Bilibili Comics.

Great Journey of Teenagers Anime

Great Journey of Teenagers Anime donghua

The anime of Shao Nian Ge Xing has been released for two seasons so far. The name is "Great Journey of Teenagers".

Shao Nian Ge Xing Drama

Chinese Drama Shao Nian Ge Xing

"Shao Nian Ge Xing" has been adapted into a martial arts TV series, starring Li Hongyi, Lin Boyang, Ao Ruipeng, Li Xinze, Dai Yanni, Liu Xueyi, etc.

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