Top 10 Chinese Manhua Websites to Read Manga Online for Free

April 9


On Chinese manhua website, there are many popular manhua/manga, such as: Soul Land, Battle Through the Heavens , Wu Dong Qian Kun, Coiling Dragon.

So where can you read these Chinese comics/manhua?

1. Wutopia Comics

Chinese manhua website wutopia comics

Wutopia is an authorized manhua site, it has the best comics in China.

In addition, this comics website is keen to bring Chinese entertainment and culture to English-speaking countries.

2. Manga Rock 

wuxia manga site-manga rock homepage

The best place to read the latest and greatest manga for FREE! 

At the same time, they aim to provide the best-quality manga and be the first one to publish new chapters.

3. Manhuagui


You can read Chinese wuxia and fairy manga here.

There are a lot of comics resources such as Chinese comics, Japanese and Korean comics, European and American comics, etc.

Chinese manhua website ac qq

China’s largest and most authoritative genuine manhua and donghua website.

Serialized many Chinese wuxia manhua, original animation, Japanese original manga and other most popular original animation content.

Provide comics, animation, information, and forum one-stop all-round services for tens of millions of animation fans.

In short, you will find the best Chinese manga here.

Chinese Manhua App


Tencent Comics is a Chinese comic reading mobile app. It covers Android, ios and other operating systems and has more than 30,000 comic works.

Chinese manhua website -bilibili

This is a popular Chinese comic reading platform.

And there are more than a thousand comics on the shelves, covering Japanese comics, Chinese comics, American comics and many other types of comics.

6. Agefans

Perfect World comic

Here, you can watch many dynamic Chinese comics.

Massive comic resources are worth collecting!

7. KuaiKan ManHua

kuaikan manga

Founded in 2014, KK World has been the community of contents and the platform of original IP in China with its app Kuaikan Comics. 

The mission of KK World is to bring happiness and touch to the woid. 

8. MKzhan

Dragon Prince Yuan comic

It is a China original comics platform.

The most important thing is daily updates and free.

9. U17

Chinese comic platform u17

As the pioneer platform of China's independent original comics network, it has gathered nearly 30,000 cartoonists, more than 48,000 comic works and hundreds of millions of fans.

10. Manhua Tai

Chinese manhua sites-manhuatai

It focus on the digitization of paper comics.

Tens of thousands of comics of various themes are serialized in real time.

Enjoy your favorite wuxia manhua/manga at these Chinese comic sites!

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