13 Best Chinese Manga/Manhua to Read Online for Free

October 19


Chinese manga is also called Manhua (漫画).

Here we have carefully prepared manhuas of fantasy, romance, BL, history, cultivation, martial arts and other types of Chinese manga for you. And many of them have been adapted into Donghua (Chinese anime).

Specifically, what are the best recommendations?

1. Age of Terror

Age of Terror Chinese manga

"Age of Terror" is an action, suspense type Chinese manhua by Black and White Tea. It belongs to the system upgrade, doomsday to save the world.

The plot is interlocking, suitable for people over 17 years old to read.


The advent of the "Weird Era" has resulted in only one-ninth of the human beings left in the world, and the rest are ghosts. Let the whole world enter the era of human and ghost coexistence.

To survive in such an environment, more "Ghost Hunters" are needed to subdue ghosts.

Through the system, Lin Feng has cultivated very powerful ghosts, constantly saving the world.


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Suspense, Action, Horror, Blood, Urban, System 

2. Ghost Emperor

Ghost Emperor Chinese manga

"Ghost Emperor" is a fantasy, adventurous manhua by Qian Liang.

The feature of this Chinese comic is that there will be some information related to quantum mechanics and conservation of energy.


The young Jiang Chengfeng is an atheist. In an accident, he acquired a magical ability. The role of this ability is to resolve the most terrifying and frightening things in the world.

In a new mission, he is going to rescue a missing person. And the location is extremely scary.

What will Jiang Chengfeng encounter on his way?


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Martial Arts, Supernatural

3. Perfect World

Perfect World Chinese manga

"Perfect World" is a xuanhuan, fantasy, and cultivation top Chinese manga. Adapted from the web novel of the same name. And it was also adapted into Donghua.

Its Chinese manga name is: "完美世界". Its world structure is very large and there are many battle scenes.


The young Shi Hao was born with Supreme Bone. However, the Supreme Bone was taken away by the people of the clan, causing him to be seriously ill and dying.

Later, he was fostered by his parents in the ancestral land of the Shi clan.

With the help of Liu Shen, he went from the wilderness to the outside world and created a different human body cultivation system.

In the end, he calmed down the dark turmoil, and has been evolving to become immortal.


Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Adventure, Martial Arts

4. Hard to Deceive

Hard to Deceive manhua

"Hard to Deceive" is a romantic, healing Chinese manhwa by Zhu Yi. The Chinese drama of the same name has not yet been released.

In this Chinese romance manga, you can deeply experience the feeling of love and being loved.


For some reasons, Wen Yifan and Sang Yan, a high school classmate who had been rejected by her, lived a shared life.

At first the two got along like strangers.

But one night, Wen Yifan learned that she would sleepwalk at night. This made her very embarrassed.

Over time, some subtle changes began to occur between the two of them.

Will they fall in love?

5. Hidden Love: Can't Be Concealed

Hidden Love Can't Be Concealed manhua

This is a comedy, youth, campus type romance manhua. 

In these Chinese mangas, you can find the feeling of secret love through it. Maybe it reminds you of your high school days. Young girls will definitely love this comic.


Early on, Sang Zhi fell in love with a person: Duan Jiaxu, her brother's friend.

He is very good-looking and always makes Sang Zhi want to be close to him.

However, they have a 7-year age difference, which is a big problem for her.

Slowly, the seeds of secret love began to sprout and grow...

6. The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus

The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus manhua

This is a Chinese historical romance manga that travels back to the book.

The plot of the whole story is quite full, and the description of the two people's feelings is gradual.


Ling Miaomiao has traveled to the book, and still needs to complete the task! But the person she transmigrated was neither the female lead nor the second female, but the third female that everyone hated.

Her task is to provoke the relationship between the male and female protagonists in the original book. And she has to find a way to seduce the male lead.

Can she succeed?

7. 19 DAYS

19 DAYS bl manhua

"19 Days" is a very popular Chinese BL manga. The author is Old Xian. It has also been adapted into Chinese anime.

The overall picture style is very beautiful, and the plot is relaxing and pleasant.


Since kindergarten, Jianyi and Zhan Zhengxi have been good friends.

On campus, they met He Tian and Mo Guanshan again.

Inside is the happy daily life of the four of them on campus, and it also shows the track of their mutual understanding and growth.

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8. Heaven Official’s Blessing

Heaven Official’s Blessing bl manhua

This is a very classic Chinese translated manga, the author is Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.

It is an adult Chinese manga adapted from a novel. And it has also been adapted into Donghua.

This manhua is so beautiful that every picture can be used as wallpaper.

Similar Chinese manga books are: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation and The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System.


Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian rose from a prince in the world to the upper realm.

However, his fate was twists and turns, and he has been demoted all the time.

Eight hundred years later, he ascended to the upper realm again. And one day he was picked up by a teenager on the way to collect the junk.

And this young man is the Ghost King who makes the whole world afraid: Hua Cheng.

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9. Mist [Unlimited]

Mist [Unlimited] bl manhua

"Mist" is a sci-fi, action, mystery genre BL manhua by Wei Feng Ji Xu.

If you like sci-fi mangas, then this is a very worthwhile Chinese manga to read.

Its plot has a lot of foreshadowing, very attractive. Artistically, the character details are also taken seriously.


Ji Yushi is a genius with super memor.. People like him can remember every detail of life clearly. And he still looks beautiful.

Therefore, when the news that he was going to support Team Sky Seven came out, the people of Team Seven became a little irritable and excited. Because Team 7 are all straight men.

10. National Soul

National Soul Chinese manga

"National Soul" is a war-themed Chinese historical manga by Shen Beike.

The whole manhua conveys a reflection on China's modern history, which is very inspirational.

In addition, "The Ravages of Time" is also a good Chinese history comic.


The comic is based on the historical material (the First Sino-Japanese War) a hundred years ago.

It tells the story of a group of national heroes a hundred years ago. In the unbearable era, they used their lives to write pages of heroic stories for us.

Rich Player Chinese manga

"Rich Player" is an action, adventure manhua by Xiang Pi Zha.

If you like to play games, then this is probably the best Chinese manga for you.


As a top recharge player, he has the most dazzling profession and the coolest equipment.

He is even more accustomed to carrying out his "basic consumption" in a low-key manner amid the shock of the people around him.

In the game world, nothing can't be solved by money!

12. The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle Chinese manga

"The Pinnacle" is a funny, action-type Chinese martial arts manga by Xiao Xinyun.

The protagonist of this manhua is quite similar to the setting of the Japanese manga "One Punch Man".

You can see the battles in the martial arts world, as well as the banter and bitterness of life.


Jia Fugui, a top master, gathered a group of good friends and completed the famous Muye Clan.

But because of his baldness, he was always mistaken for a second-rate character, which made him extremely unconfident.

Accompanied by the second master Tang Lin, he embarked on the road to find the secret recipe for hair growth.

Encountering all kinds of people on the road triggered a series of hilarious incidents.

13. Poor Father and Daughter

Poor Father and Daughte manhua

"Poor Father and Daughter" is a comedy, slice-of-life genre free Chinese manga. The author is Kula.

The overall comic is humorous and warm.


As a single father, he did a lot of odd jobs to earn money.

His daughter is also unique in school and out of tune with her classmates.

The hilarious daily life of the cute father and daughter will make you laugh until you can't stop!

Where to Read Chinese Manga

There are many Chinese manga apps and websites to recommend.

For example: BiliBili Comics, MangaToon, etc.

In addition, if you want to read raw Chinese comics, then I recommend you to use the Kuaikan Manhua app.

If you have Chinese manga recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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