Feng Shui Coins at Front Door: Attract Money and Keep Safe

February 3


Feng Shui coins can bring you good luck and wealth, so what is the meaning of Feng Shui coins at front door?

And how should we place them?

Now let us figure out these things as soon as possible:

The Significance of Feng Shui Coins at Front Door

The Significance of Feng Shui Coins at Front Door

In the Feng Shui, if the location of the house is not very good, many Feng Shui masters will place a few coins at the front door.

And putting 9 coins at the entrance of the front door or under the doormat means Qian Gua (a kind of Bagua), which represents good fortune.

Putting gold coins at the door is a custom handed down from previous ancestors. It is best to use the Five Emperor Coins, which has been circulating for hundreds of years, and it is filled with Yang Qi.

And it is pure copper coin, better than iron coin and alloy zinc coin.

The most important thing is that many Five Emperor Coins are designed by Feng Shui masters. Therefore, they have a stronger Feng Shui effect than modern handicrafts such as Feng Shui compass, Pixiu, Peach Wood Sword and so on. 

In general, the most important thing to put Feng Shui coins at front door is to break the evil spirit. Of course, some people put coins to attract money.

How to Place Feng Shui Coins ?

Place Feng Shui Coins

The coin font should be straightened

When placing coins, it is important to note that the coins must be squared, especially the fonts. Otherwise, it will not have a beneficial effect on indoor Feng Shui.

The head of the word faces outward

Another particular thing about coin placement is that when you stand in the door, the font in the coin should look like this: the head of the word faces the outside, and the feet of the word face the house.

Five Emperor Coins placement

Arranged neatly

When placing coins, you can arrange them neatly in a row. Of course, they can also be arranged in two rows.


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