Xiao Se(Novel Character): Shao Nian Ge Xing

Xiao Se is a character in Zhou Munan's novel "Shao Nian Ge Xing" and the anime adaptation. His original name is Xiao Chuhe, and he is the soul of the whole novel.

The owner of Fallen Snow Mountain Villa, whose real identity is the sixth prince of Beili. Talented since childhood, he entered the Realm of Zi Zai at the age of thirteen.


xiao se shao nian ge xing

Name: Xiao Se

Alias: Xiao Chuhe, Boss Xiao, King Yong'An, Brother Chuhe, Your Highness, Miser

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Height: 183 cm

Birthplace: Beili

Identity: The sixth prince of Beili, the owner of  Fallen Snow Mountain Villa

The Realm of Martial Arts: Half-step Immortal Tour

Weapons: Wuji Staff, Heavenly Sword

Master: Xiao Ruofeng, Bai Xiaosheng (Ji Ruofeng), Sikong Changfeng

Lover: Sikong Qianluo

Character's Experience

Xiao Chu He

xiao chu he shao nian ge xing

He was originally Xiao Chuhe, the sixth prince of Beili, Yong'An King, and was born when Emperor Mingde succeeded to the throne.

The young Xiao Chuhe was outstanding in martial arts, art of war and even literature. Many people praised him for having the demeanor of his younger uncle, King Langya. And he himself had a very good personal relationship with King Langya.

At the age of fifteen, King Langya was imprisoned for a treason case, and Xiao Chuhe firmly believed that King Langya was framed. Young and stubborn, he stood alone in the court and even said 13 suspicious things about the King Langya's rebellion. This aroused the anger of Emperor Mingde, so he was demoted to a commoner and exiled to Qingzhou.

At the age of seventeen, Emperor Mingde forgave him the crime of disrespect, and he was crowned King of Yong'an, recalled to Heavenly Revelations City, but did not return. In the same year, on a rainy night, he was intercepted by the Wrath Sword Immortal Yan Zhantian, and was seriously injured in a coma. Master Ji Ruofeng took action to stop it in time, and during the fierce battle, the former Grand Eunuch Zhuoqing secretly took action to abolish Xiao Chuhe's hidden veins.

A proud boy, a rebellious young man fell from the clouds in an instant. Xiao Chuhe, who has gone through all kinds of changes, has since disappeared into the world under the pseudonym Xiao Se.

Xiao Se

shao nian ge xing xiao se beili

At the beginning of the story, in the dilapidated inn, with the arrival of Lei Wujie, Xiao Se decided to re-enter the Martial World Dispute.

Betting on life and death at Beauty Village, he met Tang Lian, the eldest disciple of Snow Moon City who escorted the golden coffin, and Wuxin, the little monk in the golden coffin.

Entering Snow Moon City, Sikong Changfeng asked to accept Xiao Se as a disciple, but was rejected by Xiao Se. But later, Xiao Se agreed because Sikong Changfeng promised a monthly salary of 8 million taels.

Outside Lei Clan, Xiao Se was forced to use the Wuji stick technique to defeat Xie Qidao. On the verge of life and death, he was able to live for several days under the treatment of the descendants of Medicine King. The hidden true identity is also known by the companions.

Xiao Se and his party went to Penglai Island, an overseas immortal mountain, to look for immortals. The bleak hidden vein has been repaired, but the martial arts need to be re-cultivated.

Competition for the Throne

Knowing that there was an accident at the annual ceremony in Heavenly Revelations City, Xiao Se was worried about the safety of his companions and left without saying goodbye. Returning to Heavenly Revelations City alone, provoking the battle for the prince that has been lurking for many years.

Solitary Sword Immortal challenges Heavenly Revelations City, and Xiao Se goes to fight. During the fierce battle, Xiao Se received the Sword of Heavenly Slash according to his destiny, and his realm reached half-step Immorality.

After the death of Emperor Mingde, there was a riot. The Western Chu Yaoren poisoned Heavenly Revelations City, and the Nanjue army launched an attack. The border crisis, the national disaster, Xiao Chuhe led an army of 200,000 to meet Nanjue.

After the triumph, he gave up the throne and let Xiao Chong, the White Prince, become the emperor. He returned to Fallen Snow Mountain Villa with Lei Wujie and Sikong Qianluo. Since then, leaning on the sword and singing, life is free.


Yong'An King Xiao Chuhe

Yong'An King Xiao Chuhe

He has a pure and good temperament, has the world in mind, is stubborn and unrestrained, has a high-spirited spirit, and has a pure heart.

He likes to study chess skills, like to ride the horse in Heavenly Revelations City, and long to become a generation of swordsmen.

At that time, Xiao Chuhe liked to ride his horse through Heavenly Revelations City when he was arrogant. When he was quiet, he could hide in the house and study a chess manual without going out for more than ten days.

That was his best time, and everyone believed in him, respected him, and appreciated him.

Fallen Snow Mountain Villa Xiao Se

Fallen Snow Mountain Villa Xiao se

After the accident, Xiao Se is arrogant and dark-bellied, and has a naughty personality. He is familiar with all kinds of conspiracies and tricks, and has a very good understanding of the secrets of the Martial World.

A lazy and careless look, but he is kind-hearted and empathetic. Careful thinking, able to keenly perceive all kinds of details and situations, possessing a temperament far beyond others, and doing things clearly and systematically.

In his spare time, he likes to lie on the roof and watch the direction of Heavenly Revelations City. Afraid of spiders, he secretly rubs his hands when he is nervous.

Weapons Used

Wuji Staff

Wuji Staff

The tip of the stick is inlaid with a piece of jade, flowing with red blood-colored light.

Heavenly Sword

The front is painted with stars all over the sky, and the back is painted with mountains, rivers and seas.

Known as the first sword in the world, it is a long sword that only the monarchs chosen by God are qualified to wear.

Cultivation Methods Used

Wuji Staff Skill

Waving the stick, like breaking out of a cloud, carrying the power of the sky and the sea.

Ba Gua Xin Men

The unique skill of the Huanglong Mountain.

Heart Evil Leads

Rakshasa Hall martial arts. This shows the demons of one's own heart and the demons of others.

Step on the Clouds and the Wind

The number one Qinggong in the world.

Split Country Swordsmanship

The swordsmanship created by the ancestors of the Beili, the sword of killing.

Scolding Swordsmanship

Lei Wujie passed it on to Xiao Se. When using it, even Solitary Sword Immortal can't continue to use the Dance of National Sorrow. (Don't use it on Solitary Sword Immortal at your own risk)

Character Relationships


Sikong Qianluo

Xiao Se Lover

The daughter of the Spear Immortal Sikong Changfeng, the third city lord of Snow Moon City. She is Zhu Que in the four guardians of the Heavenly Revelations City. After Xiao Se entered Snow Moon City, she fell in love for a long time.

Provided a lot of help for Xiao Se. Engaged to Xiao Se at the end of the original novel.


Xiao Se Lei Wu jie

He met Xiao Se at the Fallen Snow Mountain Villa. He is Qinglong in the four guardians of the Heavenly Revelations City.

A disciple of Lei Clan. Simple and kind, lovely and upright, he accompanies and protects Xiao Se all the way.

He will always be fooled around by Xiao Se, and occasionally he will ridicule Xiao Se in turn.

He seeks Xiao Se's opinion when he makes a decision.

In Lei Wujie's heart, Xiao Se has always been the person he relies on, and they are both extremely important friends of the other party.

Wuxin (Ye Anshi)

Xiao Se Wuxin

The little monk of Hanshui Temple, the young sect master of the Demon Sect(Outerheaven).

He wanted to get acquainted with Xiao Chuhe because he heard that Xiao Chuhe values love and righteousness since he was a child.

After Wangyou died, he lay in the golden coffin. After breaking the coffin, he met and became friends with Xiao Se, and then guessed that Xiao Se was Xiao Chuhe.

Tang Lian

Xiao Se Tang Lian

Meet Xiao Se while delivering the golden coffin. He is Xuanwu in the four guardians of the Heavenly Revelations City.

The chief disciple of Snow Moon City. He is honest.

In the Immortal Mountain Beyond the Sea chapter, he accompany Xiao Se to find the antidote. Later, in order to protect Xiao Se back to Heavenly Revelations City, he was seriously injured, and returned to Snow Moon City to recover.

Ji Xue

Xiao Se Ji Xue

She is Bai Hu in the four guardians of the Heavenly Revelations City. The only daughter of Ji Rufeng, the master of Xiao Se.

Ye Ruoyi

Ye Ruoyi

The only daughter of the general Ye Xiaoying. At the age of seven, she met Xiao Se and called him "Brother Chu He".

After meeting Xiao Se in Snow Moon City again, she went to Tang Clan for him and asked Xuan Wu, who guarded Heavenly Revelations, to return to his place.


Xiao Ruofeng

Xiao Ruofeng is Xiao Se's uncle and also his master. He once assembled four peerless masters to form the Four Guardians of Heavenly Revelations to assist Emperor Mingde to ascend the throne.

He was imprisoned for conspiracy and committed suicide on the court. Before his death, he had made a secret agreement with the Four Guardians that their descendants would assist Xiao Chuhe to ascend to the throne.

Ji Ruofeng

Ji Ruofeng

Xiao Se's mentor. The head of Bai Xiao Hall, the Bai Hu who originally guarded the Heavenly Revelations.

Teach Xiao Se Wuji staff and its staff skills.

Appears when Xiao Se is injured, and then loses the enemy and is seriously injured.

Sikong Changfeng

Sikong Changfeng

He is Zhu Que who originally guarded the Heavenly Revelations City. The third city lords of Snow Moon City, known as the "Spear Immortal".

He asked Xiao Se to become his disciple, and finally promised Xiao Se a monthly salary of 8 million taels to become a master of Xiao Se.


Xiao Chong

Xiao Chong

The second prince, with a gentle personality, was gifted and eager to learn since childhood, and has always been loved by Emperor Mingde.

Later, Xiao Se gave up the throne and let him become emperor.

Xiao Yu

Xiao Yu

The seventh prince, because his mother, Concubine Xuan, was deeply favored by Emperor Mingde.

He never worked hard in his homework and studies. In order to become the emperor, he would do whatever it takes, and then his plans were shattered and committed suicide.

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