21 Best Romance Manhwa: Especially Worth Reading

February 11


Romance is always full of fantasy, and romance manhwa can express this emotion to the fullest.

Such as action, modern, shoujo, high school type manhwas with special characters and different plots.

Specifically, what are some of the best romance manhwa recommendations?

1. The Viridescent Tiara

romance manhwa The Viridescent Tiara

"The Viridescent Tiara" is a fantasy, historical genre romance manhwa by Sarkk, Siya. A love between siblings who are not related by blood.


Because of a car accident, Ran transmigrated into the novel she wrote when she was 15 years old and became the male protagonist Yustaf's vicious step-sister.

In order to protect the family for the young male protagonist, Ran tried her best to make him the acting leader of the family. She just wanted to be a family with the male protagonist.

However, the man said: "I never expected my sister to be my family."

I thought I was working hard to implement the "Male Protagonist Happiness Project", but why don't you want to admit that I am your family member?


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Reincarnation, Fantasy, Historical, Webtoons, Romance, Shoujo 

2. My Gently Raised Beast

romance manhwa My Gently Raised Beast

"My Gently Raised Beast" is a royal Korean manhwa by Early Flower, Teava. Adapted from the web novel of the same name.


Half-royal Blondina is lonely and her only friend is a cute cat...

Oh, no! It is the black panther mythical beast that everyone fears - Amon.

Because it was very similar to her own experience, Blondina helped it heal its wounds and took good care of it.

Unexpectedly... "If you run away like this, I will hunt you down..." Instead, she put herself in danger? 


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Royalty, Romance, Shoujo

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3. Villains Are Destined to Die

romance manhwa manga Villains Are Destined to Die

"Villains Are Destined to Die" is a historical romance manhwa by GWON Gyeoeul, SUOL. Based on the Korean web novel of the same name.


She transmigrated into a villain in the popular dating sim game, and no matter what she chooses, the ending is death?

Indifferent eldest brother, mean second brother, bloodthirsty crown prince, mysterious magician, handsome and domineering knight...

As the adopted daughter of the Duke who has fallen out of favor, before the "real Duke's daughter" appears, she must conquer a male protagonist to survive...

But what if these five people are all dangerous?


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy, Isekai, Romance, Historical, Shoujo

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4. Bloody Sweet

romance manhwa Bloody Sweet

"Bloody Sweet" is a completed Korean manhwa by Lee Narae. In short, a particularly sweet comic work!


Shin Naerim, who was isolated because she was a shaman's daughter, was forcibly pushed into the old school building by her classmates.

Here she met Fetechou VLAD, a super handsome and silly vampire.

This vampire who needs shaman's blood in order to become a human makes a contract with Shin Naerim in exchange for blood for guardianship.

Whenever Shin Naerim bleeds, the vampire licks the wound with his tongue to heal it.

However, one day Shin Naerim had her period...


Status: Completed

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Vampires 

5. Who Made Me a Princess

romance manhwa manga Who Made Me a Princess

"Who Made Me a Princess" is one of the best romance manhwa by Plutus. Based on the web novel of the same name.


When I woke up one day, I turned into a princess!

And it was the sad princess who died at the hands of her own father!

The stone hearted cold-blooded emperor, if you don't want to die, don't wander around in front of him!

But, "When will there be bugs in my royal city?"

Finally got noticed by him, will I survive? What should I do?


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life

6. I'll Be the Matriarch in This Life

romance manhwa manga I'll Be the Matriarch in This Life

"I'll Be the Matriarch in This Life" is a romance webtoon by KIM Roah. Adapted from a web novel.


Although Florentia has an outstanding mind, she has also accumulated a lot of practical experience. But in the end she was kicked out by her uncle after her grandfather died.

And the incompetent uncle quickly lost the family's industry...

After an accidental death, I went back to my childhood again.

In this life, Florentia decided to become the head of the family, and let the family stand on the top of the empire again!


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Historical, Shoujo

7. True Beauty

romance manhwa True Beauty

"True Beauty" is a romance manhwa with possessive male lead. The author is Yaogyi.

There are two super handsome male protagonists in this work. In addition, the "comic version" image of the K-pop boy group BTS and Wanna One who make cameo appearances from time to time.


The manga is mainly about the romantic love between three young people (주경, 수호, 서준).

In front of people is the perfect goddess.

After going home to remove makeup, the heroine immediately returned to the single eyelid, the face full of acne, and the appearance was inconspicuous.

She usually relies on makeup to maintain a flawless image. Can the heroine become a makeup goddess realize her dreams and love?


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Webtoon, Modern

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8. Beware the Villainess!

romance manhwa manga Beware the Villainess

"Beware the Villainess" is a romance manhwa with badass MC. The authors are Berry and Soda Ice.


Diligently working, she was accidentally involved in a car accident and transmigrated into the novel, becoming the villainous female supporting role described in the book!

Why do you have to torture yourself for a man who doesn't like you?

Wouldn't it be fun to sit in the garden drinking tea, looking at the scenery, and going to the store to buy clothes or beauty treatments?

Fiance, where is your destined lover, please don't look for me!


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance

romance manhwa Flirting With the Villain's Dad

"Flirting With the Villain's Dad" is an Isekai type manhwa by VIA, Dalseul.


After an accident, I opened my eyes and found that I was reborn into Yerenica, the protagonist of the novel I was reading before my death.

And the time node is actually when the tragedy happens!

In order to survive, I must prevent the villain who caused the tragedy from being born.

And the only way to stop him from being born is to marry the villain's father? 


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance

10. Unholy Blood

romance manhwa Unholy Blood

"Unholy Blood" is a romance manhwa with good art by KIM Jung-Hyun, LIM Lina.


Even if it's a hell of vampires, I will destroy it without hesitation!

As a natural vampire, Hayan has stronger powers than ordinary vampires, but dreams of becoming an ordinary human.

One day, she found that a mysterious handsome man was deliberately approaching her, and she could hear the voice in her heart.

Who is this person? What will happen?


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural 

11. Oh! Holy

romance manhwa Oh! Holy

“Oh! Holy” is a completed manhwa with strong female lead by AH Hyun.


A romantic and weird love story between a popular schoolgirl and a melancholy man.

The female protagonist, who has been fettered with the male protagonist since childhood, lost her soul due to an accident, but the male protagonist has the ability to see ghosts.

In a heartbeat, how will this unpredictable love unfold!

12. Under the Oak Tree

romance manhwa Under the Oak Tree

“Under the Oak Tree” is a fantasy manhwa by KIM Soo-ji, Namu.


A naturally introverted and somewhat stuttering princess, she married a knight from a commoner under her father's coercion.

The husband who went to the battlefield after the wedding night became the most famous knight in the whole continent three years later and returned to his hometown.

I seemed to hear him whisper, "The more I think of you over the years, the more lonely I feel. I want to find out why it's so painful but I'm always worried about you."

13. Boarding School Juliet

romance manhwa Boarding School Juliet

Boarding School Juliet” is a completed romance manga with strong male lead, the author is KANEDA Yousuke.


The girl I like is called Juliet Persia.

However, this love is doomed to fail! Because she is my fateful enemy! Relationship exposure is the death penalty?

Will the secret relationship under difficulties and obstacles achieve good results...

14. The 101st Heroine

romance manhwa The 101st Heroine

“The 101st Heroine” is a completed romantic manhwa with op mc, the author is Menanik.


Out of 8.145 million applications, Evie was selected as the only rural candidate.

Because she was not sincere and wanted to give up. But giving up eligibility has to pay huge liquidated damages. She had to accept her candidacy and travel to the capital.

In this way, 100 noble ladies and 1 rural "Evie Collins" will live together and compete for the position of the crown princess.

romance manhwa 30 Minute Walk

“30 Minute Walk” is a high school romance manhwa recommendation, the author is Lee On Do.


Wi Seong Eun, who was always alone on her way home, finally found someone to walk home with her under the moonlight.

During this 30-minute journey, can they walk into love?

Just like the moon and the earth, unwavering.

16. Bloody Romance

romance manhwa Bloody Romance

“Bloody Romance” is a romance manhwa with strong male lead, the author is Sa Ji Hyun.


A strange girl he met on the bus, as a vampire, his heart throbbed because of her blood.

Unable to resist the temptation of blood, and she needs to lose weight for health, the two of them get what they need and become a partnership.

17. Daddy, I Don't Want to Marry!

romance manhwa manga Daddy, I Don't Want to Marry!

This is the best romance webtoon, by HONG Heesu, Midnight Studio, Yuri.


The vicious villain Juvelian was framed by her boyfriend in her previous life, abandoned by her father, and died tragically in prison.

Being reborn into Juvelian, I decided not to have anything to do with anyone in this life. I want to break up with my boyfriend, give up the extravagance of my father's love, and live a leisurely and gorgeous life as a lady...

What? Dad let me marry the tyrant crown prince?

In order to avoid marriage, I can only pretend to be in love with my father's student!

18. Surviving Romance

Surviving Romance webtoon

"Surviving Romance" is a zombie themed romance manhwa by LEE Yeon.


A love novel discovered by accident changes Chaerin Eun's life.

She transmigrated into the novel, became the most beautiful heroine, and lived a happy life that everyone envied.

But apart from the male protagonist in the novel, everyone else she saw was just a shadow.

Just when she was happily expecting the male protagonist to confess to her, the male protagonist turned into a zombie! Chaerin Eun was also bitten to death.

When she woke up again, the time went back to the morning of the incident...


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Josei, Mystery, School Life, Supernatural 

19. Your Throne

Your Throne manga

"Your Throne" is a thriller romance manhwa by Sam.


The count's daughter, Medea Solon, will do anything to become the crown princess, but everything falls short due to the crown prince's favoritism.

However, on a day of prayer, Medea and the princess-to-be exchanged souls! Who will be the ultimate winner?

20. Romance 101

Romance 101 manga

"Romance 101" is a campus life romance comic by Namsoo.


Bareum, who lives a strict and rigorous life, falls in love with her senior at first sight!

So she set the goal of getting rid of singleness and pursuing true love.

But, she has zero love experience, how can she learn the skill of flirting?

21. Something About Us

Something About Us manhwa

"Something About Us" is a romance manhwa by LEE Yun Ji.


More than friendship, but less than lovers.

We are as warm as pastel, but not as ambiguous as primary colors.

The campus romance that is expected to come in the fall is about to be staged.

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