17 Best Chinese Web Novels to Read Online for Free

September 4


Chinese web novels have become more and more popular around the world, and many young people have become their fans.

The plot of these Chinese novels combines reality and fiction, which is very attractive.

Let's check out these addictive Chinese web novels.

1. Stellar Transformation

Best Chinese web novels Stellar Transformation

Qin Yu was born unable to cultivate internal force.

In order to get his father's attention, he resolutely chose to cultivate the painful and difficult external cultivation.

One day, he discovered a mysterious crystal formed by a meteor.

The meteor tear integrated into his body unconsciously, and he also transformed like a cocoon breaking into a butterfly.

Then, everything changed...

2. Douluo Dalu

best Chinese web novels douluo dalu

This Chinese web novel tells how Tang San, who had traveled to the Douluo Dalu, cultivated his martial spirit step by step.

In the end, he eradicated the evil forces on the Soul Land, avenged the murder of his mother, and became the strongest.

3. Daomu Biji

chinese web novels dao mu bi ji

Fifty years ago, a group of tomb robbers in Changsha dug up a silk book of the Warring States Period.

The fragment records the location of a peculiar tomb of the Warring States Period, but the group of tomb robbers encountered a strange incident underground and almost all died.

After Fifty years, the grandson of one of the tomb robbers discovered this secret in the notes of the ancestor. Therefore, he and a group of experienced tomb robbers went to hunt for treasure.

But no one thought that there were so many weird things in this ancient tomb...

4. Ghost Blows Out the Light

Ghost Blows Out the Light Novel

The plot of "Ghost Blows Out the Light" revolves around a remnant of a family secretary.

It tells the story of three contemporary tomb explorers, Hu Bayi, Wang pangzi and Shirley Yang.

In order to solve the eternal mystery of the disappearance of the tribe, they use geomantic omen to interpret the pulse of the mountains and rivers in the world, so as to find the lost treasure hall of the Dragon Tower...

5. The First Order

Best Chinese web novels The First Order

Due to the nuclear winter, the world was destroyed and a new era opened. Mankind is no longer the ruler of the world, and crises have emerged one after another.

Therefore, mankind must rebuild the order of the new world. At this time, the protagonist Ren Xiaosu rose step by step by absorbing positive energy, and at the same time changed the world.

6. Battle Through the Heavens

Best Chinese web novels Battle Through the Heavens

Xiao Yan, the protagonist, was an unprecedented genius in the cultivation of fighting spirit in the history of the Xiao clan.

However, when he was 12 years old, he "lost" his cultivation ability and only had three levels of fighting spirit.

For the whole three years, he was neglected by his family, looked down upon by others, and called off the engagement by his fiancee...

All sorts of blows came one after another.

Just as he was about to be desperate, a strand of soul appeared from the ring in his hand, and a new door opened in front of him!

 If you are just starting to read Chinese web novels, then this novel is for you.

7. Lord of the Mysteries

best Chinese web novels Lord of the Mysteries

This novel combines the worldview of steampunk, Cthulhu, and SCP in the background.

It perfectly integrates the meticulous and real 19th-century British middle and lower class society with the fantasy world system.

As for the family affection, love and brotherhood are even more touching.

8. Zhu Xian

best Chinese web novel zhu xian

With the theme of "heartless world, treat everything as straw dogs!", the novel tells the story of Zhang Xiaofan's growing up at the foot of Qingyun Mountain.

9. Joy of Life

Joy of Life Chinese web Novel

n years after the world was destroyed by nuclear war, civilization appeared again, which was in the mixed civilization system of slave, feudalism and city-state.

One of the most important things is the Divine Temple(Military Museum, it is an intelligent computer).

In order to prevent civilization from being destroyed again, the Divine Temple always controls the progress of civilization at the current stage, that is, the current world where the protagonist is.

Fan Xian’s mother, Ye Qingmei (a female doctor of science and engineering), passed through the Divine Temple in the North Pole.

Most importantly, she successfully instigated Wuzhu, the most powerful robot in the Divine Temple, and took away a Barrett and a secret book...

10. Zhui Xu

Best Chinese web novels zhui xu

It mainly tells the protagonist returning to the ancient times as a magnate in the modern financial world.

After entering the body of the most insignificant son-in-law in a merchant's house, a series of stories about the family, the country and the world are involved.

11. The Path Toward Heaven

best Chinese web novels The Path Toward Heaven

Being a human being, I want to become a fairy, and I want to go to heaven when I live on earth.

12. Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

Once Upon A Time There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Novel

Wang Lu, an extraordinary talent who had come from the modern world because of the fall of the comet, stepped into the Spirit Blade Sect with a cultivation physique that hadn't been seen for a thousand years. 

He embarked on an unusual way to crush others and become a peerless powerhouse!

13. Martial Arts Master

best Chinese web novels Martial Arts Master

Here, martial arts is no longer an illusory legend, but a tangible inheritance.

After confronting science and technology, it is completely integrated into the society and there are various martial arts competitions.

14. Martial World

best Chinese web novels Martial World

This Chinese novel mainly tells an ordinary young man who dreams of entering the holy land of Wufu, pursues the ultimate martial arts, and finally stands out in the world.

15. The Sacred Ruins

The Sacred Ruins Novel

Chu Feng, found a treasure in Kunlun Mountains and stepped into a path of rising against the heavens.

After dominating the Yin World, he stepped into the Yang World with his physical body and started a new cycle of reincarnation.

16. Immortal Mortal

Chinese web novels Immortal Mortal

Mo Wuji, the top botanist on earth, who was conspired by his fiancé Xia ruoyin after he developed a medicinal solution for opening the veins and was reborn on the prince of northern Qin.

Versatile Mage Novel

Mo Fan, is born with dual elements of thunder and fire. 

With the help of a small loach pendant, he opens the path of cultivation of all the mages, pretending to be a pig and eat a tiger.

Which Chinese Web novels are you going to read?

And what is the best Chinese novel in your mind?

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