How to Write a Web Novel and Make Money for Beginners

October 4


Making money by writing web novels has become the choice of many ordinary people, but how to write a web novel?

And how to choose a web novel publishing site?

Let’s get started.

How Much Money Can You Make by Writing Web Novels?

How Much Money Can I Make by Writing Web Novels

First, the threshold for writing a web novel is very low.

All you need is a computer with internet access!

Once the novel is on the shelves, the income is quite good.

How much money can you make by writing web novels?

It depends on the level of writers.

High-income earners include the "Tang Jia San Shao" and "Tian Can Tu Dou". Their annual income is easily over 10 million.

Most mature web novel creators have a monthly income of over 10,000, which is a normal phenomenon.

How to Write a Web Novel?

People read web novels to seek comfort and excitement in their hearts, and want empathy.

These all need to be completed through a story and a clear and straightforward description.

Therefore, there are still many methods and techniques for writing web novels.

Here are three points to note.

1. Write an Outline before Writing a Web Novel

The outline of a web novel can be different.

In a web novel of hundreds of thousands of words, at the beginning, no one can directly figure out the whole plot and ending.

In the process of creation, you are likely to write, and you will have new ideas, and plot adjustment is a common thing.

Therefore, the outline of a web novel is more like a basic framework.

For example, in terms of characters, who are the heroes and heroines, what friends the protagonists have, what are the basic personalities, and the relationship between them, etc.

Another example, in terms of subject matter, do you want to write about male or female? 

If you are writing women, what style is it? Is it tragedy, drama or comedy? What type is it? Is it love, martial arts, fantasy, fairy, suspense, science fiction, etc?

What are the key tags for the content of web novels? It is sweet text, it is rebirth, it is a wealthy family, it is a youth campus and so on.

Also, in terms of time background, is it overhead history, modern times, ancient times, or future fantasy?

And you also have to set the point of view.

How to Write a Web Novel

The above basic factors are considered in the form of an outline before writing a web novel.

Having determined these, it cannot be called a qualified web novel outline.

Because you also need to set the characters more accurately, you also need to sort out the general plot context, sort out the key contradictions that promote the development of the plot, and so on.

After everything is completed, a qualified web novel outline has been completed.

With a qualified outline, you will be much easier when creating.

Be careful not to write the outline because of laziness.

2. Read More Web Novels for the Purpose of Analysis

To become a person who can support himself by writing, he must have a lot of reading experience.

Just looking at it is not enough, you still need to master the analytical thinking method.

The former tests the amount of reading, the latter tests absorptive capacity.

If you want to become a web novel writer, then put down the game console first obediently, choose the type of web novel you like to read, choose a few more, let's have a reading storm first!

3. Start Simple, Aim to Finish Writing

Is the homogeneity of web novels serious?

That is not called serious, it is called quite serious.

Whether a web novel for male or female, there are two core points:

  • The protagonist wants to succeed, to counterattack, to be the strongest.
  • The protagonist needs to be liked by everyone.

Whether it is a web novel written by a high-quality author or a naive and ridiculous simple web novel, fundamentally speaking, it is actually this routine.

In the final analysis, the routines of each book are similar.

  • The male protagonist succeeded in counterattack by various chances, and then the female characters in the play fell in love with him deeply and wanted to live with him for a lifetime.

Although the routine is old, why do many people use it?

It is because they can meet the inner needs of readers. At this time, the protagonist in the web novel is already the incarnation of the reader.

In the world of web novels, the protagonist takes the place of the reader to experience the joys and sorrows and the ups and downs, doing things that the readers want to do and cannot do, and realize the readers' wishes.

Innovate or Repeat?

Some people think that writing web novels cannot always repeat the old routines, and that novice authors must learn to innovate.

This seems reasonable at first glance, but in fact it is just nonsense.

It sounds good, but how many people can do it?

Since you are a novice author, how can you be able to innovate?

The basic skills are derived from repeating the routine again and again.

How to innovate without thoroughly studying the old routine?

  • Remember, creativity is not a new thing, not something that others have never thought of and used.
  • Creativity is just a new processing and new interpretation of past information.
  • It is often achieved through scene migration, additive combination and other forms.

Therefore, if you want to become a profitable web novel writer, you must first learn to cater to the market and first learn to write routine novels.

Instead of setting a goal that you can't achieve, it is better to let yourself go, start with a simple start, only require that you can finish writing, and be able to tell a story completely and clearly using an ancient routine.

Was it the poor boy who got an artifact by accident, succeeded in the counterattack, and married a beautiful girl?

Is Cinderella encountering a domineering president, the proud son of heaven, and then marrying into a wealthy family?

Word Count

If you want to write a popular light novel, then around 30,000 to 50,000 words should be enough.

But for web novels, there are a lot of chapters, and the word count of some web novels may reach 1 million.

For newcomers to web novels, you can strive to write about 100,000 to 200,000 words.

How to Choose a Website for Newbie to Write Web Novels?

choose Web Novels site

There are many websites from where you can wirte web novels but I only suggest some websites.

To choose a website, first look at the subject matter you want to write.

Do you write about male or female, fantasy or romance, etc.

Large websites and small websites have their own advantages.

Large Sites

  • have more comprehensive revenue policies 
  • greater user traffic
  • there are more authors
  • competition is more intense
  • making it difficult for novice authors to come forward.

Small Sites

  • some websites have very good policies for newcomers
  • the competition is relatively small
  • the user traffic is relatively small


In general, novice authors can go to small websites to update their novels, and when they are famous and have more mature works, they can go to big websites.

But this is not absolute, it depends on the specific website and their own level.


The choice of website is not actually the focus of web novel creation. Especially novice authors, many write novels with the purpose of making money, but most of them end in failure.

The reason is not how difficult it is or how unreliable the industry is, but the key is not to persist.

Most people join in the fun, and there are very few who can really keep writing it down.

Among the web novel authors I know, whoever persists makes money.

Writing web novels has no requirements for writing, as long as you can make things clear.

Some people read high-quality novels, but there are also a lot of people who like to read novels with simple plots, and they can make money without affecting anyone.

This is the guide for how to write a web novel.

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