Top 10 MTL Novel Sites to Read Light Novels and Web Novels Faster

September 4


If you don’t have the patience to wait for your favorite web novels or light novels to be translated, then these machine translation novel sites will perfectly solve your problem.

And you will also learn how to try machine translation (MTL) yourself.

Let's check out these mtl novel sites:

1. Babel Novel

mtl novel sites-babel-novel

It is a web novel community based on AI translation includes Chinese novels ( translated ) , original novels, light novels and more. You can read all of them online or offline. 

Compared with other websites, why is the machine translation of babelnovel better?

  1. Specific algorithms (The company developed an AI translation system for online literature in 2019, and the translation quality exceeds Google under certain conditions.)
  2. The proofreader will check and fix the chapter before publishing it.

Recommended Machine Translation Web Novels

mtl novel Cultivating 1000000 Years

2. Comrade Mao

machine translation novel sites-comrade-mao

It mainly translates Chinese web novels, as well as some Japanese and Korean machine-translated novels.

A feature of the website is that you can submit the online novels you want to read for them to translate as soon as possible.

Recommended Machine Translation Web Novels

webnovel machine-translation-novel-sites

Webnovel also has machine-translated web novels, but mainly about female leads.

If you like romantic web novels or light novels, then this is a good choice.

Recommended Machine Translation Romance Novels

mtl novel Chief-honey-pet-raise-a-little-warm-wife-from-a-famous-family

4. MTL Reader

mtl novel site MTL Reader

This is a machine translation novel site created by anime lovers. Committed to making the best machine translation.

Human-readable light novels and web novels are here for you. Mainly Chinese and Japanese novel translations.

Recommended Machine Translation Light Novels

The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time-mtl-novel

5. Machine-Translation


Machine-Translation serves as a novel hub where users can find all Asian novels translated by machine.


machine translation novel site-lnmtl

Place where Web Novels are being MTLed.

This website is all machine-translated Chinese web novels, and is the first MTL site.

However, compared with other machine translation novel sites, some novels on this site are less readable.

7. MTLNovel

machine translation novel site-mtlnovel

You can read english machine translation novels. All light novels here are translated from raw. 


If you are not satisfied with these mtl novel sites, you can also try machine translation yourself.


The specific method is: first determine the novels you want to translate, then search the raw sites of these novels, and finally insert the raw chapters into the translation program.

Therefore, the novel raw site and translation program are the most important part, so how to proceed?

Top 5 Chinese novel raw sites

  1. Qi Dian (
  2. Chuang Shi (
  3. Zong Heng (
  4. Jin Jiang (
  5. 17k (

What about the translation program?

8. Google Translate and Bing Microsoft Translator

There is no need to say too much about these two translation websites.


The market leader for Machine Translation technologies.

Can translate Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, etc. I tried some chapters of Chinese novels, and the translation quality is not weaker than Google translation.


As the largest search engine in China, Baidu has a better understanding of Chinese than google and bing.

In the above picture, you can see that the red box is (online literature), which means a specific algorithm for online novels.

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