Top 10 Chinese Table Tennis Brands

January 9


In your table tennis(ping pong) game, good table tennis brands will provide high-quality equipment to make the game go smoothly.

Specifically, what are the best Chinese table tennis brands?

1. DHS

Chinese table tennis brands DHS

DHS is one of the few Chinese table tennis brands with international influence.

In short, its products are mainly table tennis, badminton, and weightlifting equipment, and expanded to sports shoes and clothes, fitness equipment, etc.

In addition, Double Happiness Table Tennis is almost a supplier of equipment for all major table tennis competitions.

2. Double Fish

Chinese table tennis brands Double Fish

Double Fish is a famous brand in China. In 2008, Double Fish table tennis was designated as the ball for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The most important thing is that its racket performs well in terms of flexibility and hitting feel.

And the price is moderate, cost-effective, suitable for ordinary table tennis enthusiasts.

3. Butterfly

Butterfly Brand

Since its establishment in Japan in 1950, Butterfly has become a high-end table tennis brand.

It serves more than 200 top table tennis players and is also widely loved by table tennis enthusiasts around the world.

In addition, here is a Butterfly table tennis racket suitable for beginner players:

stiga brand

Stiga is a world-renowned manufacturer of table tennis supplies.

In particular, the combination of good wood and manufacturing technology makes STIGA rackets a global high-quality product.

And the Stiga table tennis table price is about $340 to $550.

5. Donic

Donic brand

Donic is an excellent supplier of table tennis equipment worldwide.

And its products are known for their superior performance and comfortable grip.

6. Yasaka

Japanese table tennis brand Yasaka

Yasaka is a famous Japanese table tennis brand. There are many products, such as: table tennis soleplate, rubber cover, table tennis clothing and shoes, etc.

Besides, it is an influential table tennis racket brand known for its good control.


TIBHAR table tennis

TIBHAR is a good table tennis brand and sponsor of numerous national table tennis teams, associations and athletes.

Since entering the Chinese market in 2002, it has won the love of many people with its good technology and excellent quality.

8. Friendship 729

Chinese table tennis brands Friendship 729

Friendship 729 is a professional table tennis brand in China, specializing in the production and marketing of table tennis equipment.

9. YinHe

Chinese table tennis brands YinHe

Yinhe is a leading Chinese table tennis brand headquartered in Hubei Province.

Especially the Yinhe table tennis racket can produce strong rotation and fierce attack.


Chinese table tennis brands SWORD

This is a famous Chinese table tennis brand, which mainly develops table tennis equipment that meets the requirements of high-level table tennis technology.

Table Tennis FAQ

What are the best brands for table tennis?

If you want to play table tennis well, choosing a good table tennis brand is very important.

The top 3 table tennis brands worldwide are:

  1. Butterfly
  2. DHS
  3. Stiga

Why is table tennis popular in China?

In 1959, China won the first world championship at the 25th World Table Tennis Championships. Since then, table tennis has been vigorously promoted throughout China.

Because it is easy to develop and fits the physique of Chinese people, table tennis quickly became popular in China.

Choose a good table tennis brand, buy good table tennis equipment, and practice table tennis constantly.

You can also become a master of table tennis.

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