Top 10 Chinese Novel Raw Sites to Look for More Interesting Stories

October 12


I think you have read translated Chinese web novels and light novels, but do you know these Chinese novel raw sites?

In this way, you can have a deeper understanding of the plots of the novel.

Specifically, you can read raw Chinese novels here: 

Chinese novel raw site qidian

The No. 1 raw site of Chinese novels, mainly male readers.

Founded in May 2002, it is a leading original literature website in China. In the beginning, some novels on wuxiaworld were translated from here.

If you want to read fantasy(xuanhuan) and wuxia novels, then this is your best choice.

2. 17K

Chinese novel raw site 17k

Founded in 2006, 17K is a leading online reading website in China that integrates creation and reading.

In this raw Chinese novel site, you can read the novels of urban and xianxia as much as you want.

The most popular Chinese novel raw sites, providing free online reading and downloading of fantasy novels, online game novels, romance novels, urban novels, etc.

Chinese novel raw sites chuang shi

The leading Chinese novel site, under Tencent Literature, integrates reading/creation/interactive community/copyright operation.

The better part?

Tencent Literature owns novel raw sites as well as manga websites. And I think you will like these 23 wuxia manga.

Chinese novel raw sites faloo

A popular free raw novel site that provides online reading and downloading of free novels such as urban novels, fantasy novels, traversing novels, romance novels, fan novels, etc.

The remaining Chinese novel raw sites are mainly for female readers.

Chinese novel raw sites jjwx

A well-known women's literature website in China, famous for its original online novels such as Tanmei/Love.

7. xxsy

Chinese novel raw sites xxsy

Professional female romance novel raw website, with more than 200,000 novels, urban novels, fantasy novels, campus novels, etc., is the largest female romance novel website.

Chinese novel raw sites hong xiu

A well-known original novel website of online literature in China.

Possess a large number of completed novels, daily updates of romance, urban, Tanmei, rebirth, fantasy, and other novels.

Chinese novel raw sites ireader

China's well-known mobile Internet online bookstore has a large number of online original novels and published books.

For users to read, record, comment, recommend and purchase online anytime, anywhere.

10. YunQi

Chinese novel raw sites yunqi

Provide fantasy novels, martial arts novels, original novels, online game novels, urban novels, romance novels, youth novels, historical novels, military novels, science fiction novels, and horror novels.

You can find more stories through these Chinese novel raw sites above, and if you are learning Chinese, then it will be very helpful to you.

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