41 Best Manhwa Websites to Read Manhwa/Webtoon Online for Free

September 6


Free and safe manhwa websites allow you to read Korean manhwa/webtoon more easily.

No matter what type of manhwa you like (eg. Solo Leveling), you can find them all in this list of manhwa sites.

Without further ado, let's check them out soon:

1. Tapas

best manhwa websites Tapas

We are all familiar with YouTube, and the original intention of the Korean manhwa website Tapas was to establish a YouTube version of the comic platform.

It's a platform that allows comic readers to view and follow manhwas, while making money for creators and artists.

Here you can read Romance, Fantasy, Action, Drama, BL, GL, Comedy, Slice of life, Mystery and other types of super high-quality English manhwas.


  • Safe
  • Not completely free (some require a subscription to read)
  • The site has its own community where you can discuss plots with other readers
  • In addition to reading comics, you can also read webnovels
  • Legal
  • High quality translation
  • Has manhwa apps (Android and IOS)

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manhwa website Lezhin Comics

The distinctive feature of Lezhin manhwa site is that many of the content in it is BL/GL, as well as mature type of webtoons.

It supports not only English, but also Japanese and Korean.

There are many free high-quality webtoons to read here, and of course some series require payment to read.

For paid comics, Lezhin will provide free reading of the first few chapters, which allows readers to make better choices.


  • Legal
  • HD Quality comics
  • Safety
  • No webtoon discussion forum
  • Has webtoon apps (Android and IOS)

Note: Lezhin has another special app - Lezhin Comics Plus. It can only be installed on Android.

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manga websites mangadex

If you like to read some popular manga like: Naruto, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer. Then you may know about the website Mangadex.

Mangadex is called manga Wikipedia. Besides being able to read manga for free, at Mangadex you can read a lot of Korean manhwas.

And there are detailed update information of these manhwas, you can keep track of them at any time, which is very convenient for readers.

What's more, it has no advertisements and no subscription required, making it the best manhwa website.


  • Completely free
  • The number of manhwa is numerous
  • Fast update speed
  • High quality translation
  • More languages
  • There is no dedicated manhwa apps (but we'll see how to deal with this later)

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manhwa sites Webtoon

Many popular Korean dramas have been adapted into manhwa and published on Webtoons.

Here you can read high-quality original romance, comedy, action, fantasy, horror and more webtoons for free.

One thing to note: all comics are free, but you can read the latest chapters ahead of time by purchasing coins. That is, paid users can read their favorite manhwas earlier than free users.

In addition, the comics in it not only support English, but also Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, French, and German. Among these free manhwa websites, Webtoons supports arguably the most languages.


  • Free
  • High quality 
  • Legal
  • Safety
  • More languages
  • Has manhwa apps (Android and IOS)

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manhwa websites Toomics

In TOOMICS, you can read the latest Japanese and Korean manga instantly!

Including action, horror, romance, fantasy, historical, school life stories! Like some manhwa sites, these are officially licensed works. 

You can read the first 1 to 3 chapters of these comics for free. But if you want to read more chapters, you need to subscribe to their VIP service.

TOOMICS translates these works into multiple languages through a professional translation team. Including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, etc.


  • High quality 
  • Legal
  • Safety
  • Multiple languages
  • Has manhwa apps (Android and IOS)

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free manga websites BATOto

Manhwas that you can't find on other sites, you may be able to find on Bato.

All the comics in this site are uploaded by fans and the variety and quantity are very large. If you have a favorite manhwa you want to share with others, you can also upload it on this website.

However, because the upload threshold is very low, the quality of manhwas is uneven. Some are high quality, some are low quality.

Also, in this free manhwa website, every comic's comment is the real user's rating, so it can help readers to sift through before reading.

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best manhwa websites Tappytoon

Are you a fan of Solo Leveling manhwa? At Tappytoon you will be able to read many officially licensed Korean manga like it.

On the Tappytoon website, the main categories of comics are: Romance, BL, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, GL, Slice of Life.

It should be noted that if you want to read mature types of comics, then you only need to simply register as a Tappytoon user.

Similar to other legitimate manhwa sites, Tappytoon offers free reading of 1-3 chapters of each comic.

In addition, as one of the best manhwa sites, users can also read novels here.


  • High quality 
  • Legal
  • Safety
  • Multiple languages(English, French, and German)
  • Has manhwa apps (Android and IOS)
manhwa websites Naver Comic

If you are looking for a raw manhwa site then Naver Comic will be your first choice.

Such as the popular Korean web novel: Omniscient Reader, where you will read the authentic manhwa it was adapted from.


  • Numerous number and categories of manhwa/webtoon
  • High quality 
  • Legal
  • Safety
  • Has manhwa apps (Android and IOS)

9. Mangakakalot

manga websites MangaKakalot

In Mangakakalot, there are more than 70 categories of manga, manhwa/webtoon, and manhua, 75 million manga works.

And these are all free to read online.

Also, while reading, you'll find that the manhwa on this site loads quickly, which is one of its big strengths.

For non-paying users, this is arguably the best manhwa site.

manhua website Bilibili Comics

Bilibili Comics is a great online webtoons reader.

Here you can read high quality manga in Romance, BL, Fantasy, Mystery, Harem, Comedy genres.

The site also has a schedule to inform readers which manhwas are updated each day.

As one of the safe manga websites, numerous chapters of each manga are free to read. But for some comic chapters that need to be paid, free users will be able to read the latest chapters later than paid users.


  • High quality 
  • Legal
  • Safety
  • Has manga apps (Android and IOS)


manhwa website NETCOMICS

NETCOMICS is a place where you can enjoy quality manhwa and webtoons.

On this Korea webtoon website, some titles are free to read. But more comics are that only the first few chapters are free to read. If you need to read on, then you need to buy coins.

It is worth mentioning that: NETCOMICS also adopts a rental model: that is, you can rent a manhwa within 72 hours. This price is much cheaper than buying the manhwa directly.

12. Toonily

manhwa websites Toonily

At Toonily, you can read your favorite high-quality manhwas translated into English for free.

As one of the best adult manhwa sites, please read some manhwas in private, otherwise it is easy to cause embarrassment.

13. Asura Scans

best manhwa websites Asura Scans

Asura Scans has the largest number of manhwa translated into English.

The website also has a dark mode, which makes it easier for readers to read at night.

As for the language of the manhwa, in addition to English, there is also Turkish.

As one of the top manhwa websites, there are plenty of manhwa to recommend.. For example: Damn Reincarnation, Return of the Mount Hua Sect, Player Who Can't Level Up.

It's important to note that its rating system for manhwa isn't very precise.

14. Mangago

manhwa website Mangagojpg

Mangago is a fan-created manga website dedicated to providing quality manga to its visitors.

All mangas on the website are free to read online.

And here, there are probably more than 8,000 Korean Webtoons. Among the more popular ones are some BL types. So if you are looking for a BL manhwa website, then Mangago is a good choice.

15. Webtoon XYZ

manhwa websites Webtoon XYZ

You can read thousands of webtoons and Korean manhwa for free here.

There are many types, such as: ACTION, ADVENTURE, BL, COMEDY, DRAMA, FANTASY, ROMANCE, etc.

Also, this is an adult manhwa website, but you can choose to filter mature types of manhwas.

16. Mangahub

manhwa websites Mangahub

In Manhaghub, for popular manhwas and webtoons, there will be a Hot tag. This will make it clearer when readers are looking for it.

However, as one of the sites to read manhwa, the homepage of the site is sometimes sluggish.

17. WebComics

manhwa websites WebComics

In Webcomics, in addition to some popular manga and manhwa translated into English, there are also some original works.

As with other legal manhwa websites, the first few chapters of each manhwa are free to read.


  • High quality 
  • Legal
  • Safety
  • Has manhwa apps (Android and IOS)

18. Tachiyomi

manga app Tachiyomi

If you are reading multiple manhwa at the same time, and on different manhwa websites. You may find it cumbersome to open multiple websites.

And Tachiyomi can help you solve this problem.

It is a free and open source manga/manhwa reader for Android.

With this manhwa app, you can make manhwa selections from multiple sources. (This also solves the previously mentioned problem of the m、Mangadex website not having an app.)

What's more, it can be read online or offline.

19. Reaper Scans

manhwa sites Reaper Scans

Many popular manhwa can be found here. Such as Overgeared, I Can See Your Death, Second Life of a Gangster.

And before reading the manhwa, in the info section of the manhwa, the site also displays its ranking for a manhwa.

As one of the Korean manhwa websites, you can also read some novels here.

Similar websites to read manhwa like Reaper Scans:

20. Manganato

21. ManhwaTop

22. Flame Scans

23. LeviatanScans

24. ManhuaPlus

25. MangaHasu

26. Manga TX

27. Lezhin

manhwa website Lezhin

We mentioned Lezhin Comics before, but that was a manhwa site in English.

Some readers may prefer to read raw manhwas, then Lezhin is one of the best manhwa websites you should not miss.

Raw manhwa websites:

28. Ridibooks

29. Bomtoon

30. Mrblue

31. Page Kakao

32. Comico

webtoon sites Comico

You can read fantasy, romance, drama, BL and other types of webtoon in Comico.

As one of the best webtoon websites, the webtoon in it is of very high quality. And the update rate is also very fast.

33. InManga

manhwa sites InManga

Here you can read manga, manhwa and webtoon in Spanish for free.

However, the site currently does not have a dark mode, which may be a little uncomfortable to read at night.

manhua websites Kuaikan Manhua

Kuaikan Manhua is a popular manhua website.

Here you can read high quality manhua, manhwa, manga, but not in English but in Chinese.

Two other manhua sites:

Bonus: manhwa reading sites:

37. Hiperdex

38. Manta Comics

39. Pocket Comics

40. Zeroscans

41. Readm

Hopefully this manhwa websites list will allow you to find your favorite manhwa/webtoon.

If you can, please try to go to the official authorized manhwa website. This is a kind of support for those artists and their works.

Finally, do you have any other good free manhwa reading websites to recommend? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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