13 Best Romance Web Novels to Read Online for Free

September 5


Romance is a topic that never goes out of style, and in romance web novels, you can experience romance with different plots.

Including modern, fantasy, ancient, military, campus and other types of romantic novels.

Specifically, what are some good romance web novels to read?

1. Hidden Marriage

romance web novels Hidden Marriage

"Hidden Marriage" is a completed romance web novel by Jiong Jiong You Yao. It has also been adapted into manga.


Ning Xi, who was originally innocent and romantic, was taken away from everything. After many years, she returned to the country to join Shengshi, and began to take revenge.

She met the tycoon Lu Tingxiao because she rescued "Xiao Baozi". After that, she developed feelings for Lu Tingxiao and slowly let go of her hatred.

And Lu Tingxiao saw that his son's personality had improved due to being with Ning Xi, and he also began to have a crush on Ning Xi.


Status: Completed 

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mature, Romance, Slice of Life

2. The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

romance web novel The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

"The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady" is a fantasy romance web novel by North Night.


A 24th century thief, transmigrated into an idiot who had no family and was always bullied.

In this world, her dual cultivation of magic and martial arts crushes all geniuses, and those people are waiting to regret it!

However, who is the mysterious soul residing in her body?

And... how come the man around her is either a profiteer or a ruthless technical otaku. Or a flirtatious man, the best one is probably that sickly handsome man!


Status:  Completed 

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance

3. Arsenal Military Academy

Gu Yanzhen Arsenal Military Academy

If you like military romance web novels, this novel "Arsenal Military Academy" by Xiaoxiang Donger is worth reading. In addition, it has been adapted into drama.


Xie Xiang, who joined the army on behalf of her brother, disguised herself as a man and entered the Army Lecture Hall to learn.

She became classmates with the cynical and wealthy Gu Yanzhen and the calm and composed Shen Junshan.

After that, they jointly smashed the enemy's conspiracy, harvested love and realized their patriotic ambitions, and found their faith in life.


Status:  Ongoing

Genre: Action, Comedy, Historical, Romance

4. The Man’s Perfect Wife

korean web novels The Man’s Perfect Wife

If you're looking for Korean romance web novels, then "The Man's Perfect Wife" is not to be missed. The author is Lavender Blue.


In this Korean high society full of money, power and marriage, he can only be dominated by his father.

His marriage was all about finding a woman: no matter how bad or beautiful, kind or vicious she was.

But she who has a sweet smile, bright eyes and a perfect figure is different!

Their bodies are lingering together, forgetting everything about the outside world, this should be the perfect wife!


Status:  Completed

Genre: Action, Adult, Drama, Romance, Smut

5. Chaos Of Beauty

romance web novels Chaos Of Beauty

This historical romance web novel mainly revolves around the heroine and tells the stories of those power struggles, wars and killings.


The story takes place in the early years of Tianzai, when the most famous beauty, Yu Guiwan, went to the temple. And the signs of troubled times are beginning to emerge.

This is the world of men.

The Prime Minister of the current Dynasty, who has power in both the government and the public, is also romantic, and is the dream of countless young girls.

The young general has a lot of soldiers in his hands, and his blood is hidden under the appearance of indifference and alienation.

There is also the unfathomable young emperor, quietly watching this turbulent bloody storm.

Is this really only the world of men?


Status:  Completed

Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance, Tragedy, Politics, Power

6. Mei Gongqing

romance web novels Mei Gongqing

"Mei Gongqing" is one of the best Chinese romance web novels of the rebirth genre, the author is Lin Jiacheng.


In her previous life, she had become that man's wife in a thousand ways. As a result, her husband never stepped into her door in her whole life, and in the end she set herself on fire and died in desperate love.

After her rebirth, she arrived in the Wei and Jin eras. From humble beginnings, she is resourceful, uses the prophets, takes every step of the way, and stands out from the thrills and dangers again and again.

In love and self-esteem, let's see how she fights wit and courage with this black-bellied man who is comparable to the emperor - the first scholar of the Wei and Jin Dynasties.

How to get rid of becoming a tool for the family to please the superior and win a different life...


Status:  Completed

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Mature, Romance, Slice of Life

7. National School Prince Is A Girl

romance web novels National School Prince Is A Girl

Among modern Chinese romance web novels, the theme of "National School Prince Is A Girl" is quite special. This is a romance novel with an e-sports theme. It has also been adapted into manhua.


The hacker master z from the Hacker Clan Bo family. After being killed, she was reborn as a high school student named Fu Jiu who disguised herself as a man. Her friend is Xing Yeyi, and her boyfriend is Qin Mo.

Later, she entered the e-sports circle as Fu Jiu, joined the team Di Meng, and became the main force of Di Meng.

Qin Mo was the eldest son of the Qin family who was born in the military compound. He suffered severe injuries to one hand and amnesia from a kidnapping.

In addition, he hunted down z in the serious crime team, hoping to find z and regard z as his opponent.


Status:  Completed

Genre: Psychological, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural

romance light novels I Refuse To Be Your Enemy

Since romance web novels are mentioned, there are also many good recommendations for romance light novels. Such as this fantasy genre "I Refuse To Be Your Enemy" novel.


If Kiara wanted to be the queen's handmaiden, she had to marry someone twice her age.

It really made her desperate! But it also reminded her of the memory of her previous life. She remembered that game and the enemy witch.

It's horrible because if she gets married, then she'll have the same name as that witch!

How on earth is she going to get out of this marriage so that she doesn't become that enemy witch?

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romance web novel The Accidental Bride

"The Accidental Bride" is also one of the best romance web novels, written by Chhavi Gupta.


Rahul is everything to Priya, she loves this man deeply.

However, although Rahul has never paid attention to Priya, it does not affect Priya's infatuation with Rahul.

When she heard the news that Rahul was getting married, she was about to break down and cried all the time...

10. The Rice Pot Next Door

romance web novel The Rice Pot Next Door

"The Rice Pot Next Door" is a lighthearted and fun romance web novel. Some chapters are so sweet that they will make you laugh out loud. And it has been adapted into manga.


Qiao Feng is single so far, and there are three problems that cannot be overcome: 1. Too handsome, 2. Too rich, and 3. High IQ.

Legend has it that Qiao Feng has an extremely perverted IQ test question. The person who wants to be his girlfriend needs at least 60 points.

However, it took Lan Shan ten minutes to successfully dodge all the correct answers, get a 0, and turned into Qiao Feng's girlfriend... Why is this? !


Status:  Completed

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

11. The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir

The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir

This is an ancient Chinese romance web novel written by Bailu Chengshuang. And it has been adapted into drama.


Ji Man, a carefree girl, had an accident while playing. When she woke up, she became Ning Yuxuan's wife - Nie Sangyu.

Because Nie Sangyu is a cruel and jealous person. Ji Man not only had to endure the humiliation of being divorced by Ning Yuxuan, but also faced the danger of her life.

So she decided to escape from here on her own. At this time, Ning Yuxuan also encountered difficulties, so they went to Hai Fang together.

However, a lot of things happened between them in Hai Fang, and some truths were revealed.

What kind of love-hate relationship do they have?


Status:  Completed

Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance, Tragedy

12. First Frost

romance web novel First Frost

"First Frost" is also a top romance web novel worth reading. The author is Zhu Yi. Plus, it has been adapted into manga.


Wen Yifan, who returned to work in her hometown, ran into the rumored "Top Handsome Guy" in a bar. The other party was actually Sang Yan who she rejected and hurt in high school!

Under the trick of fate, two people who have never been in contact with each other began to meet frequently, and even accidentally became roommates!

Ambiguity and temptation, secret feelings...

Watch "Ideal Boyfriend Ceiling" Sang Yan interprets affectionate love!

13. Daydream Me

romance novel Daydream Me

"Daydream Me/Bai Ri Meng Wo" is a good romance web novel with a very lighthearted and pleasant writing style.


Lin Yujing, a young girl who moved to a new city with her father, met Shen Juan, a "very Irritable Social Guy" before school started.

The two who thought they would never see each other again met in school and became the same table by accident.

With a series of events such as monthly exams, sports meetings, and basketball games, the two get to know each other and get closer.

Lin Yujing gradually realized that Shen Juan, a frighteningly bad-tempered tablemate, actually had his own tenderness. In the end, she supported him to regain his abandoned dream.

In this list of romance web novels, there are different categories of novels for you to read.

Please immerse yourself in the embrace of romance!

If you have other romance novels to recommend, please feel free to leave a comment.

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