17 Best Web Novel Sites to Read Free Fiction Online(2021)

September 14


If you want to find web novel sites to read free web novels, light novels and wuxia novels, then you'll LOVE this (updated) list.

You can read fantasy, urban, sci-fi, easternaction, games type of novels that make you addicted.

Specifically, you can read free web novels here:

When you first started reading Chinese web novels, you should all be at Wuxiaworld. I also like this novel website very much.

web novel sites-wuxia world

Wuxiaworld Review


  • Free to read
  • The reviews of the novel in the community are very real


  • The translation speed needs to be faster!
  • You can't publish your own novels here

Recommended Chinese Web Novels

Desolate Era

web novel-Desolate Era

I like the author of this book very much. The characters in the novel are very touching.

Battle Through the Heavens

web novle -Battle Through the Heavens

If you are just starting to read wuxia novels, then this is a web novel you should read.

wuxiaworld vs web novel

For webnovel, there is one most important problem: the previous novels are basically free, but webnovel uses the "spirit stone" currency system to unlock some popular chapters.

web novel spirit stone

As for my point: If you are a student or not rich, then you can choose other web novel sites to read stories that need sprit stone.

If you like the author's novels and have a certain ability to pay, you can support the author appropriately.

web novel sites-webnovel


  • The translated novel content is very accurate
  • Many chapters are free
  • You can publish novels and read comics


  • Sometimes you have to pay to read a chapter

Recommended Chinese Web Novel and Comic

The Sacred Ruins

web novel-the sacred ruins

Nice translations, good world building, good character design, very interesting, very funny, very intriguing.

Tales of Demons and Gods

wuxia comic-tales of demons and gods

It’s a great read, once you start you don’t want to stop.

The website itself does not create novels, it only exists as a catalog of online novels.

You can discuss the latest novel chapters here and learn about the latest novel release information.

Specifically, the quality of the forum on this website is very high.


Compare the top 3 Best Web Novel Sites

compare- top3 web novel sites

Royalroad is the best website by far for reading good web novels, most of the story are original and well written!


Recommended Web Novels

  • Vainqueur the Dragon (Adventure)
  • Artificial Jelly (Adventure, Sci-fi)

Wappted has many types of novels, but the most are romantic novels for young women.

web novel sites-wattpad.com

Wattpad  Review


  • There are many types of novels
  • The website has its own app
  • You can publish stories here


  • Few Chinese martial arts novels

There are many novels on the website, among which novels such as fantasy(xuan huan), martial arts(wuxia), urban, history, military, games, competition, suspense, science fiction, etc. have great influence.

One of the best web novel sites.

web novel sites-qidian

Recommended Chinese Web Novels

Lord of the Mysteries

web novel -Lord of the Mysteries

Versatile Mage

web novel -Versatile Mage

As the number of users who read web novels is increasing day by day, the number of novel translators is not enough.

At this time, machine translated web novel and light novel appeared.


Why you need machine translated web novels?

why need machine translated novel

Recommended Machine Translation Web Novels

  • Library of Heaven's Path
  • Emperor's Domination

You can read Chinese, Korean, japanese novels.

One of the best free novel sites.


Recommended Web Novels

  • Adorable Creature Attacks! (Romance)
  • Defiant Martial God (Wuxia, Xianxia)

A free online hosting Web Novel platform for Creators and Fans to display their work. Ranges of genre include Action, Romance, Thriller, Sci-Fi, and more.

web novel sites-tapread.com

Recommended Web Novels

  • Late Night Tales Of The Capital (Wuxia, Xianxia)
  • The Ultimate Evolution (Sci-Fi, Games)

Recommended Romance Comics

  • Tempt Me, Marry Me! (Romace, Drama)
  • My Husband: Come on, Honey! (Romace, Urban)

Free online novels, story collections, reviews.

Specifically, the website mainly exists as an index of free online novels.

web novel sites-webfictionguide.com

Muse's Success is a directory of freely available web novels and serials, collectively web fiction.

web novel sites-muses-success.info.com

JinJiang was founded in 2003 and is one of the most influential women's original web novel sites in mainland China.

Including a lot of ancient romance, urban, BL and other women's favorite web novels.

web novel sites-jin-jiang

Thousands of free Korean, Japanese, Chinense web novels at your disposal.

web novel sites-wordybuzz.com

You can read and publish novels here.

web novel sites-moonquill-homepage.com

15. Tapas

You can read a lot of novels, comics, and you can also publish novels here.

web novel sites-tapas.com

You can read not only English fiction, but also poetry.

web novel sites-fictionpress.com

17. Inkitt

If you want to publish novels, then this website is a good choice.

web novel sites-inkitt.com

Which website do you often read novels on?

Or do you have any other recommended web novel sites?

Please feel free to comment below.


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  • This is a really helpful list, so thanks for sharing! But I have to point out that BoxNovel and NovelFull are actually aggregator sites that copy and paste translations from other sites like WuxiaWorld and volare to post on their own sites. This is not only illegal at times (since they don’t own the rights to the original raws or translations), but also unfair as they steal ad revenue and views from the legitimate translators.

    If you check either of those sites, you’ll 100% find works from other translation groups being hosted there without permission!

    I don’t think those two deserve a spot on this list. Otherwise, nicely done!

    • Thank you very much for your sincere comments, I am glad this article is useful to you.

      For the two websites you mentioned, after I did some research, they are indeed aggregator websites as you said. This is very unfair to the real translators and original authors. I will revise this post later.

      You are welcome again.

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