Feng Shui Coins in Wallet: Double Your Fortune and Good Luck

February 3


Wallet plays an important role in Feng Shui, so what is the meaning of Feng Shui coins in wallet?

And how to keep coins in wallet?

Now let's figure this out:

The Significance of Feng Shui Coins in Wallet

meaning feng shui coins in wallet

Putting Feng Shui coins in the wallet can give full play to the effect of wealth "attracting money with money". Just keep it in the corner of your wallet to attract money and bring good luck when you go out.

Generally speaking, Feng Shui coins are mostly used to enhance the effectiveness of other Feng Shui items. But in fact, Feng Shui coins themselves also have the effect of greatly improving wealth.

Therefore, attracted by Feng Shui coins, other wealth will also be absorbed, and your fortune will naturally not be bad.

Feng Shui Wallet

Feng Shui Wallet

From a Feng Shui perspective, after about three years of using a wallet, luck will also run out.

In other words, a wallet can only be used for two or three years. Even if it is not damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Only in this way can it increase the fortune and help the owner to make a fortune.

How to Keep Coins in Wallet

Keep Coins in Wallet

Specifically, how to feng shui wallet? What's worth noting?

Don't put too much

When placing, it is not advisable to put too much in the wallet, generally no more than 3 at most. It does not mean that the more you put in, the stronger your fortune is.

Too much can easily have a counterproductive effect, so that your own fortune will be lost, and even bankruptcy will occur.

Element(Wu Xing) and Color


When putting Feng Shui coins in your wallet, it is best not to arbitrarily choose colors when choosing a wallet. Otherwise, it is easy to cause a conflict with the Yin Qi of Feng Shui coins, which is not conducive to collecting wealth.

Generally, choose the right color according to your own Wu Xing, otherwise it will be easier to lose money if you use it wrongly.

For example, if you are "Metal Element", then the color of the wallet is best to be silver, gray, white.

The number of Feng Shui coins placed by men and women

Generally, for boys, it is appropriate to place an even number. For girls, if you place Feng Shui coins in the purse, it is more suitable for an odd number.

What Should I Keep in My Wallet to Attract Money?

What else can you put in your wallet other than Feng Shui coins to attract money?

Red envelope in wallet feng shui

Red envelope in wallet

Putting red envelopes in the wallet represents the meaning of good luck and wealth, and it is a very auspicious meaning.

It is a symbol of auspiciousness and blessing for the elders to give red envelopes to the younger during the festivals.

Regardless of the size of the denomination, putting this money in your wallet has the implication of prosperous wealth, and can also have a certain role in promoting the overall fortune.

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