57 Best Manga Websites to Read (Free) Manga Online

January 15


Good manga websites can make reading manga more enjoyable.

No matter what type of manga you like (eg. Spy x Family, One Piece), you can find them all in this list of manga sites.

Without further ado, let's check them out soon:

manga site mangadex

Currently Mangadex is the website of choice for many manga lovers. It can be said to be a manga Wikipedia.

The mangas inside are made based on scanlators, basically including manga/manhwa/manhua of all types and languages.


  • No ads 
  • No image compression 
  • Safety
  • Completely free
  • And no watermarks on the images 
  • Better quality
  • Easy to find
  • Multiple languages
manga sites crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is not only an official anime streaming site, it is also a safe manga website.

Reading manga on Crunchyroll is not free, it requires a subscription service. Crunchyroll Premium is $9.99 per month. When you subscribe, you can read all the above mangas: such as Genshin Impact, Attack on Titan, etc.


  • Legal
  • Subscription required
  • Has manga Android app
  • Manga IOS app
  • Manga discussion forum
  • Safety

3. BATO.to

Read manga BATOto

BATO.to is somewhat similar to MangaDex and is one of the free manga websites.

It relies on manga fans to upload content. Includes mangass in action, fantasy, romance, history, comedy, vampire, and many more categories and languages.

Especially Shoujo manga, you can find a lot of content on this manga site.


  • Has a dark mode feature
  • Free
  • No download function available

4. ComiXology

Read manga crunchyroll

If you are a fan of Marvel and DC comics, then you may have heard of ComiXology, an english translated comic reading website.

ComiXology is the best manga reader choice for those who always read manga on their kindle. This site already belongs to Amazon.

5. MangaKakalot

manga website MangaKakalot

You can read tons of new, completed manga for free at MangaKakalot, as well as manhwa and manhua.

As one of the best manga reading websites, you will find that manga loads quickly when you read on this site.

However, there are few comments under the mangas. 

Shonen Jump

Weekly Shōnen Jump's influence in Japan is huge, and it is the best-selling manga magazine in Japan.

At VIZ, you can read these high-quality comics for $1.99 per month. And it has been translated into English. For example: My Hero Academia, Undead Unluck.


  • Cheap price
  • High quality comics
  • Legal
  • User friendly
  • Safety

7. Fanfox


You can find a lot of new manga at Fanfox, and of course a lot of classic Japanese manga.

As one of the best manga websites, every manga in it has a rating function. This makes it easier for people to make better choices before reading.

best manga sites Viz Manga

Viz has a great say in anime and manga. Its market share in the United States has risen rapidly.

It publishes many classic mangas, such as: One Punch Man, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, etc. And it's also a great place to buy manga


  • Some mangas are available for free
  • High quality 
  • Legal
  • Has manga Android app
  • Manga IOS app
  • Safety

9. Renta

manga sites Renta

Renta, the top manga site, provides a different platform for manga readers.

First of all, all its mangas are officially licensed. And it comes in the form of a 48-hour or indefinite rental of a manga, so it's incredibly cheap. You can also use your points to redeem.

On this site, there are mainly Mature/Classic romantic, Yaoi, Shojo, Seinen and other types of mangas.


  • Very cheap
  • High quality 
  • Legal
  • Has manga Android app
  • Safety

10. Manga Owl

manga website Manga Owl

Manga Owl is a place where you can read tons of free manga online. Not just Japanese manga, but also Korean manhwa and Chinese manhua.

It also has a rating system for each manga title. This makes it easier for other readers to read those high-rated mangas.

Plus you don't need to create an account to read on this free manga site, which saves time.


manga websites MANGA CLUB

MANGA CLUB is one of the manga sites where all products are officially licensed.

The platform's manga genres include: Yaoi, Harlequin, Love, Seinen, Shojo, Shonen, and more. 

You can read at least 9000 chapters for free without an account. But if you want to read more mature romance manga, you need to sign up to use their coin system. 


  • Cheap
  • High quality 
  • Legal
  • Safety
manga site Manga Updates

Just like Novel Updates is a catalog of Asian novels, Manga Update is an index of manga/manhwa/manhua.

At this site, you can find all the information about a manga you like. For example: Scan link of this manga. 

13. Mangamo

manga apps Mangamo

Mangamo is an application that can read manga. It has over 400 licensed mangas.

You can read series like Fire Force, Record of Ragnarok and more on this manga app. Of course there are also some comics from Korea and China.


It is a great place to recommend anime and manga.

As one of the free manga sites, it keeps adding tons of manga, manhwa and manhua every day. You can check out the summary, category and more details of each manga here.


manga website INKR COMICS

INKR COMICS is a legal manga website, including copyrighted manga, manhua, webtoon and comics.

The main categories of mangas on this site are: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Horror, etc.

manga website MyAnimeList Manga

MyAnimeList, Anime-plant, and Anilist have similarities. They both provide database information for anime and manga.

At this best manga website, you can get first-hand information about manga.

And each manga also has a site-wide ranking, which can give you an idea of what type of mangas everyone likes to read.

manga site Manga Plus

Manga Plus is a safe and legal platform for reading manga, owned by Shueisha.

And the manga is not only in English, but also in Spanish.

This best manga site features: you can read the first three chapters and the last three chapters of any manga for free.

18. Manga Plaza

manga sites Manga Plaza

It focuses entirely on Japanese manga and translates mangas into high quality English.

And it has a 7-day free trial period. The free version provides access to popular Japanese comics, such as Attack on Titan, When I Reincarnated as a Slime, Wotakoi, and more.

manga website AniList Manga

Anilist is also known for providing free anime and manga information.

It also has a manga rating mechanism. And the manga review function.

And it has a special feature: the tag of a manga displayed on the Anilist is based on a percentage. This makes it easier for users to understand the type of this manga more clearly. 

20. Azuki

manga website Azuki

Azuki is a digital manga streaming service. Similar to Manga Plaza, it is also one of the best manga websites specializing in translating Japanese manga into high quality English.

On this site you can read these comics like EDENS ZERO, The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse, A Sign of Affection, Cagaster and so on.

21. Manganelo

manga site Manganelo

Manganelo has tons of free manga, manhua and manhwa. And it's also one of the manga websites unblocked.

22. Tachiyomi


With this manga app, you can download and read any manga for free.

For example, you can read online through some manga reading sites, such as MangaDex, MangaSee, Mangakakalot, etc.

And, if you want to read manga offline free, just download what you like through this app.

23. Paperback Manga

The difference with Tachiyomi is that Paperback supports very few mainstream manga websites, and currently only supports Mangadex.

manga app OpenComic

If you like reading mangas/comics on your computer, OpenComic is for you.

It also has the following features:

  • Double page view
  • Floating magnifying glass
  • Bookmarks and continue reading
raw manga site Comic-Walker

Comic-Walker is one of the largest raw Japanese manga sites.

And this website also supports English.

If you don't want to pay to read, there are also some free digital comics available at Comic-Walker.

raw manga site Tonarinoyj

You can read various types of Japanese manga on the Tonarinoyj website.

However, this website does not support English. If you want to read manga series on this site, then you need to know a little Japanese.

27. Comic-days

28. Pixiv Comic

29. Nicovideo Seiga

30. Yahoo Ebookjapan

31. Alphapolis

32. Gangan Online

33. Sukima

34. Urasunday

35. Mangaz

36. Mangabox

37. SenManga Raw

38. Comico

manhwa websites Naver Comic

Naver Comic is one of the best manhwa websites.

In this site there are various types of Korean manga such as romance, fantasy, action, comedy, horror, science fiction, etc.

manhwa sites Webtoons

Whether it's comics, webcomics, manga, and manhwa, you can find thousands of them on Webtoons.

And this manhwa site also supports English, you can easily enjoy your favorite mangas here.

41. Bilibili Comics

manhua site Bilibili Comics

Bilibili Comics is a popular manhua website where you can read many free Chinese mangas.

For example: romance, teen, BL, fantasy, mystery, harem and other types of mangas.

manhua website Kuaikan Manhua

Kuaikan Manhua is one of the best manhua sites dedicated to Chinese manga.

You can read original manhua of various types such as martial arts, love, youth, fantasy, cultivation, suspense, etc.

site to buy manga barnes and noble

In addition to buying comic books on Amzon, Barnes & Noble is also a great place to buy manga.

where to buy manga Book Walker

Book Walker is a website that sells light novels and manga.

However, it should be noted that this manga website is in Japan. So international shipping charges apply when you buy mangas on this site.

Fortunately, there are many promotions on this site. This can reduce your financial stress.

45. Readm.org

46. Manga Park  

47. Manga4life

48. Mangago

49. Ninemanga

50. Mangahere

51. Mangasee123

52. Manga Geek

53. Mangahub

54. Mngdoom

55. Simplyaweeb

56. Mangaread.org

57. Mangatown

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