10 Best Manhua Sites to Read Chinese Manga Online for Free

September 17


On manhua sites/apps, there are many popular Chinese manga, such as: Soul Land, Battle Through the Heavens , Wu Dong Qian Kun, Coiling Dragon.

Whether you like fantasy, action, romance, harem, BL or historical genre manhua, you can find it.

Specifically, where to read manhua?

manhua sites bilibili comics

While you can read the manhua for free at Manganelo, it is not licensed. And here, is where you can read authorized Chinese comics.

And not only manhua, you can also read manga, manhwa and webtoon for free.

On this manhua site, you can read various types of Chinese manga. For example: action, suspense, romance, history, harem, mystery, fantasy, BL, GL, etc.

Its main features are high-quality translations, originality, some exclusive titles, and the manhua app is also user-friendly.

What's more, these Chinese manhuas are not only translated into English, but also Indonesian, Spanish and French.

Finally, it also has a raw manhua site, Bilibili Manga, where you can read manhua in Chinese.

Manhua Recommendation

  • Under One Person (Genres: Fantasy, Action fiction, Comedy)
  • Girl and Science (There are similarities with the Korean manhwa "Solo Leveling")

2. INKR Comics

manhua site INKR Comics

The predecessor of INKR Comics was Manga Rock, but since Manga Rock had no copyright, it went out of business.

And the manhua, manga, web toons, and comics on INKR Comics are now authorized. There are currently about 1000+ works.

On this manhua website, you can read some completely free manhuas. There are also some popular manhua that are free for the first few chapters and require a subscription for subsequent chapters.

Chinese Manhua Recommendation

  • To be Winner (Genre: Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life)
  • Salad Days (Genre: BL, Modern)

3. MangaToon

manhua websites MangaToon

MangaToon is one of the free manhua sites, which mainly translates various Chinese manga into other languages around the world.

The feature of this Chinese manhua site is that not only you can read comics from many Asian countries, but it also has a corresponding web novel site: NovelToon.

Chinese Manga Recommendation

  • My Cultivator Girlfriend (Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural)
  • Apotheosis (Genres: Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts)
manhua website Tencent Comics

China’s largest and most authoritative genuine manhua and donghua website.

Serialized many Chinese wuxia manhua, original anime, Japanese original manga and other most popular original animation content.

Same as some popular Japanese manga being adapted into anime, like My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer.

Many Chinese manga have also been adapted into donghua, which you can watch on these Chinese anime sites.

Chinese Manhua App

manhua app

As the best manhua site, it also has a dedicated Chinese manga app. You can read online or offline. It covers Android, IOS and other operating systems.

BL Manhua Recommendation

5. WeComics

Chinese manhua sites WeComics

This is one of the manhua websites specially prepared for Thai users. 

It mainly translates licensed manhua/manga/manhwa from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand, and currently only supports Thai.

Chinese manhua site KuaiKan Manhua

There are 48,000 high-quality Chinese comics here. No matter if you are a boy or a girl, whether you are looking for cultivation or romance, you can find the manhua you want to read.

What's more, compared with other manhua sites, it also has a unique "manhua drama", that is, a dynamic manhua based on manhua and dubbing.

Such an innovative feature is enough to make it one of the best manhua sites.

Best Manhua Recommendation

  • Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain (Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts)
  • Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Genres: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural)

7. Manhua Gui

Chinese manga battle through the heavens

Where can I read manhua for free?

Manhua Gui is one such place.

In this top manhua website, there are various types of comics from different countries such as adventure, magic, funny, sci-fi, martial arts, history and so on.

And it supports Traditional Chinese as well.


Perfect World Chinese manga

DMZJ is a free service platform for comic fans to share comic works.

Through this site you can read manhua free.

9. DM5

Dragon Prince Yuan Chinese manga

This site is similar to DMZJ and has tons of free manhua.

And you can also read many popular Japanese manga here.

10. FizzoToon

The Sacred Ruins Chinese manga

Just like reading manga, you can also find interesting Chinese comics through the manhua app FizzoToon.

It has a total of 10 comic categories, such as action, romance, etc.

However, this app is currently only available for Android.

These sites above are all places where you can read manhua.

If you have other free manhua websites to recommend, please leave a comment below.

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